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Wall Street’s Latest Love Affair with Risky Repackaged Debt

Volk Fi: Distributed network smartphone

Lisp Macros, Delayed Evaluation and the Evolution of Smalltalk

Just a Drop in the Bucket (1994)

Students don’t seem to be getting much out of higher education (2018)

MS TextWorld: open-source engine that both generates and simulates text games

How to take back control of /etc/resolv.conf on Linux (2018)

U.S. Firms Are Helping Build China’s Orwellian State

Pilot Who Hitched a Ride Saved Lion Air 737 on the Day Before Deadly Crash

Fivetran (YC W13) Is Hiring a Director of Customer Support in Oakland

New study provides evidence that we need different drugs for men and women

Curing the Vulnerable Parser: Design Patterns for Secure Input Handling (2017) [pdf]

Show HN: H2 Forth CPU

Open Source Doesn’t Make Money Because It Isn’t Designed to Make Money

The Cloud is Just Another Sun [video]

Android users in Europe will be asked which browser and search engine they want

A Photographer’s Quest to Discover His Nubian Ancestry

The Expendables: Life in the French Foreign Legion (2012)

Install Fests: What to Do about the Deal with the Devil

Google terminated our startup’s developer account – what do we do?

New study makes strong link between use of potent cannabis and psychosis

Implementing a NES Emulator in Rust

Unbalanced oil and vinegar UOV digital signatures

Patreon ups its revenue cut, but grandfathers in old creators

A world of message-oriented programming languages (2018)

Vertically Scaling PostgreSQL

KDE Connect removed from Google Play store for violating new policy on SMS

Systemd (PID1) crash with specially crafted D-Bus message

A new class-action lawsuit takes aim at real estate agents and their 6% fee

History of React Components and Patterns

Mui – user interface made of wood

LIGO gravitational wave detectors that hunt for ripples in space-time upgraded

Fix: Use autocomplete=“discourse” to disable Chrome address autofill

Sugary drinks linked to 31 percent higher risk of early death, study finds

Australian Internet Providers Block 4Chan, Others for Hosting Christchurch Video

Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook

Continuous Unix commit history from 1970 until today

Show HN: Electric Dollar Store

Vintage Apollo 11 Press Kits from NASA (42 PDFs)

The C-- Language Specification (2005) [pdf]

Jury Finds Bayer’s Roundup Weedkiller Caused Man’s Cancer

Chicken Scheme internals: the garbage collector (2014)

The Promise of Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning

Covertone: Collaborative Programmable Music in Clojure

There’s Another Possibility (2018)

Nginx and F5: Our Continued Commitment to Open Source

Interview with a Programmer Who Retired at 34

Australian telcos block access to 4chan, other sites

Show HN: Indian Rupee formatting and word conversion for Ruby

Show HN: GNU Bash Manual (Pandoc Markdown)

Boeing faces a ’ serious’ criminal probe – Here’s what to expect

I Used the Web for a Day on Internet Explorer 8

Show HN: Analyzing 1000s of HD twitch videos to track players in Apex Legends Https://

Google’s GDC 2019 Streaming

Hundreds of US cities are killing or scaling back their recycling programs

Karen Uhlenbeck, founder of geometric analysis, honored with Abel Prize

Show HN: Lookup details about any IP address

The #5 – A curated wide interests list and newsletter

Google open-sources project for sandboxing C/C++ libraries on Linux

The first iPhone prototype: an exclusive look at Apple’s red M68

Trello is no longer free for teams

Measuring differences in brain chemicals in people with mild memory problems

Slide into the Latest Deep Learning Research in the Nvidia AI Playground

Stanford Prof who rejected an early Elizabeth Holmes idea dishes on Theranos

Office 365 pauses email sync to force users to use Outlook

Becoming a backend developer – Part 1: Foundational concepts

The weird power of the placebo effect, explained (2017)

Musk defense “borders on the ridiculous,” SEC tells court

HP’s high-res Reverb VR headset blows the screen door effect off its hinges

Show HN: Check out what developers are using

Grace Hopper, mother of COBOL

Her son died. And then anti-vaxers attacked her

Undercover journalist reveals Russian internet “troll factory”

2019 Abel Prize to Mathematician Karen Uhlenbeck