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Show HN: Applying Machine Learning to March Madness

Alan Kay on the Meaning of “Object-Oriented Programming” (2003)

The Unix-Haters Handbook (1994) [pdf]

An entrepreneur has built a one-metre-long stretch of motorway in Romania

Why Are Human Teeth So Messed Up? (2017)

Documenting your architecture: Wireshark, PlantUML and a REPL to glue them all

RPCS3 PS3 Emulator – January 2019 Progress Report

A Short Intro to Constraints

RLgraph: Robust, incrementally testable reinforcement learning

Myspace lost all the music its users uploaded between 2003 and 2015

Crossfont: Easy-to-use font editor for Mac

Hacking your face to dodge the rise of facial recognition tech

US Department of Transportation Investigating FAA’s Approval of 737 MAX

Gurdjieff and the Women of ‘The Rope’ (1997)

First Recorded Usage of “Hacker” (2008)

Japan’s elaborate, colorful manhole covers

Environmental stress contributes to obesity and diabetes (2015)

How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)

How to build a distributed throttling system with Nginx, Lua, and Redis

Show HN: Never ask someone more than once to do something - iPrompted

Picotorrent: a tiny, hackable BitTorrent client

The Untold History of Arduino (2016)

Scaling Erlang cluster to 10k nodes at WhatsApp [video]

Worked at an ICO crypto company. Crazy how people still believe/invest in them

Lisp, the Quantum Programmer’s Choice

Facebook failed to block 20% of uploaded New Zealand shooter videos

Show HN: AlgoDaily – One-a-day programming challenges for web developers

The 737Max and Why Software Engineers Might Want to Pay Attention

Kranzberg’s Six Laws of Technology, a Metaphor, and a Story (2011)

Elements of Dance Etiquette (2005)

Database Architecture Blog

What the Hell Is Going On? Effects of Information Abundance

A 50-year-old design came back to haunt Boeing with its troubled 737 Max jet

Cryptocurrency Canon – Andreessen Horowitz

Fixing Unix/Linux/Posix Filenames (2009)

Japan poised to allow ‘reprogrammed’ stem-cell therapy for damaged corneas

Launch HN: SynbioIDE

Achieving Safety Incrementally with Checked C

People Want to Know About Algorithms–But Not Too Much

Meritocracy doesn’t exist, and believing it does has bad effects

Achieving Safety Incrementally with Checked C [pdf]

Boléro: Sergiu Celibidache (1971) [video]

Show HN: Eventkit, event-driven data pipelines for Python

Joe Armstrong Interviews Alan Kay (2016)

Dormant viruses activate during spaceflight

Show HN: Unicode Trust on First Use

Japan Using Exercise Bikes and VR Porn to Generate Electricity

Logipedia – Encyclopedia of Formal Proofs

Getting desired system data from top output with Python

The structure of Google’s Lego-like modular OS

Show HN: Tunnel Rat, A 3D webgl game to work your memory and spatial orientation

Steve Jobs: Wired Interview (1996)

Google has removed my photo and name from the “Founders of Greenpeace”

How to Write Original Creative Writing Essays: Complete Guide for Arts Essays

Meritocracy doesn’t exist, and believing it does is bad for you

Virtual filesystems in Linux: Why we need them and how they work – A service to remove the background of any photo

Manufacturer of AR-15 Can Be Sued over Sandy Hook Massacre, Court Rules