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Today Is the 30th Anniversary of the World Wide Web. Live Event Now

Nginx to Be Acquired by F5 Networks

Tim Berners-Lee: ’Stop web’s downward plunge to dysfunctional future’

KV Storage, the Web’s First Built-In Module

Major bank accidentally published a private package to the public NPM Registry

Some airlines and regulators ground 737 Max in wake of Ethiopian Airlines crash

Amazon AWS to Maintain "Open Distro for Elastic Search" due to licensing issues (YC S14) is hiring a customer experience manager in Kitchener, Ontario

GRiSP 2 – Erlang and Elixir on bare metal

Show HN: Mixing WebGL and HTML, Both Rendered Out in React

Googling Strangers: One Professor’s Lesson on Privacy in Public Spaces

Beware the data science pin factory: The power of the data science generalist

Show HN: ApproveAPI – Real-Time user approvals via email, SMS, and push

Oldschool planar graphics and why they were a good idea

Another former Tesla security manager says the company spied on employees

Lambdas: From C++11 to C++20, Part 2

Anna Loulou, Jaffa’s underground bar shuts down

Facebook backtracks after removing Warren ads calling for Facebook breakup

Traduora is now open source

Russia blocks encrypted email provider ProtonMail

Identity by Any Other Name: The complex cacophony of intertwined systems

Proving the Turing Completeness of Fonts

Why I Quit Tech and Became a Therapist

Cryptographic coin flipping, now in Keybase

Evidence mounts that gut bacteria can influence mood, prevent depression

Open Distro for Elasticsearch

Show HN: Panini AI – A platform to serve ML/DL models at low latency

Kdenlive: an open-source video editor

She Invented a Board Game with Scientific Integrity. It’s Taking Off

I’ve Listened to Loud Rock Music All My Life. Now My Hearing Is Paying the Price

On Startups, Platforms, and Innovation

Facebook Usage Declines for the First Time in Infinite Dial History

Wipe and reinstall a running Linux system via SSH (2017)

Sundial: Harmonizing Concurrency Control and Caching in a Distributed OLTP DBMS [pdf]

Look Ma, No Glue: Electrostatic Adhesion as If by Magic

Runnit – Make Terminal Shortcuts

Curv: A language for making art using mathematics

You Don’t Need All That Complex/Expensive/Distracting Infrastructure

Processing Data Where It Makes Sense: Enabling In-Memory Computation

Meta-Dataset: A Dataset of Datasets for Learning to Learn from Few Examples

Boeing scrambles to contain fallout from deadly crash

Spy-Bot: A Cloud Pentesting Approach

Why Latent Dirichlet Allocation Sucks

New fastest portable hash: wyhash

New tungsten alloy has potential for nuclear fusion – The Engineer The Engineer

Parser generator tool and an incremental parsing library

Show HN: Lolight – Lightweight Syntax Highlighter founder George Hotz wants to free humanity from the AI simulation

Lockdown Mode on the Librem 5: Beyond Hardware Kill Switches

26/43 freelancers chose “plaintext” to store passwords

Tesla to raise prices and keep more stores open

Show HN: Boat – Big O analysis tool

Making games for a living means being in constant fear of losing your job

Show HN:, a Newsfeed for News

Roquette Science: How computerized arugula farms take over the world (2018)

An exposed database tracked whether 1.8M Chinese women were “breed ready”

Startup Off-sites – Why They Matter And How I Run Them

Show HN: JSON-to-JSON mapping done easily

Humans with Amplified Intelligence Could Be More Powerful Than AI (2013)

Pilot: We need to find out much more about why two Boeing planes crashed

Where our money goes, how much we earn, our profits, our challenges and so on

Containers, the GPL, and copyleft: No reason for concern

How the Gupta Brothers Hijacked South Africa Using Bribes Instead of Bullets

In Defense of Smart Algorithms over Hardware Acceleration for Deep Learning

Medium going after hackernoon contributors as they move off Medium

Microsoft’s new Skype for Web client: An early taste of the browser monoculture

A semantic tool for our chat logs

Winklevoss twins on their Bitcoin bet: ’Money is the oldest social network’

911 calls from Amazon warehouses show emotional distress and suicide threats

Brave vs. Chrome (With Ad Blockers)

For the next three weeks, if you boot up Windows 95, the clock will be wrong

Instagram co-founder admits he took the idea of Stories from Snapchat

React components for efficiently rendering large lists and tabular data

The web’s 3 biggest cancers, according to Tim Berners-Lee

Strans – sed by learning from examples, instead of programming

Thanos.js Reduce the total file size of your project down to 50%

Good things come to those who write

Understanding C++ Modules: Hello Modules, and Module Units

We need to rewrite the gig economy’s dehumanizing, unethical code

Amazon sells ’autism cure’ books that suggest drink toxic bleach-like substances

‘Colony of Hell’: 911 Calls from Inside Amazon Warehouses

Show HN: Get custom notifications on your devices using Rest API

Dinosaurs were thriving before asteroid strike that wiped them out

Bret Victor – Inventing on Principle

U.S. Lawmakers Would Like to Force ’Smart’ Devices to Be Less Hackable

Sprint steps up fight against AT&T’s “fake 5G” with full-page Sunday NYT ad

Show HN: A Transformer Implementation in Keras’ Imperative API for TensorFlow

Radical proposal to artificially cool Earth’s climate could be safe

Reducing Microservices Architecture Complexity with Istio and Kubernetes

How to Use GPIO Pins on the Raspberry Pi –

PowerShell – Invoke-Sqlcmd Is Now Available Supporting Cross-Platform

Lost Treasure of Xanadu (Architecture Doc)

Dropbox adds a device limit to free accounts

Managing Big Data: OLTP vs. OLAP

MezzFS – Mounting object storage in Netflix’s media processing platform

“I’d back [Elizabeth Holmes] as chief science officer, not CEO. Good question.”

Physicists are decoding math-y secrets of knitting to make bespoke materials

Differential Reinforcement and Intelligent Behavior Change

A belief in meritocracy is not only false: it’s bad for you

Show HN: 7DRL Challenge 2019, my CSS-only roguelike browser game (no JavaScript)

Show HN: An image annotation and object detection tool written in C

Rendering large lists with react-window

Elon Musk’s late-night announcement to raise prices and reopen some stores