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Public Sans – A strong, neutral typeface for text or display

Declassified U-2 spy plane photos are a boon for aerial archaeology

Mathematics and Computation [pdf]

An epidemic of fake influencers and the death of meritocracy

Show HN: Xmake, a modern C/C++ build utility

Aroma: Using machine learning for code recommendation

Cloud Run beta pricing

No one, not even the Secret Service, should randomly plug in a strange USB stick

Fond (YC W12) Is Hiring Engineering Manager in Portland

Permanent Magnetic Materials Without Rare Earth Metals

737 Max: 1960s Design, 1990s Computing Power and Paper Manuals

The Physical Sacrifice of Thinking (2015)

58 Bytes of CSS to look great nearly everywhere

Our Stripe Billing implementation and the one webhook to rule them all

Search all Craigslist cities for a remote job

Open Source Is Winning, and Now It’s Time for People to Win Too

A Message-Passing Interpretation of Adjoint Logic [pdf]

Bleve: Full-text search and indexing for Go

Show HN: RealtimeApp – Deploy a realtime app using serverless components

J Language – New Website

A gentle introduction to symbolic execution

Americans 55 and older are suddenly losing jobs at the fastest pace in 4 years

At Long Last, a Glimpse of a Black Hole

RFC 7282 – On Consensus and Humming in the IETF (2014)

Show HN: Ddgr – search DuckDuckGo from your terminal

Arctic Has Entered ’Unprecedented State’ That Threatens Global Climate Stability

Wall Street loves socialism for bankers – but not for ordinary people

Looking for Contrast: Vincent Van Gogh’s Palette

Gum bacteria implicated in Alzheimer’s and other diseases

Deep brain stimulation of the internal capsule enhances human cognitive control

Hubrif: Lost $10K Building the Netflix for African Short Films

Request’s Past, Present and Future

Apple’s $9 engineering marvel no one wants (2017)

Alacritty Terminal Version 0.3.0 Release

Red Hat / Fedora to Work on Bringing Up Arm Laptops Under Linux

Show HN: – a simple online meeting space

Y Combinator’s growth fund to back challenger bank Monzo

Linus Torvalds think the Linux desktop is in trouble

A Long Adventure: Repairing Ultra-Rare NTSC Amiga Ultima 6

Google Terminates AI Ethics Council After One Week

Google Cloud Healthcare API

UK government proposes fine or block if website fails to tackle “online harms”

Manipulating the YouTube Algorithm [video]

Matilda: Empress, Queen, Warrior

Survey: 83% of US teens have an iPhone, Android 9%

Linux Mint’s Sobering Update: A Glimpse into the Personal Struggles Devs Face

Microsoft reveals all the Google things it removed in its Chromium Edge browser

The crowd-sourced, social media swarm that is betting Tesla will crash and burn

Show HN: Gfile, a WebRTC based file transfer utility in Go

Modern Monetary Theory Finds an Embrace in an Unexpected Place: Wall Street

Man behind fatal Call of Duty ‘swatting’ gets 20-year prison sentence

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor fooled by 3D printed fingerprint

Itinerant – a fuzzy weather forecast app

BioWare Working Staff to Tears and Calling Its Mental Abuse “Magic”

The Criterion Channel: classic films streaming service launches today

Show HN: CSSBattle – The First CSS Code Golfing Battleground

How bad can it Git? Characterizing secret leakage in public GitHub repositories

What it’s like to live with a chronic urge to die

Chicago is tracking kids with GPS monitors that can record them without consent

Qqqr: QR Code Music Player

Windows 10’s new Edge with Chromium browser preview builds drop today

Hypersonic flight technology just passed a ‘hugely significant’ milestone

Likely Binary Black Hole Merger: S190408an

Learning Data Science: Our Favorite Data Science Books

Eartracking – A New UX Research Method

The big lie we’re told about climate change is that it’s our own fault

Everything’s broken and nobody’s upset (2012)

Making $300k in San Francisco can still mean living paycheck-to-paycheck

Amazon Is Aggressively Pursuing Big Oil as It Stalls Out on Clean Energy

Cookies and How You’re Tracked Online

Hateful and Confused: Blocked by Twitter, Promoted by Facebook

Mysterious AMD ’Cato’ RX-8125, RX-8120, A9-9820 CPUs Have Surfaced,39014.html

How much can we afford to forget, if we train machines to remember?

Show HN: PHP Compiler to .Net

Hyperspace – an alternative TypeScript front-end for Mastodon

Amazon shoppers misled by ’bundled’ star-ratings and reviews

The Next Dropbox? File Sharing in Web 3.0

News organizations have all but abandoned their archives

The Guide to Understand the Differences Between Filecoin, Storj and PPIO

Hey Google, sorry you lost your ethics council, so we made one for you