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Why is no one signing their emails?

Rebuilding My Personal Infrastructure with Alpine Linux and Docker

US refuses to ground Boeing 737 Max crash aircraft

Radicle: A decentralized alternative to GitHub built on IPFS

Google’s new voice recognition system works instantly and offline (Pixel only)

Lambda School (YC S17) now pays eligible students $2k/month

Beginner’s Guide to Attention Mechanisms and Memory Networks

Why the Amazon River Can’t Be Crossed by Bridge (2018)

Gmail is having an outage

Scaleway cloud adds AMD EPYC instances

Counting Bugs in Windows Calculator

Scale AI is hiring engineers to accelerate the development of AI

Mercury is closer to Earth, on average, than Venus

Silence is golden, especially when you need to say something important

Show HN: Building computer labs in schools in Africa

Synthetic Sensors: Towards General-Purpose Sensing

Marriott CEO shares post-mortem on last year’s hack

Indigenous datasets: A listing to help AI perform better in India

See an Octopus Change Color as It Sleeps, Perchance Dreams

Colors and accessibility

On “Open” Distros, Open Source, and Building a Company

How Bluetooth got its name – an interview with Jim Kardach

Microsoft proves the critics right: We’re heading toward a Chrome-only Web

KeyDB: A Multithreaded Redis Fork

Empower Surveillance Camera with AI/Deep Learning on Raspberry Pi

IBM is preparing for a UK exit from the EU

How a Bitcoin Evangelist Made Himself Vanish, in 15 Not So Easy Steps

Mary Queen of Scots documents found at Museum of Edinburgh

Show HN: Chalkscore – Glassdoor for Education

Thredis: SQL support and multi-threaded Redis

Show HN: Idea Minr – Business Ideas Aggregator

Stephen Hawking commemorated on new 50p coin

Your Environment Is Cleaner. Your Immune System Has Never Been So Unprepared

Show HN: Scaffolding for New Terraform Modules

Node.js Foundation and JavaScript Foundation Merges

Mammoth moves: frozen cells come to life, but only just

Nearly 50 People Charged in College Admissions Bribery Scandal

In reply to contempt motion, Elon Musk gaslights SEC with an alternate reality

Open, Decentralized, Identity Ecosystem

“HackerNoon is leaving Medium, but also trying to take rights for people’s work”

Announcing Submariner: Multi-Cluster Network Connectivity for Kubernetes

Manifesto for Async Software Development

Pilots complained at least 5 times about Boeing 737 MAX problems, records show

A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality

Update on the attempted blocking of ProtonMail email servers in Russia

GitHub Status – Incident on 2019-03-12

Study confirms horseshoe crabs are relatives of spiders, scorpions

Air pollution causes 800k extra deaths a year in EU, 8.8M worldwide

Show HN: Debpack – Super simple Debian packages

Always connected with thousands of “friends” – yet feeling all alone

React Hooks Now Available in React Native

Trapdoor commitments in the SwissPost e-voting shuffle proof

Why is the Lisp community so fragmented?

Radicle, a peer-to-peer stack for project collaboration

Netflix Premium in the Netherlands: €13.99 a Month in Chrome, €15.99 in Firefox

All New York City Public Schools Will Adopt Meatless Mondays

Salted Password Hashing – Doing It Right

Brexit: MPs reject Theresa May’s deal by 149 votes

Managing Multiple Python Versions with Pyenv – Real Python

Scientists one step closer to a clock that could replace GPS and Galileo

MIT AI: Reinforcement Learning, Planning, and Robotics (Leslie Kaelbling)

Show HN: Weaver – Sharding with Simpllcity – Open-Source

List of accidents and incidents involving commercial aircraft

A generative memory approach to enable lifelong reinforcement learning

Boeing 737: Australia joins Singapore in barring Max planes

Sex differences in functional connectivity during fetal brain development

ProtonMail recovers from Russian government’s attempted block

Google must be broken up due to its ’overwhelming’ power, News Corp says

UK joins countries blocking Boeing 737 MAX

Show HN: Congress Graded

React Hooks: everything you need to know

Xkcd: Orbital Mechanics

UK has banned all Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft from British airspace

SpaceX CEO Musk on Russia’s Rocket Engineering, Engines: ’Excellent’

Good things come to those who write

The Common Secret Sauce for the Success of Uber, Airbnb, Walmart, Starbucks etc.

Facebook developing their own cryptocurrency, could generate $19B revenue

Medium is bullying the curators it courted

FB proves Elizabth Warren’s point by deleting her ads about breaking up Facebook