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Ghidra, NSA’s reverse-engineering tool

’I Want to Expose Google’s Mistakes’: Hacker Blamed for Big Android Fraud

JVM Anatomy Quarks: Compressed References

Graphene-Based Filter Purifies Salt Water for Drinking

Let over Lambda – Common Lisp Book (2008)

Achieving 100k connections per second with Elixir

A surprisingly arcane little Unix shell pipeline example

Autistic Burnout: The Cost of Masking and Passing (2017)

Oxide: A Formal Semantics for Rust

Chunkwm – a tiling window manager for macOS

Sound waves transport a small amount of mass, according to theory

Mammalian Near-IR Vision Through Injectable, Self-Powered Retinal Nanoantennae

From video game to day job: How ‘SimCity’ inspired a generation of city planners

Bare Metal STM32 Programming and a Quadcopters Awakening

Spoiler: Intel CPUs afflicted with simple data-spewing spec-exec vulnerability

Kraken, an Open Source Peer-to-Peer Docker Registry

Rare new kind of twins: boy and girl are semi-identical

Digitally preview incoming USPS mail and packages

Checkr (YC S14) is hiring engineers to build the future of online trust

Rembrandt in the Blood: An Obsessive Aristocrat and Rediscovered Paintings

Financial Independence: What If Passive Income Isn’t Necessary?

Vulcanizer: A Library for Operating Elasticsearch

Show HN: Deep Work Hours

How to Quit Antidepressants: Slowly, Doctors Say

Google Coral Edge TPU

Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science

Seabed 2030 project aims to map the entire ocean floor

Debian Buster will only be 54% reproducible, while we could be at 90%

WSJ: Compare median pay across 1000 US companies

VideoFlow: A Flow-Based Generative Model for Video

Kakoune – A Modal Text Editor

Show HN: M4b-tool 0.3.3 – a tool to merge, split and chapterize audiobooks

SimFix: Automatically fix programs with existing patches from other projects

Neurosexism: The myth that men and women have different brains

How badly are we being ripped off on eyewear? Former industry execs tell all

Systems Software Research Is Irrelevant (2000)

Google employees can’t just walk away from ethical tradeoffs like Dragonfly

Why We Don’t Like Our Underground House

Gen Studio – An experimental collaboration across The Met, Microsoft, and MIT

Coder (Visual Studio Code in browser) goes open source

Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Discovered in Visual Studio Code

How’s that sprint going? ZenHub reporting and GitHub data will tell you

Zowe open source project: Now is the time to become a mainframe developer

Spidermon: Scrapinghub’s Now Open Sourced Spider Monitoring Library

The medium shapes the message: Printing and the rise of the arts and sciences

Programming with Lazarus, a Brief Introduction

Neural MMO – A Multiagent Game Environment

Show HN: English and Spanish news articles summarizer algorithm with word clouds

Transactional Data Operations in PostgreSQL Using Common Table Expressions

Show HN: – an easy to use data integration platform

Intel CPUs afflicted with simple data-spewing spec-exec vulnerability

Master the art of React state and props in 5 minutes

Corning is working to create bendable, thin glass

Tesla says New York incentive for non-proprietary chargers is “discriminatory”

A New Luxury Retreat Caters to Elderly Workers in Tech (Ages 30 and Up)

Adi Shamir visa snub: the S in RSA blocked from his own RSA conf

Show HN: – One command to enable SSH access via Tor

Implementation of Direct Segments on a RISC-V Processor (2018) [pdf]

Stable Filtering – Part 1

In 1998, I helped convict two men of murder. I’ve regretted it ever since

Maya ritual cave ‘untouched’ for 1k years stuns archaeologists

Google Launches I.MX8M Dev Board with Edge TPU AI Chip

OSS News: Fedora Project Signs “Affirmation of the Open Source Definition”

What is it like working at a company after releasing a negatively-received game?

How not to design a wire protocol

Welding breakthrough could transform manufacturing

A New Luxury Retreat Caters to Elderly Workers in Tech (Ages 30 and Up)

Apple’s Hollywood venture marred by ‘intrusive’ execs, including Tim Cook

Bigger, Saltier, Heavier: Fast Food Since 1986 in 3 Simple Charts

Minecraft is getting a JavaScript runtime

The sad state of font rendering on Linux

Playing around with Elasticsearch and Linux man pages

Explosive Packages Found at Heathrow, Waterloo and London City Airport

What’s the purpose of humanity if machines can learn ingenuity?

Redditor learns hard truths about machine learning

Building a Live Data Visualization in 4 Days Using Redis Pub/Sub

Study shows what happens after blight is removed from Detroit neighborhoods

Two years on, I’m still recovering from Breath of the Wild

Adi Shamir not permitted to RSA Conference due to lack of visa

Lockheed Martin’s new fusion reactor might change humanity forever

Common Mistakes When Hiring Software Engineers

Median 1-Bedroom Rent in San Francisco Soars to Nearly $3,700 a Month

Photographer Uses 150K Moon Photos to Reveal Its Hidden Colors

Surfing, Schools and Jets: WeWork’s Bets Follow CEO Adam Neumann’s Passions

Batshit QAnon Book, Highest Ranked Politics Books on Amazon

The concept of probability is not as simple as you think

Atlassian refuses service because “unable to confirm restricted party”

T-Mobile admits it spent $195000 on Trump hotel while lobbying for Sprint merger

Goodbye passwords? WebAuthn is now an official web standard

Live Discussion Between Joe Rogan and Jack Dorsey about Twitter Censorship

The servers running robot Jibo, which raised –$76M, are being shut down forever

Let me tell you a little story about the American medical system, circa today

Supreme Court rules unanimously in favor of Rimini in Oracle copyright suit

Show HN: Spotup – Learn about any landmark by simply pointing your phone at it

Wristwatch heart monitors might save your life–and change medicine, too

Last month, we called Zuckerberg a moron. He’s a fscking disgrace

EU regulation makes it impossible to install custom firmware on embedded devices

Show HN: Git Webhooks on AWS interactive architecture diagram

One More Time, with Big Data: Measles Vaccine Doesn’t Cause Autism

I was a contract worker in Google’s caste system–and it wasn’t pretty