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Software Won’t Fix Boeing’s ‘Faulty’ Airframe

Cisco Fixes RV320/RV325 Vulnerability by Banning “curl” in User-Agent

Microsoft says encryption laws make companies wary of storing data in Australia

Developing for Android is like being a demonetized YouTuber

Build an Air Quality Monitor with InfluxDB, Grafana and Docker on a Raspberry Pi

Real Programmers Don’t Use Pascal (1982)

IBM purged ‘gray hairs’ and ‘old heads’ as it launched Millennial Corps: lawsuit

Legalist (YC S16) is hiring senior Python developer to help fund lawsuits

What Winning $250k at Poker Taught Me About Money

Facebook to ban white nationalist content

Orderly: Process (re)start, shutdown, and supervision

Researchers: It takes 1.5M of data to store language information in the brain

Keybase is not softer than TOFU

Meet Q, a Genderless Voice

How did we discard the idea of college faculty?

More security holes are appearing in cryptocurrency and smart contract platforms

New Amazon S3 Storage Class – Glacier Deep Archive

Yann LeCun, Geoffrey Hinton and Yoshua Bengio win Turing Award

Standardizing WASI: A system interface to run WebAssembly outside the web

AT&T 1993 “You Will” Ads [video]

Show HN: SocialAmnesia – Open-source tool that auto-erases old Reddits/tweets

Stable Filtering – Part 2

PreVue – open-source prototyping tool for Vue.js developers (2019 update)

Goodly replaces office perks with student loan repayment

Meta-Reinforcement Learning

Miri: Interpreter for Rust’s mid-level intermediate representation

Show HN: Prefect – A workflow engine designed for modern data engineering

The types of attachments we see in malware email

Mid air airplane repair: Troubleshooting at WhatsApp [video]

Jim Henson’s “Paperwork Explosion” (1967) [video]

Chinese Devs Using GitHub to Protest 996 Workweek (9am – 9pm, 6 days/week)

BoringTun, a Userspace WireGuard Implementation in Rust

Why are monoidal categories interesting?

German Remembrance of the Holocaust and Growing US Anti-Semitism (2018)

Sandia Software Guidelines – Volume 5 – Tools, Techniques, and Methodologies [pdf]

How Spotify and Discover Weekly Earn Me $400/month

Old-time ranchers used barbed-wire fences as phone network

Senators ask why vendors sell voting machines with ‘known’ vulnerabilities’

TPLink Routers Are Vulnerable to Arbitrary Command Execution

Algorithms for Planar Graphs and Beyond (2011)

Kong 1.1 Released with Declarative Configuration and DB-Less Mode

By the book: reflections on an Indian childhood reading Soviet hardbacks

The SR-71 Spy Plane Was So Fast, It Outran Every Missile Fired at It

Boeing announces fixes for its 737 Max aircraft, Chinese programmers against working overtime gathering on GitHub

A Mythical Phoenix: Mainframe’s Evolution

Eating Tomatoes on Cereal Does Make a Certain Amount of Sense

A hack close to home: parking garage hit with ransomware

Ways to manage your time better

Apple apologizes for continued reliability problems with its MacBook keyboards

“I consider these keyboards the worst products in Apple history.“

Man Skipped Work for 6 Years and No One Noticed Until He Won an Award (2016)

Show HN: Simple gdb debugging of CPython extensions

Implementing a Language with LLVM in Rust

Five Reasons to Sell End-to-End Products in Early Markets

Is Software Eating the Useless Class? The Story of Marc Andreessen

Auto-Keras: open-source software library for automated machine learning

Half of Older Americans Have Nothing in Retirement Savings

China destroys 30k ‘incorrect’ world maps, claims Indian terrority

Linux Archaeology: KDE 0.1

University of Florida Taser incident (“Don’t tase me, bro!”)

Cisco firmware update for RV320/RV325 routers simply blacklisted the UA for curl

Microsoft mercifully puts an end to April Fools’ Day gags

(Brexit) UK Parliament votes down all alternative Brexit options

Show HN: Mongoku, a Web-Scale GUI for MongoDB

Study: Good Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure Makes Neighbors Healthier

Appl Still Hasn’t Fixd Its MacBook Kyboad Problm

Photos of the Eiffel Tower at night are restricted due to copyright (2017)

PayPal vs. Stripe for small businesses in 2019

$50M CTF from Hackerone – Writeup

Review: Ethernet Packet and Packet Processing Using FPGA-Based Network Processor

Microsoft leads the way in banning April Fools’ Day pranks

Palantir wins major Pentagon contract, beating out traditional military vendors

Two zero-day Safari exploits found, one allowing complete takeover of Mac

New York’s Rockland County declares measles outbreak emergency

Can I tell you about the most amazing side business I’ve ever heard of?

Paper claims to have found an efficient algorithm for multiplying large numbers

Pompeii ‘fast food’ bar unearthed in ancient city after 2k years

Elizabeth Warren Calls for a National Right-to-Repair Law for Tractors

Trump says Sundar Pichai told him he is ’committed to the U.S. military’

Zhihu/griffith: A React-based web video player

DE Shaw: Inside Manhattan’s ’Silicon Valley’ Hedge Fund

Building Real-Time charts with GraphQL and Postgres

Elon Musk’s Subway System Baffles Virginia Transit Officials

Executive Order on Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses

Top darknet drug marketplace, Dream Market, is shutting down

The Underground Railroad of North Korea

The colossal problem with universal basic income [video]