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“Every minute I spent thinking about competitors was a minute wasted”

Show HN: Everything I Know Wiki

Uganda’s Tarantino and his $200 action movies (2015)

Nation’s only Civil War pensioner collects $73 a month from VA (2017)

Newfound fossils in China highlight a dizzying diversity of Cambrian life

Show HN: DropCSS – A simple, thorough and fast unused-CSS cleaner

I wrote a story that became a legend, then discovered it wasn’t true

Bitcoin ETF research finds that 95% of Bitcoin volume is fake

Microsoft, UW demonstrate first fully automated DNA data storage

HighwayHash: Fast hashing at over 10 GB/s per core in Golang

Deep Learning Optimizer Visualization

Wintun – Layer 3 TUN Driver for Windows

Researchers get humans to think like computers

Archaeologists resume the search for the home of drama in a Greek sanctuary

Ransomware Forces Two Chemical Companies to Order ‘Hundreds of New Computers’

Redis streams as a pure data structure

How Developers Stop Learning: Rise of the Expert Beginner

The Mathematical History of a Perfect Color Combination

FriCAS – an advanced computer algebra system

South Korea accepts geothermal plant probably caused destructive quake

Kickstarter Senior Staffers Are Pushing Back Against Colleagues’ Union Efforts

American landlords derive more profit from renters in low-income neighborhoods

Publish Jupyter Notebooks to the Web

Theia: A cloud and desktop IDE framework implemented in TypeScript

Python for Reverse Engineering 1: ELF Binaries

Quake II RTX: Re-Engineering a Classic with Ray Tracing Effects on Vulkan

Adding layers to the middle of trained network without invalidating the weights

The principle of charity: Criticize the best interpretation of an argument

Show HN: Price comparison for attraction tickets, tours, and activties

Rick Steves Wants to Save the World, One Vacation at a Time

Iris Automation (YC S16) Is Hiring a Computer Vision Expert – AI for Drones

JSON API is a media format, not a protocol. You need to develop a protocol

The Boombox Incident: removing bald people from photos

A Comprehensive Guide to Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis

Plastic buckets, broken printers shine light on Hanoi’s poor (2016)

I Don’t Like Debuggers (2000)

Hashed and Hierarchical Timing Wheels: Data Structures for Timers (1987) [pdf]

The U.S. Desperately Needs a “Fiber for All” Plan

Tinyexpr: parser, compiler, and evaluation engine in C for math expressions

What Is a Data Frame? (In Python, R, and SQL)

Show HN: ContextCue – Create and host private, ethical ads

Byteconf JavaScript: free JavaScript conference streamed on Twitch, live now

MIPSfpga 2.0: the CPU architecture course that’s different from the rest

At $75K, housing a prisoner in California now costs more than a year at Harvard

Operable Erlang and Elixir [video]

Sacked IT guy annihilates 23 of his ex-employer’s AWS servers

Writing an API at the Edge with Workers and Cloud Firestore

Pretty PuTTY – Better PuTTY Settings

How to Build Your Own Brand – 7 Easy Steps

3D-Printed Self-Adhesive Hydrogels: Modular Use in Actuators and Microfluidics!divAbstract

Is Prolog worth learning in the 21st century?

Geostorm will give Northern US and Canada rare chance to see the aurora borealis

YouTube broke search filters as a temporary fix

Mailchimp ends Shopify partnership due to privacy concerns

Project team roles that will define your software product success

Diverse and robust molecular algorithms using reprogrammable DNA self-assembly

Microsoft resurrects Clippy and then brutally kills him off again

How to setup your own VPN server using WireGuard on Ubuntu

Wireless vulns in implanted defibrillators allow remote shocks, shutdown

Brain region discovered that only processes spoken, not written words

Complex societies precede moralizing gods throughout world history

We dogfooded our engineering analytics product and increased productivity 83%

Nasa Instruments Image Fireball over Bering Sea

HTTP 451 Unavailable for Legal Reasons

CRUD, search, pagination, segmentation The same admin panels again and again

VP of InfoSec at InVision on secure code development [audio]

Basic AI Concepts: A* Search Algorithm

“Medieval” Diseases Flare as Unsanitary Living Conditions Proliferate

JSON vs. JSONB: A Dive into PostgreSQL

Empathy and innovation: Microsoft’s cultural shift led to new products

Spyware Data Leak Is So Bad We Can’t Even Tell You About It

Show HN: How to add emoji support to a React chatroom

A LSP client maintainer’s view of the LSP protocol. – YouCompleteMe and vim

A dev trained robots to generate “garbage” slot machine games–and made $50K

Andy Grove’s Writing Formed the Basis for Modern-Day Startup Culture

Ralph Nader: Greedy Boeing’s Avoidable Design and Software Time Bombs

Mailchimp Statement on Shopify Partnership

I built a business that lets me live on the beach full time

Microsoft open sources algorithm, hardware and source code for data compression

Days of the Dolphin: Cetaceans in Cold War Science and Science Fiction (2018)

’Out There’: The Transcendent Life and Art of Burt Shonberg (2018)

United States, once tallest, has been overtaken by Netherlands since the 50s

The New Go Developer Network

Using an OpenBSD Router with AT&T U-Verse

Nasa’s Fermi Satellite Clocks ‘Cannonball’ Pulsar Speeding Through Space

Peeking Behind the Curtains of Serverless Platforms [pdf]

Earth has always been round, so why have the flat-out wrong become so lively?

Microsoft, UW demonstrate first fully automated DNA data storage

Why Should Americans Be Grateful for $137 Insulin? Germans Get It for $55

All the Linux Networking Commands and Scripts I Could Think Of

Financial projections for startups business plans and financial forecasting

Over 100k GitHub repos have leaked API or cryptographic keys

Boeing to mandate 737 MAX safety feature missing on Lion Air and Ethiopian jets

Computer Scientists Create Reprogrammable Molecular Computing System

How to Reindex One Billion Documents in One Hour at SoundCloud

Owning a Car Will Soon Be as Quaint as Owning a Horse

GoFundMe Bans Anti-Vaxxers Who Raise Money to Spread Misinformation

Linus Torvalds: I don’t like debuggers. Never have, probably never will. (2000)