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ProtonMail gets €2M from the EU to further develop the Proton ecosystem

Dutch join backlash at expensive drugs by making their own

Show HN: My CV is also a bootloader

How to pass a programming interview (2016)

If We Blow Up an Asteroid, It Might Put Itself Back Together

CDC: Low-income parents send sick kids to school due to lack paid sick leave

Hard disks can be turned into listening devices

The Emacs Package Developer’s Handbook (2017)

Intellectual Denial of Service Attacks, Part 2

Applied Monotonicity: A Brief History of CRDTs in Riak

Investigating the 900GB “Collection #1-5” password leaks with R

Using TensorFlow to detect fish species

RemedyBG: Replacing the Visual Studio Debugger

Chrome and Windows Exploit: Security Beyond Bug Fixes

Live coding a basic Go compiler with LLVM in 20 minutes

Using a Yubikey as smartcard for SSH public key authentication;sid=20190302235509

ForwardCom: Proposal for forward compatible instruction set architecture (2018)

Flu Research Once Banned Because It Was Deemed Too Dangerous Is Set to Resume

Cursewords, a crossword puzzle-solving interface for the terminal

Lyft’s IPO disclosure shows it’s not close to profitability

New Type Of Killer Whale Found Swimming In Southern Ocean Security Incident March 2019

A spaceship shooting game developed using JavaScript ES6, Canvas

Tesla has a self-driving strategy other companies abandoned years ago

Elizabeth Warren Proposes Breaking Up Tech Giants Like Amazon

Rebuttal to “How not to design a wire protocol” by designer of said protocol

Show HN: I’m a robot tech enthusiast and this is my robot website

Catching a Unicorn with GLTR: A tool to detect automatically generated text

Doctor tells patient he doesn’t have long to live through video screen

Web app that helps you find the right colors for your website / design

The Fascinating History of Autocorrect (2014)

“Organized Intimacy” events in the Bay Area

Show HN: OOP Excel Library

Professors Make More Than a Thousand Bucks an Hour Peddling Mega-Mergers

Tim Cook explains why you don’t need a college degree to be successful

Optical Computing: A 60-Year Adventure (2010)

Why isn’t CPU time more valuable?

Show HN: Privacy-focused iOS hiking app

Python Pandas: How to iterate dataframe row by row and update while iterating

“It’s done in hardware so it’s cheap” (2012)

Tufts expelled a student for grade hacking. She claims innocence

Nasa Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater Than Losses

“Good Code Documents Itself” and Other Jokes You Shouldn’t Tell Yourself

Real-Time AR Self-Expression with Machine Learning

The Development of the C Language (2003)

Notepad++ No Longer Code Signed, Dev Won’t Support Overpriced Cert Industry

The role of Escobar’s residence in Medellín’s historical memory

My Hacker School Pairing Interview (2013)

Individual differences in controlling access to working memory (2005)

“standard load of ads vs. no ads decreases total consumption/activity by 10–15%”

Competitive Hormone Supplementation Is Shaping America’s Future Business Titans

The Aldi effect: how one discount supermarket transformed the way Britain shops

Show HN: Smooth UI System, a new way to style components

Stop asking ’how are you?’ Harvard researchers say this is what successful peopl

Online Courses for the Ghidra reverse-engineering tool

The resolver sees about 60Mbps of constant ICMP echo-request traffic

’Tibetans and Uyghurs not accepted’: Apple supplier probes hiring discrimination

There’s Something Weird Going on with Cars’ GPS Systems at the Geneva Motor Show

Facebook’s new move isn’t about privacy. It’s about domination

Honda Sues over Massachusetts Car Confiscation

It’s not about how many countries you have been to

8 years after meltdown, Fukushima No. 1’s water woes show no signs of ebbing

Pāṇini: Catching the Ocean in a Cow’s Hoofprint

Landing Page Secrets to Converting High Ticket SaaS Customers

1k-Year-Old Pristine Mayan Artifacts Found in Sealed ’Jaguar God’ Cave

Google Images: error when you search for anything that starts with a dash

CERN cuts ties with ’sexist’ scientist Alessandro Strumia

Ajit Pai’s rosy broadband deployment claim may be based on gigantic error

Unvaccinated 6-year-old boy was Oregon’s first tetanus case in almost 30 years

Show HN: CLI – Find online arena FPS games from the terminal

Apple AR headset reportedly starting production later this year

Don’t Sell Out the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Oil Companies

The US repeatedly defeated in simulated war games against Russia and China

Declarative is greater than imperative

Show HN: Automate anything on your desktop – with a Chrome browser extension

Hipster whines at tech mag, discovers pic was of an entirely different hipster

Show HN: HN front page sorted by vote:comment ratio

Show HN: A Simple Imgur Alternative

A belief in meritocracy is not only false: it’s morally wrong

Facebook’s third act: Mark Zuckerberg announces his firm’s next business model

Chelsea Manning jailed after refusing to testify about WikiLeaks

Chelsea Manning found in contempt of court, jailed for up to 18mo

Calc.exe is now open source; there’s surprising depth in its ancient code

Move to Pull Consumer Protection Rule Heightens Debate over Payday Lending