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Statistical mechanics of money (2000)

Verilator: Fast, Free Verilog HDL Simulator

San Diego Implemented City-Wide Streetlight Surveillance

I’m only making business card sized games now

The Founder’s Guide to Discipline: Lessons from Front’s Mathilde Collin

MSX History: The Platform Microsoft Forgot

Deadlines Are Killing Us, and Almost Everything Else I Know About Leadership

Demand is skyrocketing in China for mice that mimic the diseases of humans

Trains are more efficient and less polluting than other transportation modes

Typing with a Piano [video]

Fond (YC W12) Is Hiring Senior Product Manager in Portland

American Hackers Helped UAE Spy on Al Jazeera Chairman, BBC Host

Death by a Thousand Clicks: Where Electronic Health Records Went Wrong

Tumor Specific Immune Receptors Computationally Identifiable

Burger King is introducing a vegetarian patty from the start-up Impossible Foods

Dynamic Drawing: Broadening Practice and Participation in Procedural Art (2017) [pdf]

Base salaries offered to software engineers in SF, NYC, and Seattle

H-1B Employer Data Hub

AGENT0 Interpreter: Agent-Oriented Programming (1991)

The Rendition Vérité 1000

Tools for REST API Monitoring in 2019

Press Conference on First Result from the Event Horizon Telescope

Chinese Rocket company successfully demonstrates ’landing’ of rocket

SUSE will soon be the largest independent Linux company

Against metrics: how measuring performance by numbers backfires

A New Era of Video Backends: The Unification of VideoCommon

Taiwan-developed app finds smartphone use impact on sleep, health parent company launches work collaboration platform Happy Tools

Happy Tools: Tools for Teams with Work to Do (From Automattic)

Lyft’s IPO Was a Success, Just Not for Investors Who Bought on Friday

Why Did San Francisco Schools Stop Teaching Algebra in Middle School? (2016)

Electronic music reduces host attack and mating success in dengue mosquitoes

As India Votes, False Posts and Hate Speech Flummox Facebook

Saudi Aramco Is World’s Most Profitable Company, Far Exceeding Apple

I think the JavaScript community needs to step up and boycott NPM

How not to hire a software engineer

Modern Prolog Implemented in Rust

Nfhttp: A cross platform C++ HTTP library natively interfacing to platforms

Git Implemented in OCaml

’We’ve bred them to their limit’: death rates surge for female pigs in US(2018)

The Worst Programming Language

Lyft Drops Below IPO Price in Second Day of Trading

Why Microsoft’s new Edge browser could be a true Google Chrome rival

Show HN: Socialscan – Check email address and username usage on online platforms

“Can we talk?” The most dreaded phrase a boss can utter

Changes to H-1B visa lottery create ‘stress’ for tech companies and employees

Show HN: NoSQL for 8-Bit Microcomputers

DoX: DNS Queries over XMPP

Five Tech Regulation Proposals to Reduce Screen Addiction

Lyft IPO Rush Cashes in on Legally Precarious Labor Model

The Percentage of American Adults Not Having Sex Has Reached a Record High

Physicists Just Detected a Odd Particle That Isn’t a Particle at All

How to fight an outrageous medical bill, explained

LA County is using an algorithm to clear 50k pot convictions faster

China warned others not to attend UN meeting on Xinjiang human rights violations

Micro – the microservice toolkit 1.0.0 release and beyond

Mailgun: Announcing Strategic Growth Investment from Thoma Bravo

Netflix’s ’Our Planet’ says what other nature series have omitted

Canonical Reportedly Not Planning to Enable Wayland-by-Default for Ubuntu 20.04

DJs of the Future Don’t Spin Records–They Write Code

Bitrise launches ASMR video tutorial series (YouTube playlist)

Apache Kafka Security on Kubernetes, Automated

Huawei’s P30 Pro raises the bar for low-light photography

Wired: Why 5G Makes Me Reconsider the Health Effects of Cellphones

Star Wars: Jedi vs. Sith by

Many Tech Professionals Don’t Think Their Pay Matches Their Value

Show HN: Training Data for Robot Dogs

History Disappeared When Myspace Lost 12 Years of Music. It Will Happen Again

Description Algorithms and Utils for Machine Learning in JavaScript

Intellectually humble people tend to possess more knowledge, study finds

Show HN: slim - Build micro-vms from Dockerfiles

External Interrupts in the x86 system. Part 1. Interrupt controller evolution

Apollo astronauts left their poop on the moon. We gotta go back for that [stuff]

The Self Is Other People (2018)

The MacBook keyboard fiasco is surely worse than Apple thinks

Show HN: Kclean – Clean Your Keyboard Without Worrying About Side-Effects

MIT and Nasa engineers demonstrate a new kind of airplane wing

Lyft Crashes Below IPO Price