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Cosmologist claims Universe may not be expanding (2013)

CityBound – An open source city simulation game in Rust

2.7M Americans Still Get Netflix DVDs in the Mail

The unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in the natural sciences (1960) [pdf]

Mate: Netflix browser extension for learning words via subtitles

Quirk – Open-Source Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Ginseng: Keeping secrets in registers when you distrust the operating system

SQL databases come up with algorithms you’d never have dreamed of (2017) [video]

Iris Automation Is Hiring a Computer Vision Expert – AI for Drones

LED circuits, theory, applications and tips

The Big Business of Japan’s Cherry Blossoms

Battery Power’s Latest Plunge in Costs Threatens Coal, Gas

A million people live in underground nuclear bunkers in Beijing (2017)

UFO: A Drone/UAV Programming Library for Rust

Let’s Build a Simple Database (2017)

Geo: Geospatial Primitives and Algorithms for Rust

Put 1.7MB onto 1.44MB Floppies (1999)

Soil may be a key reason for the preservation of Terracotta Army bronze weapons

Education Dept. rejects most applicants for student loan forgiveness program

Huntington’s Disease gene is found (1993)

Show HN: Hyper Editor – A back end independent visual composer for web

Tesla upgrading Model S/X motors to permanent magnets

Umple: Model-Oriented Programming

Show HN: Algorithms and Data Structures Implemented in JavaScript

Blend2D – 2D Vector Graphics Engine

Amazon bought Eero for $97M and employees still got screwed

US Moves to Protect itself from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack

Show HN: 300k lines of Java UI code running native in browser at desktop speed

Flesh Made Wood: The Invention of Artificial Refrigeration (2014)

If Open Source Isn’t Sustainable, Maybe Software Freedom Is?

“How I discovered an Easter egg in Android’s security”

Yoshua Bengio: ‘The dangers of abuse are real’

AMD EPYC Rome 2P Will Have 128-160 PCIe Gen4 Lanes and a Bonus

Leaked Microsoft Email Chain Reportedly Describes Hellish Workplace for Women

Show HN: Myscout – design assets management tool that makes designer’s life easy

Winning the War on Poverty: The Canadians are doing it; we’re not

Cats Might Not Act Like It, but They Know Their Names as Well as Dogs

Show HN: Compliance and Payroll for International Remote Workers

Library of Congress National Screening Room

Librem Laptop RAM and Storage Bump, 32GB Max RAM

Show HN: 3D Reconstruction Using Structure from Motion with OpenGL Visualization

Why and How Capitalism Needs to Be Reformed by Ray Dalio

Family finds hidden camera livestreaming from their Airbnb in Ireland

We Used WebAssembly to Speed Up Our Web App by 20X

The nations of the Amazon want the name back

GVisor: A Container sandbox runtime focused on security, efficiency, ease of use

How A.S.M.R. (autonomous sensory meridian response ) became a sensation

Hedge-fund billionaire Ray Dalio says capitalism is failing America

Open Source Is Winning, and Now It’s Time for People to Win Too

Tesla stock down more than 8% after reporting biggest sales drop in its history

Video: Shutting down the last Oracle database at Amazon

Sorry, graphene–borophene is the new wonder material that’s got everyone excited

A Great List of Python Books, Courses and YouTube Videos

Solid – The Best JavaScript UI Library You’ve Never Heard Of

The Art of Doing Science and Engineering – Dr. Richard W. Hamming (1995) [video]

Toyota opens up 24,000 hybrid car patents to other automakers

American’s 737 MAX: Not Terrible, But Sad (2018)

Show HN: 250 Free Content Templates, Easily Make Your Next 1000 Posts & Articles

UK police outside Ecuador embassy amid WikiLeaks tweets

Show HN: Built and Released a Hacker News Clone in an Hour

Show HN: Developer job openings, rated by developers

How to Authenticate a Linux Desktop to Your OpenLDAP Server

Boeing admits sensor malfunctions on 737 MAX caused 346 deaths

Google Is Dropping Pages Out of the Search Index; a Bug?

Laws against lies: Asian governments are trying to curb fake news

The UN Wants to Build Floating Cities to Save Us from Climate Change

Android TV update puts home-screen ads on multi-thousand-dollar Sony Smart TVs

Modern Slavery in the 21st Century Mapped

News organizations have all but abandoned their archives

Tesla shares sink as car deliveries drop

The grim reality of life under Gangs Matrix, London’s predictive policing tool

Free Ross Ulbricht

The gender pay gap: women work for lower-paying firms than men

Loud and expensive renovations shattering a formerly quiet block in Manhattan

Nike’s self-lacing sneakers turn into bricks after faulty firmware update

Amazon to offer broadband access from orbit with 3,236-satellite constellation

Facebook’s Ad Algorithm Is a Race and Gender Stereotyping Machine, Study

Show HN: Scanner, a system for distributed video processing from Stanford

How to set up a 20-minute computer break on a Mac

Show HN: DOIHub – Chrome Extension to Redirect DOI Links to Sci-Hub

Texas Inmate with a Wool Allergy Has Spent 10 Years Trying to Get a New Blanket

Lyft uses dark patterns to hide unsubscribe button for marketing notifications

Amazon has to let shareholders vote on government Rekognition ban, SEC says

Psychedelic drug MDMA may reawaken ’critical period’ in brain to help treat PTSD

Laws targeting terror videos rushed and knee-jerk, lawyers and tech industry say