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VSCodium – An Open Source Visual Studio Code Without Trackers

Connecticut moves to help low-paid workers hurt by noncompete rules

The case for rejecting the memristor as a fundamental circuit element

I got tired of PHP and Perl, so I tried bash

Why I Switched from Visual Studio Code to JetBrains WebStorm

Iris Automation Is Hiring a Computer Vision Expert – AI for Drones

Where the world’s first heart transplant took place

Fisher-Price Recalls Rock ’N Play Sleeper Linked to Infant Deaths

Godson-3: A Scalable Multicore RISC Processor with x86 Emulation

Moral Crumple Zones: Cautionary Tales in Human-Robot Interaction

Deep Painterly Harmonization

The US govt’s indictment of Julian Assange poses grave threats to press freedom

The “sewing machine” for minimally invasive neural recording

Boost Histogram: Fast multidimensional histogram, convenient interface for C++14

Show HN: OPC UA Server Qt C++ Library

Electric Barons (2018) [pdf]

Climate Chaos Is Coming – and the Pinkertons Are Ready

FB plans to pass your photos to advertisers, make users the stars of online ads

Remake – GNU Make with comprehensible tracing and a debugger

Show HN: Beatnik – Streaming Music Sharing

Jumbo: Privacy Assistant for iPhone

Your terminal is not a terminal: An Introduction to Streams

Zarf’s Interactive Fiction (2017)

Princeton IoT Inspector: discovers IoT devices and analyzes network traffic

NuttX – A POSIX-compliant RTOS for embedded platforms

Report deems Russia a pioneer in GPS spoofing attacks

Slack Is Not Where ’Deep Work’ Happens

Opening up BBC Sounds to others’ podcasts and commercial radio

France Demand Removal of 15M Project Gutenberg Books from Internet Archive

Government Fights to Trap EFF’s NSA Spying Case in a Catch-22

Spotify Saved the Music Industry (But Not Necessarily Musicians)

Benefit of Microbiota Transfer Therapy on autism symptoms and gut microbiota

Show HN: Keysniffer – Linux kernel mode debugfs keylogger

San Francisco passes New York to become world’s costliest place to build

CSS-VISE: An exceptionally minimal pure CSS framework

Fitness is more important to your mental health than how much money you make

Show HN: A Slack bot to help you lock and unlock things

A 19th-Century Teenager Sparked a Battle over Who Owns Our Faces

Study maps ’extensive Russian GPS spoofing’

The Day Feynman Worked Out Black-Hole Radiation on My Blackboard

Please Don’t Say Just Hello In Chat (2013)

Italy’s austerity-fueled crisis is a warning to the Eurozone

Hack Back a DIY Guide

Leaving Apple and Google: now 5GB for Free, more than 75 smartphones supported

Blizzard is reportedly gathering anonymized employee pregnancy tracking data

One-quarter of Uber’s business happens in just five cities

For Katie Bouman, One Day of Science Fame Turned into a Nightmare of Trolling

Show HN: Unlock China – Crowdsourced tech hubs and resources in China

Katie Bouman “Imaging a Black Hole with the Event Horizon Telescope”

Matrix is hacked, hacker leaves friendly post-mortem on GitHub

Uber (Finally) Admits It’s Directly Competing with Public Transportation

A family tracking app was leaking real-time location data

Arsenic and Lead are in 45 popular fruit juices sold across the country

Yet another state (Washington, this time) passed 100% clean energy legislation

Microbes in the human body swap genes, even across tissue boundaries

NoScript extension officially released for Google Chrome

Tolkien’s Guide to Contemporary Politics

China plans to send a rover to explore Mars next year Post-Mortem Written by the Attacker

The 7 years of lies about Assange won’t stop now

Explain Programmer Humor: Beginner-Friendly Meme Explanations. Updated Daily

Facebook accidentally put hidden messages in VR controllers

Programming languages: Don’t bother learning these ones in 2019

Show HN: Ryeboard (Pivot) – Part virtual board, part cloud-storage

The mystery of Julian Assange’s cat: Where will it go? What does it know?

Learn more programming languages, even if you won’t use them

A Note to Our Community on How to Hide Your Content from Search Engines

Company uses AI to flag racist and sexist comments from potential hires

Exploiting Signed Bootloaders to Circumvent UEFI Secure Boot

Infinite number of quantum particles gives clues to behavior at large scale

Beson – Binary Extended JSON

Elon Musk affirms that Tesla will have full self-driving cars by end of year

Unraveling the Enigma of Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, 20 Years Later

The Next Dropbox? File Sharing in Web 3.0. IPFS and YOEO

Police detectors to warn mobile phone-using drivers

Huawei launches Ark Compiler – aims to improve Android system efficiency

SpaceX lands all three Falcon Heavy rocket boosters for the first time ever

Living a values-driven life in the face of dark emotions

4% of the Google index hit by de-indexing bug, Moz data shows

Elon Musk: Tesla Autopilot – Artificial Intelligence Podcast

First Look at the PinePhone Dev Kit Running KDE Plasma Mobile and PostmarketOS

S. Korean babies born Dec. 31 become 2-year-olds next day

Show HN: Convert Web app into a Desktop app in 2 minutes

Windows 10 source code: over 0.5 TB source code, over 4 million files.

Katie Bouman: How to Take a Picture of a Black Hole – Ted Talk

Internet Archive denies hosting ’terrorist’ content