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Mathigon – an interactive, personalized mathematics textbook

Integer multiplication in time O(n log n) [pdf]

Apple iPhone SE Available on Apple Store Again

Fyne: Cross-Platform GUI in Go Based on Material Design

A Short History of Chaosnet (2018)

Rotating Black Holes May Serve as Gentle Portals for Hyperspace Travel

Local Variables · Crafting Interpreters

Prince Of Persia Code Review (2013)

Why I Switched from Python to Clojure (2016)

How did two groups of fish separately evolve genes for making antifreeze?

Schedule listings for thousands of public radio stations and programs, worldwide

Show HN: Harmopark – Web tool to visually build chords and progressions

Rusty Navy: The Bay Area’s ’Mothball Fleet’ Enters a New Era (2017)

Instantbox: Spins up temporary Linux systems with webshell access from a browser

Birds in data: Counting cuckoos and other stories

Untrusted – a user JavaScript adventure game

Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-On

One Page Love – One Page Website Inspiration and Templates

You probably don’t need input type=“number”

PyPy v7.1 released; now uses UTF-8 internally for Unicode strings

On the S-Box of GOST Streebog and Kuznyechik

How to Share Knowledge Using Anecdote Circles

Man Stole $122M from Facebook and Google by Impersonating Quanta

Alternative Funding Calculus: A Quant Comparison of Tiny, Indie, and Earnest

Show HN: Nameof Operator for Modern C++

My New Favorite Tool for Reviewing PDFs: Okular

Theoretical way to levitate objects with light

Show HN: FastDom – Lightweight replacement of React and MobX

Fluent Terminal – Open-source, native Windows 10 tabbed terminal

Show HN: Editable, royalty-free SVG illustrations

India’s data labellers are powering the global AI race

This is Your Brain on Exercise (2017)

KaTeX – Fast math typesetting library for the web

Peruvian puquios were a “hydraulic system constructed to retrieve water” (2016)

iTerm2 beta adds Python API

The moving sofa problem (2016)

Telegram: Taking Back Our Right to Privacy

The Quest to Acquire the Oldest, Most Expensive Book on the Planet

Making Music with Shaders: Practical Additive GPU Audio Synthesis [pdf]

“Nobody at Tesla has ever seen rain before.”

Applying the Universal Scalability Law to Organisations (2015)

“The Barbados Mercury”: Thoughts from the digitization team

TypeScript’s Quiet, Steady Rise Among Programming Languages

Facets / Visualizations for machine learning datasets

Compiling Knowledge into Probabilistic Models

Forensic Genealogy Is Cracking Decades-Old Cold Cases

Vimwiki 2.4 released – three years after the last version

Downed Boeing 737 Max 8s Lacked Safety Features Boeing Only Sells as Extras


Depression in your twenties linked to memory loss in your fifties

Arch Linux propose changing compression method from xz to zstd

When a Phone App Opens Your Apartment Door, but You Just Want a Key

Oracle Java-powered smart cards: More than a dirty dozen flaws found

Three Guidelines for Using the Functional Module Pattern for TypeScript

Chelsea Manning is being held in prolonged solitary confinement

Searching 1TB/SEC: Systems Engineering Before Algorithms

Pytype – A static type analyzer for Python code

This Woman Can Smell Parkinson’s. It Might Help Lead to Earlier Treatment

Le Paper Globe – a DIY paper terrestrial globe (2012)

Storing Energy by Heating Stones to 600 Degrees – Could Power Denmark for Hours

Machines treat patients? Where AI excels and fails

Antibiotics set to flood Florida’s troubled orange orchards

China Airport face recognition systems to help you check your flight status

Airbnb hosts ask guests to lie, sneak around in covert rentals

Leaker, Liar, Hacker, Hoaxer: The Russian Contractor Who Infiltrated Anonymous

Show HN: Object Detection in 50ms on a CPU

Pyre: Facebook’s static type checker for Python

This Resume Does Not Exist

Valve Software dreams of analyzing your brainwaves to tailor in-game rewards

Deep Work and Remote Work – How Deep Work Can Change Your Freelance Life