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EU government websites have undisclosed adtech trackers from Google and others

Nvidia’s $99 Jetson Nano Is an AI Computer for DIY Enthusiasts

Show HN: Drogon – A C++14/17 based high performance HTTP application framework

Stomach of Dead Whale Contained ’Nothing but Nonstop Plastic’

What Working at Stripe Has Been Like

D-Wave 2000Q hands-on: Steep learning curve for quantum computing

Atta Elayyan, Developer of MetroTube and LazyWorm Apps, Killed in Christchurch (YC S14) is hiring a customer experience manager in Kitchener/Waterloo

CIA Doc on Time Travel, Consciousness, and Existence of the Absolute (1983) [pdf]

Simple script to analyse your PostgreSQL database config, give tuning advice

Quantum Computing for the Curious

Tips and tricks to write LaTeX papers in with figures generated in Python

Making 3D Terrain Maps (2017)

Altimir: Life in the depopulated Bulgarian countryside [video]

My Cognitive Bias – A cognitive bias explained every time you open a new tab

Longevity and anti-aging research: ‘Prime time for an impact on the globe’

New Tools for Detecting HTTPS Interception

How cigarette makers applied their marketing wizardry to sweetened beverages

Op amp on the Moon: Reverse-engineering a hybrid op amp module

“Three Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Designing Languages”

Japan Is Betting Big on the Future of Hydrogen Cars

Nvidia AI turns sketches into photorealistic landscapes in seconds

Achieving Safety Incrementally with Checked C

William Byrd on ”The Most Beautiful Program Ever Written” (2017) [video]

Slack enables customers to control their encryption keys in enterprise version

Russia Criminalizes the Spread of Online News Which ’Disrespects’ the Government

Show HN: WinSpd – create “SCSI disks” as user mode processes on Windows

Do-it-yourself ultralight tent (2017) [video]

A huge fireball exploded in Earth’s atmosphere in December, according to Nasa

The rise and fall of scientific authority, and how to bring it back

Earlier Thoughts that Inspired Grothendieck (2014) [pdf]

On a Remote Island, a Lost Part of the World Is Found

Diagram and History of Programming Languages (2006)

Herpes Virus Reactivation in Astronauts During Spaceflight

Source code layout for AI pipelines

Nvidia Accelerates Real Time Speech to Text Transcription 3500x with Kaldi

Code is not a foreign language, and high schools shouldn’t treat it that way

Prototyping Native Mobile Apps in 5 Minutes

Programmer Migration Patterns

Python urllib CRLF injection vulnerability

Construct-JS – A library for creating byte level data structures

Mobile data: Why India has the world’s cheapest

Air-breathing rocket engine set for key tests

Foods from agricultural lifestyles may have made it easier to form some sounds

Home of Strategic Command and Some of the USAF’s Most Prized Aircraft Flooded

Google’s attempts to undermine adblockers

r/Piracy received a notice of multiple copyright infringements from Reddit Legal

People in a conference room can create enough CO2 to impair cognitive function

Benefits of Fasting

Converting a cheap musical keyboard into a custom built keytar

A checklist of things to consider before releasing your project

Show HN: Bit v0.5.0 – Bitcoin made easy, now with SegWit support

Present Timing for Kids (2018)

Newly discovered DNA switch could give people the power to regrow limbs

Arctic now locked into devastating temperature rise, UN report says

Alan B. Krueger, Economic Aide to Clinton and Obama, Dies at 58

Start a side project, says GitHub founder (2008)

Why I’m Publishing My First Novel in a Format You’ve Never Heard Of

What’s the cost (in fish) between 1.5 and 3 degrees of warming?

London firm BBOXX has crowdfunded the most ever for an African solar project

Op amp on the Moon: Reverse-engineering a hybrid op amp module

I started Gumroad as a weekend project

AI Algorithms Are Now Shockingly Good at Doing Science

Show HN: Kubernetes dashboard alternative with streaming status updates and more

AMD products are not susceptible to SPOILER exploit

The Humble Book Bundle: Web Programming by O’Reilly

What missing too much sleep might be doing to your body

Andrew Yang, a presidential candidate who’s attracting support from Millennials

The Average US Computer Science Grad Outperforms China and India’s Elites

Using Spark-Select on Minio to create a high-performance data lake

A Master Regulator of Regeneration

Congressman Nunes sues Twitter for $250M, claims platform is a content provider

IBM’s global blockchain payment network goes live

Show HN: Transistor, a Python web scraping framework for intelligent use cases

GTC 2019 – Nvidia’s New GauGAN Transforms Sketches into Realistic Images

A Pwn2Own Exploit Chain

Privacy’s not dead. It’s just not evenly distributed

Spotify Responds to Apple’s Response over App Store, Calls Company ‘Monopolist’

Gitlab Is Currently Down

How to live without Google (2017)

Comprehensive list of built-in utility types in TypeScript

New York City says electric cars are now the cheapest option for its fleet

Round 4: Hacker returns and puts 26Mil user records for sale on the Dark Web

Facebook says service hindered by lack of local news

Speeding Up Your Website (Best Practices by Yahoo)

Show HN: Always use Google’s URL Inspection tool when launching a new Site

Turning an organic molecule into a coherent two-level quantum system

Origins of Startup Culture: How Success Stories Shaped Modern State of Industry

HTLV-1: An emotional call to eradicate ancient virus (2018)

Jack the Ripper revealed? DNA research may finally unravel mystery

Checking FreeRDP with PVS-Studio

Inside Garageband, the Little App Ruling the Sound of Modern Music

Stanford Human-Centered AI Symposium Live Stream

Italy bans unvaccinated children from school

Nasa Study Reproduces Origins of Life on Ocean Floor

The U.S. Is Using the Most Vulnerable People to Test Facial Recognition Software

We Remember Atta Elayyan of MetroTube Fame, Killed in Christchurch, NZ Attack