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The future of undersea Internet cables: Are big tech companies forming a cartel?

Trinity Nuclear Test Site Open House – Saturday, April 6

The Lobster Programming Language

When this eBook store closes, your books disappear too

Show HN: Thoughter

Using a Yubikey as smartcard for SSH public key authentication;sid=20190302235509

Komodo Island Is Closing to Tourists Because People Are Stealing Dragons

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2005)

A Conversation with Language Creators: Guido, James, Anders and Larry [video]

Australia Passes Law to Punish Social Media Companies for Violent Posts

Jerks on the Internet: what my first DDoS taught me

TSMC and OIP Deliver Industry’s First Complete Design Infrastructure 5nm Process

Dark Energy Instrument’s Lenses See the Night Sky for the First Time

Cog: Use pieces of Python code as generators in your source files

For Centuries, Know-It-Alls Carried Beautiful Miniature Almanacs

Separating Use and Reuse to Improve Both

World Population Cartogram (2018)

Privacy Is Just the First Step, the Goal Is Data Ownership

Toulouse-Lautrec, poster child of Bohemia

Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis - The Power of Self-Learning Systems

Multi-Level Intermediate Representation Compiler Infrastructure

Cone Programming Langauge

Progression of the Inevitable (2009)

Two More Cases of Third-Party Facebook App Data Exposure

Gimli – A Visual Studio Code extension for front-end developers

JavaScript at the Edge

Twitter Blocked Tweeting “” – Analyze chess position from websites, images or video

Solar and storage projects drive utility-scale deployment of batteries: Navigant

Safari link tracking can no longer be disabled

Mozilla and independent researchers publish guidelines for an ad archive API

Human Interest (401k for small businesses) is hiring a Technical Product Manager

Goldman Sachs will open-source some of its trading software

Git9: Git Reimagined for the Plan 9 OS

Talkshow – Team videos in non-real-time

Introducing a More Seamless Navigate on Autopilot

EverCrypt, a cryptographic library that is provably secure against known attacks

Justice Department Warns Academy over Oscar Rule Changes Threatening Netflix

Scientists find likely source of methane on Mars

Loop invariants can give you coding superpowers

Cube.js – Open-Source Analytics Framework

Atlassian’s Scott Farquhar on Australia’s new jailable offences targeting tech

The Burden of Proof: Why People Must Support Their Arguments

A New Alternative to CFGs and Pegs, with Code for Pharo Smalltalk

Climate change: ’Magic bullet’ carbon solution takes big step

Themis crypto library adds Rust support in 0.11

A Visual Exploration of Gaussian Processes

Facebook is sponsoring the Daily Telegraph to downplay ’technofears’

A CS Education That’s Free Until You Get a Job – Austen Allred of Lambda School

Symbolic Regression, Genetic Programming or If Kepler Had R

Uber spent $2M to push through congestion pricing in NYC

Transform and Query JSON Effortlessly

How to Introvert: Why some people are so much more approachable

Facebook’s ad algorithm is race & gender stereotyping, new study suggests

An interview on the performance challenges of FaaS cloud architectures

No, Your Instagram ‘Influence’ Is Not as Good as Cash, Club Owner Says

Crafting Interpreters: Functions

ACLU files complaint – US border control intense interrogation of Apple employee

How Rupert Murdoch’s Empire of Influence Remade the World

Anti-Writer: On ’The Collected Letters of Flann O’Brien’

UI/UX Patterns You Literally Cannot Design: Design Patents from Tech Companies

Mother sues over daughter’s suicide attempt in school isolation booth

Maintain Your Calendar with Git

Electric Cars Hit Record in Norway, Making Up Nearly 60% of Sales in March

Google says it won’t support open source DRM in HTML

You may hate metrics. But they’re making journalism better

Alcohol-induced brain damage continues after alcohol is stopped

Reddit Redesign: A Year Later

AmpliGraph: A TensorFlow-Based Library for Knowledge Graph Embeddings

Hundreds of millions of Facebook records exposed on Amazon cloud servers

SHOP3 – Hierarchical Task Planner in Common Lisp

Last time CO2 levels were this high, there were trees at the South Pole

Hundreds of millions of Facebook records exposed on Amazon cloud servers

How residual shortcuts speed up learning: a minimal demonstration

Count(*) Performance Improvements in PostgreSQL

A stunning chart shows the true cause of the gender wage gap

Uber spent $2M to help push through Manhattan congestion pricing

Bad UI: macOS 10.14’s Software Update Release Notes

The Newest AI-Enabled Weapon: ‘Deep-Faking’ Photos of the Earth

Introducing Red Planet Labs with $5M in funding

Hacker Eva Galperin Has a Plan to Eradicate Stalkerware

Astronomers unravel a blast that sent ripples in space-time

Ietsism – an unspecified belief in an undetermined transcendent reality

Astronomers Worldwide Are About to Make a Groundbreaking Black Hole Announcement

The Incorruptibles – bodies who haven’t corrupted after death

Apache web server bug grants root access on shared hosting environments

Show HN: Rediscover things you saved in your bookmarks

IBM AI can predict with 95% accuracy which workers are about to quit their jobs

A Journey – If You Dare – Into the Minds of Silicon Valley Programmers

Bitcoin’s Value Suddenly Surged, but Nobody’s Sure Why

A glacier the size of Fla is on track to change the course of human civilization

Don’t Use Extended Backus-Naur Form (EBNF)

Uber spent $2m lobbying for NY congestion charge

Primatologist Frans de Waal takes exception with human exceptionalism

Faster WebGL/Three.js 3D Graphics with OffscreenCanvas and Web Workers

Male Animals Might Benefit from Infecting Their Female Partners with STDs

Has the Liberal Bias in Psychology Contributed to the Replication Crisis?

Is pBFT the best non-PoW consensus protocol for blockchains?

Show HN: My Study Notes for the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate Exam

Move over Bitcoin maximalists and make room for (all) the Dark Horses

Indexes in PostgreSQL, Part 5: Gist

IT and security professionals think normal people are just the worst

Five Bash Tricks You Might Not Know About

Why a Microservices Hybrid Model Is What You Probably Need Instead

Russian trolls pumped out malware along pro-Trump messages. Venezuelans helped

UpWork to charge freelancers 0.15-0.90$ for project proposals

Show HN: Lunatico, helpers for easily running Lua scripts in Go programs

Kickstarter: A perpetual motion machine doesn’t violate their rules

Show HN: Atari – Solving Games with AI (Part 2: Neuroevolution)

Linus: People take me much too seriously, I can’t say stupid crap anymore