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ROSshow: ASCII art visualizations for robot sensor data

Cartography: Graph view of infrastructure assets and relationships between them

NSA Contractor Arrested in Biggest Breach of U.S. Secrets Pleads Guilty

An amphibian fungus has become “the most deadly pathogen known”

Tone.js – A framework for making interactive music in the browser

How researchers discovered we have “two brains” [video]

Kicking neural network design automation into high gear

How do you compute the midpoint of an interval? (2014) [pdf]

Observables, Side-Effects, and Subscriptions: Some Reactive Best Practices

New LTE vulnerabilities discovered by KAIST [pdf]

Common statistical tests are linear models

In the Latest Version of macOS, Macs Sold in China Cannot Display Taiwanese Flag

Garfield phones beach mystery finally solved

Plagiarism detectors are a crutch, and a problem

Functional Pearl: I am not a Number–I am a Free Variable (2004) [pdf]

Show HN: NatUIve 2.0 – lightweight, rich, open web

Oil traders are watching workers’ phones to spot problems at refineries

Serverless DNS over HTTPS (DoH) at the Edge

Show HN: Multi process twemproxy with config reload online

A Deep Attention-Based Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Model-Based Control

Streak (YC S11) is profitable, well funded and hiring in Vancouver Leaks Personal Records of 2B Users

Opas: AI-powered automated root cause analysis

In Beijing, it’s often cheaper to have food delivered than to get it yourself

How to open a microchip and see what’s inside

The most genuine museum in the world: Sweden’s Museum of Failure

Top Apps Made with Flutter – 17 Stories by Developers and Business Owners

Getting started with Scenic in Elixir – Crafting a simple snake game

The Enormous Numbers Behind Amazon’s Market Reach

HP to Introduce Amoled Envy and Spectre Laptops in April

The Marriage of Silicon Valley and the Pentagon Is Happening

Company Will Pay You to Learn to Code, and Take 15% of Your Income Later

Wikimedia Foundation Joins the World Wide Web Consortium

Lost in translation: Exposing hidden compiler optimization opportunities

’The Wake’ Is an Unlikely Hit in an Imaginary Language (2015)

A Link Layer Protocol for Quantum Networks

Which Programming Languages Use the Least Electricity? (2018)

End of Operation of Wow Air

Get a TLS/HTTPS certificate using GSuite single sign-on

Make No Mistake – Microsoft Is a Security Company Now

The Design of Apple’s Credit Card

Open-Source Solution Could Lower Cost of Optical Cardiography

Fukushima contaminants found as far north as Alaska’s Bering Strait

8k Cisco RV320/RV325 routers are still leaking their admin credentials

What Happens When Maths Goes Wrong? – With Matt Parker

Inbox is about to die, and Google still hasn’t brought its best feature to Gmail

Boston Dynamics Reimagined Handle Robot for Logistics[video]

Kong Raises $43M in Series C Funding

Amtrak lost money every year since 1971 – here’s why train are so expensive

Security researcher pleads guilty to hacking into Microsoft and Nintendo

Andrew Yang and Pete Buttigieg Have Blown Up on Twitter, and in Betting Markets

There is mysterious ‘undocumented technology’ hidden on Intel computer chips

Earth’s continental plate movement can cause problems for GPS (2016)

Wow Air passengers stranded as airline announced it has ceased operations

Do We Need to Reconsider Free Speech Law Due to Technology?

Federal bills would let state prisons jam cellphone signals

San Franciscans raise $46,000 to stop homeless shelter in wealthy area

Clojure dialect written in Go (Joker)

Online porn searched by Parliament staff more than 24,000 times

So You Don’t Want to Be a Programmer After All (2013)

Global seed vault ’Doomsday vault’ threatened by climate change

Apple acknowledges keyboard problems with recent MacBooks

Show HN: MЯO (ORM backwards) write SQL then generate its host-language wrapper

Video: Why Every Map of China Is Just Slightly Wrong

Vice Media agrees to $1.87M settlement over gender pay discrimination

What Physics Teachers Get Wrong About Tides

Web pages can now detect when Chrome’s window is covered by another window

Lyft prices IPO at $72 per share, making their valuation $24 billion

Single-wire earth return (grid infrastructure)

Huawei savaged by Brit code review board over pisspoor dev practices

Threema messenger published app audit report by FH Münster [pdf]

9 Terms You’ll See in Your Equity Offer–and What Actually They Mean

Modified deep-learning algorithms unveil features of shape-shifting proteins

Wow Air ceases operations, leaving passengers stranded

What Is Dark Matter? Even the Best Theories Are Crumbling

Principle behind Google’s April Fools’ pigeon prank proves more than a joke

Recessions, and the fear that another one is just around the corner, explained

Stoicism’s Appeal to the Rich and Powerful

Grindr Is Owned by a Chinese Firm, and the U.S. Is Trying to Force It to Sell

C# ’Hello World’ on x64 bare metal (no OS)

EU’s Parliament Signs Off on Disastrous Internet Law: What Happens Next?

The Godfathers of the AI Boom Win the Turing Award

Artificial intelligence pioneers win tech’s ’Nobel Prize’

EU Copyright (ACTA2) directive passes – 348 votes to 274

Europe’s controversial overhaul of online copyright receives final approval

‘Godfathers of AI’ Honored with Turing Award, the Nobel Prize of Computing

European Parliament vote for internet upload filtering