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George Lucas Retreats from Battle with Neighbors; Low-income Housing Incoming

Show HN: Bsed – Simple, English syntax on top of Perl text processing

OpenTTD Compiled to WebAssembly

DeepMind readies first commercial product

Google blocks China ads that help bypass censorship

How Claude Shannon Re-Invented Information (2017)

Serenity: x86 Unix-like operating system for IBM PC-compatibles

The sexes don’t feel pain the same way

Show HN: Git-thanos – restore balance to your OSS project with a single command

The Incredible Proof Machine (2016)

Abe explains choice of Reiwa for next era name

The mystery of my desktop that locks up when it gets too cold

TypeTalk: Proof-of-concept of Smalltalk-like live coding system in the browser

Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti ­and Built Six Homes (2015)

New studies confirm existence of galaxies with almost no dark matter

Researchers trick Tesla autopilot into driving into opposing traffic

The Markable Mark (2013)

WordPress theme provider Pipdig using customer sites to DDoS competitors

Dynamicland Communal Computer

Defeating Feature Fatigue (2006)

A radiologist applying evolutionary principles to cancer research

Intel VISA Exploit Gives Access to Computer’s Entire Data, Researchers Show

The Matrix Code Came from Sushi Recipes

A Comparison of Assertion Libraries

Show HN: Choosing meaningful work with Python Pandas data analysis

From AI to ML to AI: On Swirling Nomenclature and Slurried Thought (2018)

Algebraic Structures for Untyped Racket

“Google just started mass banning/limiting Archive Team downloads”

A Landlord Wants Facial Recognition in Its Rent-Stabilized Buildings

How Reddit Bureau of Investigation solves mysteries while avoiding witch hunts

Native Javascript alternatives to jQuery methods

Ecuador legalized gangs like the Latin Kings. Murder rates plummeted. – Vox

PostgreSQL DBaaS vendor comparison and calculator

Gravity Payments: Seattle company with a minimum salary of $70K

Transparent Hugepages: measuring the performance impact (2017)

Anthropologist Richard Wrangham on the emergence of homo sapiens (YC W11) is hiring a director of marketing – remote company

The sun’s magnetic field is ten times stronger than previously believed

Xfinity Flex- Comcast to Charge You $5-Month for a Bootleg Roku

Guido:The 996 Work Schedule Is Inhumane

Simplicity, Please – A Manifesto for Software Development

Too much information as an impediment for action

Paul Graham – “How to Make Wealth”

How to Build a Billion-Year Library on the Moon

Intel’s First Confirmed Xe GPU Product: The Aurora Exascale Supercomputer

Hardware Security Course (with videos)

LinkedIn is becoming China’s go-to platform for recruiting foreign spies

Linux disk encryption using hardware TPM (Trusted Platform Module)

How “illegal” teacher strikes rescued the American labor movement

Mission to find never-contacted Amazon tribe to stop “catastrophic” jungle war

What it’s like to take a 35-hour ride on Amtrak’s Coast Starlight: LA to Seattle

America’s Black Box: A Rare Look at the Violence of Incarceration

Tech Acquisitions Data

What I Wish My Children Could Learn from My Rural Upbringing

How I Could Steal Money from Instagram, Google and Microsoft (2016)

Man Plans to Retire to Holiday Inn Instead of Nursing Home Because It’s Cheaper

Show HN: Multiplayer 2D game for Windows 10

Fascinating Debug Report About a Scary Hidden Backdoor in Intel Processors

Electrical Component Cross Sections

A Practical Theory of Programming

Calder – Interactive constraints for controlling the growth of procedural models

Russia Ordered a Killing That Made No Sense. Then the Assassin Started Talking

I Did 20 Mentoring Sessions with Managers from HN: Here’s What I’ve Observed

Future of the Java programming language: Three major projects on the horizon