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YC’s latest moonshot bet is a startup building a $380K “flying motorcycle”

800M Email Addresses Leaked Online by Email Verification Service

Is It a Duck or a Rabbit? For Google Cloud Vision, Depends on Image Rotation

Lock ’n roll: a tale of three cartridges

How to earn your macroeconomics and finance white belt as a software developer

What’s the minimum number of words you’d need to define all other words? (2012)

Sage is slowly moving toward being pip-installable

Stop Wasting Connections, Use HTTP Keep-Alive

A framework for creating Python/C++ polyglots

Writing a Simple Password Generator in Racket

Equal pay in 1896: The trail-blazing women of Kew Gardens

Programming paradigms that change how people think about coding (2014)

Dreaming of a Parser Generator for Language Design

John Ioannidis Aims His Bazooka at Nutrition Science (2018)

A Superscalar Out-of-Order x86 Soft Processor for FPGA

Notepad++ drops code signing for its releases

The perils of federated protocols (2016)

A Romanian campus computer lab pentested the world and helped protect it (2018)

Diving into Technical SEO Using Cloudflare Workers

EquipmentShare (YC W15) is hiring a Senior iOS dev for robotics team (remote)

Samsung Says It’s Shipping 28-Nm Embedded MRAM

Automatic Differentiation in Machine Learning: A Survey (2018) [pdf]

The $2M Urinal: Why Hard Work Doesn’t Cut It (2018)

Can fake names create bias in interviewing?

ARM processors like A12X are nearing performance parity with desktop processors

Why we built our core engineering team outside of the SF Bay Area

US households see biggest decline in net worth since the financial crisis

Cloudflare Enables HTTPS TLS 1.3 Backend Origin Communication

Regulators Move to Ease Post-Crisis Oversight of Wall Street

GitLab Vulnerability PoC: Exfiltrate and mutate repository via injected template

The most important software dev skills aren’t technical

Microsoft Open-Sourced Calculator

Terminal emulators benchmarking suite (2018)

A girl who was never meant to survive

Tesla Model 3 flaw results in sand and water getting stuck in underbody

Show HN: Two Kilo – A curses-based text editor in 2kb of code

CERN cuts ties with ’sexist’ scientist Alessandro Strumia

San Francisco Bay Is Filled with Boats, but What Do They Do?

Type-2 diabetes: ’Weight loss arrests disease for years’

2017 saw highest rate of death due to alcohol, drugs, suicide in US history [pdf]

CVE-2019-5786: Google Releases Security Updates for Chrome Windows/Mac/Linux

Heap Exploitation Part 1: Understanding the Glibc Heap Implementation

The US isn’t safe from the trauma of caste bias

Paris street to ’shut out Instagrammers’

Show HN: Public Art - Discover Street Art Nearby (iOS)

Inspex: A Modern rule engine to detect changes in data stream and get alerts

Show HN: A console audio tag editor: cursedtag

A Privacy-Focused Facebook? We’ll Believe It When We See It

Serverless SQL and JavaScript Service Layer for APIs

A Superscalar Out-of-Order x86 Soft Processor for FPGA [pdf]

Mapping Consensus: decentralized mapping algorithm strategies

Uber escapes criminal charges for 2018 self-driving death in Arizona

Show HN: Find Accessible Colors

The least you need to know to experience the joy of better brewed coffee

Tesla is asking hourly employees to go home early and take time off to cut costs

Some Worms Recently Evolved the Ability to Regrow a Complete Head

An Email Marketing Company Left 809M Records Exposed Online

Sidewalk Labs project means Toronto to have ’constitution-free zone,’ CCLA warns

Effective Code Reviews – A Primer

Death of Proof Greatly Exaggerated

Tim Cook Changes Twitter Name to ’Tim Apple’ After President Trump’s Name Flub

Tim Cook changes name to ’Tim Apple’ on Twitter after Trump blew his name

Jibo the social robot announces that its VC overlords have killswitched it

Thousands of New Millionaires Are About to Eat San Francisco Alive

Lobbyist Documents Reveal Battle Plan Against “Medicare for All” (2018)

Millennials are piling into Tesla following the announcement of its $35k Model 3

Scooter Startups Are Ditching Gig Workers for Real Employees

We Use Less Information to Make Decisions Than We Think

What I Enjoyed – and Suffered From – Writing ReasonML Code as a Junior Engineer

Adopting DevOps (Blog Series): Addressing Data Friction

Crypto exchange Kraken CEO interview on QuadrigaCX $190M loss

Nasa Captures First Air-to-Air Images of Supersonic Shockwave Interaction

Minister in Charge of Japan’s Cybersecurity Says He Has Never Used a Computer

Modeling Polymorphism in Django with Python

Elon Musk’s Boring Company Wants to Move People Beneath Vegas

Amazon, Berkshire, JPMorgan health care venture launches website and its name

China denies two million people detained in Xinjiang concentration camps

Lambda Concurrency Limits and SQS Triggers Don’t Mix Well (Sometimes)

Triton is the world’s most murderous malware, and it’s spreading

Why do poor school kids have to clean up rich commuters’ pollution?

43 Conferences, 7 Offers, 4 Talks: How I Started Speaking at Tech Conferences

A flawed metaphor by a racist ecologist defined environmental thinking

Tesla’s Troubles Mount: Shuttered Showrooms and Sinking Shares

Martin Shkreli steers his company from prison with contraband cellphone

Tell Congress to Stand Up for Real Net Neutrality Protections

Google Glass’s second-gen enterprise model gets updated specs and USB-C

Placing name and specialty on scrub caps improves patient safety in hospitals

The Boat – A new web reading experience

It is not my intention to subvert state or Party authority

Republicans launch propaganda sites designed to look like local news outlets

Russia’s passive-aggressive reaction to SpaceX may mask a deeper truth

’Jeopardy’ host Alex Trebek reveals he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer