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Fuchsia OS Introduction

Google removed my ads-free app for “deceptive ads”

We improved Tensorflow Serving performance by over 70%

Interviews with developers who became managers

UK Releases 130 Terabytes of Oil and Gas Data

Handsontable drops open source for a non-commercial license

Send Reality (YC S18) is hiring – help create a virtual 3D replica of the world

Convert Markdown to PDF only using browser

Kroki – Convert plain text diagrams to images

Morgan Freeman Converts His 124-Acre Ranch into a Giant Bee Sanctuary

10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (2012)

The self-made man: on the long and eventful life of Frederick Douglass

Linux touchpad like a Macbook: progress and a call for help

Thoughts on Conway’s Law and the Software Stack

A programming language agnostic type construction and interchange language

No Man’s Sky’s next update will let you explore infinite space in VR

Self-forgiveness for procrastinating can reduce future procrastination (2010) [pdf]

Show HN: What’s My Aircraft?

Congestion Pricing in Manhattan Close to Approval

David vs. Goliath: Nauru Rejects’one China’recognizes Taiwan as Nation

The Opioid Detection Challenge

Show HN: Baxx – Unix-friendly backup service

The Measure of Man – Human Factors in Design (1966) [pdf]

More Than 90% of Americans Have Pesticides or Their Byproducts in Their Bodies

Talkback: Record and Playback HTTP Requests

FastQRE: Fast Query Reverse Engineering (2018) [pdf]

The Prandtl–Glauert Singularity – Jet Plane Shock Collar

Computational Mathematics with SageMath (2018)

A new Einstein cross is discovered

Simple calculator written in pure HTML (no script) – proof of concept

Stephen King’s 20 Rules for Writers (2018)

Is AirPower Out Yet?

Credder Wants to Create an Equivalent to “Rotten Tomatoes” for News

Experts say demographic shifts, not AI, create the biggest challenges for work

Making Anime Faces With StyleGAN

Colorffy – Resources and tools for designers and developers

How to increase serotonin in the human brain without drugs (2007)

How Japanese Police Turned Cyber Prank into Arresting Cases

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Labor Demand [pdf]

Clojurists Together: $3000 USD/month grants for Clojure open source projects

Chinese censors incinerate entire run of a kickstarted RPG sourcebook

Medicare for All Could Eliminate the $600B Private Insurance Industry

An Elusive Whale Is Found All Around the World

The Rainbow Network: An Off-Chain Decentralized Synthetics Exchange [pdf]

We Would Never Be Able to Blow Up an Asteroid to Save the Planet

Return of the King: Compile Time Validation for HQL and JPA-QL Queries

All InfoSec News in One Place

Fomu – An FPGA board that fits inside your USB port

Australia threatens social media laws that could jail tech executives

Show HN: Micro – A Microservice Toolkit

Show HN: Project Gutenberg Typography

How India’s massive 2019 election will work

Pentagon Says Google’s Drone Work Is Exempt from Freedom of Information Act

Games Cartographers Play: Alphago, Neural Networks and Tobler’s First Law (2016)

Cryptocurrency Mining Giant Bitmain Fails to Go Public, IPO Application Expires

Key Greenland glacier growing again after shrinking for years, Nasa study shows

Debbie Harry: ’Music matters. YouTube should pay musicians fairly’

Better Language Models and Their Implications

The Prefect Workflow Engine Is Now Open Source

The Cryptopals Crypto Challenges

TypeScript 3.4 hidden gem: propagated generic type arguments

Show HN: K3d – A fast kubernetes dev environment

U.S. workers hate ‘open’ office spaces

Arthur Whitney’s ’B’ Language

Writing Sex for Money Is Hard Fucking Work

Internet of Things So What? A Farmer’s Guide to Technology

Describing Chinese Characters with Recursive Radical Packing Language

Apple Special Event Livestream [video]

Apple announces Apple News+ $9.99/mo. subscriptions with over 300 publications

It’s Ecosystems, Not Inventions That Truly Change the World

The Snek Programming Language

C# Hello World Running Without OS or Runtime by Michal Strehovský

McDonald’s Buys Machine Learning Startup Dynamic Yield for $300M

WeWork says revenue more than doubled last year to $1.8B, so did net loss

Always own your platform

Thoughts on Conway’s Law and the Software Stack

Sailfish OS Oulanka is now available

Full Cycle Developers at Netflix – Operate What You Build

The Origins and Impact of Visicalc

New research indicates we transition between 19 brain phases when sleeping

Rebooting UUCP to redecentralize the net

The pre-history of Hewlett Packard: David Packard in Schenectady

Fedora 31 Preparing to Start Removing Packages Depending Upon Python 2

British Airways flight mistakenly lands in Scotland instead of Germany

As H-1B Hiring Escalates, Firms Moving Jobs to Canada

Fourteen Year Old Firefox Bug Resolved

Philosophy Herbert Marcuse on automation and totalitarian democracy

PG about being aggrieved and/or rich

Why does the brain have a reward prediction error? – The Spike – Medium

Show HN: Banana for Scale – A Tool for Learning Scales on the Guitar

A list of apps that use GANs to create fake-anythings

Show HN: The Legend of Trykon, a 3D Zelda-like exploration/puzzle game