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We got 125 links! – Endlessly unique ambient music

Robot gripper looks like a wilted flower, but can lift 100 times its weight

‘A toxic culture of overwork’: The graduate student mental health crisis

Associations of Cognitive Function with Carbon Dioxide and Ventilation (2016)

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement effective in younger, healthier patients

With single gene insertion, blind mice regain sight

Toward Domain-Specific Solvers for Distributed Consistency (2012) [pdf]

The fight against cancer: The promise of HIF-1 inhibitors

Facebook announces next-generation Open Rack frame

Early Hackers Used Whistles from Cap’n Crunch Cereal Boxes

Show HN: A browser extension which blocks chat/helpdesk widgets

Kryofluxing PC Floppies

As Costs Skyrocket, More U.S. Cities Stop Recycling

Marcel Duchamp Interview on Art and Dada (1956) [video]

Seven Commandments for Event-Driven Architectures

A solar-powered, self-hosted version of Low-Tech Magazine

Descartes was wrong: ‘a person is a person through other persons’ (2017)

Show HN: LaraOne – Ultimate workstation for programmers

U.S. Secretary of the Navy: Cybersecurity Readiness Review [pdf]

Lem: A Common Lisp editor/IDE with high expansibility

Why China Silenced a Clickbait Queen in Its Battle for Information Control

The Deadlock Empire: A game that teaches locking and concurrency [2016]

PuTTY 0.71 released, fixing security vulnerabilities

Object-Oriented Programming is Bad (2016) [video]

Clarifying the differences between what animals and humans hear

Show HN: Small, secure Nginx Docker image

’Delete Facebook now’: WhatsApp co-founder gives a talk at Stanford

Mino Games (YC W11) Is Hiring a Lead Back End Engineer in Montreal, QC

Reasons Not to Use Apple (2018)

Signs we’re in the middle of a 6th mass extinction

TWA Hotel Inside Eero Saarinen’s JFK Airport Terminal Open for Reservations

Color Hunt – Color Palettes for Designers and Artists

WeWork, OpenAI, WEF headline $200M plan for 30-acre jewel of Presidio

327b React Hook that notifies you when GA or GTM is loaded in your Component

Mushrooms may ’reduce the risk of mild brain decline’

Men who lived in Spain 4500 years ago left almost no male genetic legacy today

Show HN: A LinkedIn Bot (in Java) that will fully endorse all your connections

Facebook board member met Cambridge Analytica whistleblower in 2016

Ten Reasons Why Most Internet Writing Is Terrible (2006; Not Much Has Changed)

Garageband, the Little App Ruling the Sound of Modern Music

Uber Treats Its Drivers the Way Cellphone Companies Treat Customers

Vanilla JavaScript

Corporations are co-opting right-to-repair

Reduced Interference in Memory Following Mindfulness-Rise in Hippocampal Volume

Security holes found in big brand car alarms

Inventing on Principle (2012)

NetworkManager 1.16 released, adding WPA3-Personal and WireGuard support

Harris introduces bill to send millions to local governments for tech support

Google faces third EU antitrust fine next week

The Secret to Becoming an Annoyingly Productive Early Morning Person

Rocket Launch Seen from the International Space Station [video]

Pale Moon Browser Continues Support and Development of XUL

The scientists keeping a global watch for nuclear explosions (2018)

The Actor Model (everything you wanted to know)

Artificial Intelligence Policy: A Primer and Roadmap [pdf]

No, scientists didn’t just “reverse time” with a quantum computer

Researchers measure near-perfect performance in low-cost semiconductors

Germany’s hidden hunger: On the breadline in Europe’s richest country

Pentagon Brass Accuses Google of Providing ’Direct Benefit’ to China’s Military

Weaponising news RT, Sputnik and targeted disinformation [pdf]