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1060-hour image of the Large Magellanic Cloud captured by amateur astronomers

Learn TLA+ (2018)

Joy of Computing – Daily Links from the Recurse Community

Show HN: Programmatically Generate Diagrams for GitHub Readmes

Mutiny at HQ Trivia Fails to Oust CEO

High Performance Reconfigurable Computing Systems

A tale of how Google tried to win against Mozilla

Using JSON Schema to Document, Test, and Debug APIs

Nanaimo bar gets Canada Post stamp, but critics question base-to-filling ratio

Quick scan through lobsters’s source code

FPGA/DNN Co-Design: An Efficient Methodology for IoT Intelligence

America’s Seed Fund: Up to $1.5M for Zero Equity

Vampire: First-Order Theorem Proving [pdf]

MIT Researcher Exposing Bias in Facial Recognition Tech Triggers Amazon’s Wrath

Org-mode parser in Rust

Running an IRC Network in 2019: Challenges and Opportunities

Comparing Kubernetes Service Mesh Tools

EFF’s Tweet About a DMCA Takedown Is Now Subject to an Overzealous Takedown

Assange tried to use embassy as ’centre for spying’, says Ecuador’s Moreno

How does it feel to be watched at work all the time?

How to tell a raven from a crow (2012)

Azure Cosmos DB: Microsoft’s Cloud-Born Globally Distributed Database

In California, giant Stratolaunch jet flies for first time

Nord: An arctic, north-bluish color palette

One Month, 500k Face Scans: How China Is Using A.I. To Profile a Minority

OG vs. OpenAI 5: The Dota 2 battle for the future of humanity

What every compiler writer should know about programmers (2015) [pdf]

A wander through a weird landscape to the heart of compilation [pdf]

The company that owns the New Yorker is bleeding money

New video of Intelsat 29e satellite reveals dramatic “anomaly”

CVE-2019-9193: Not a Security Vulnerability

Hacking Google ReCAPTCHA v3 Using Reinforcement Learning

Vi Hart on how to make a spirally triply meta-chiral time crystal [video]

German regulator says Huawei can stay in 5G race

HCL2 – A structured configuration languages that is human and machine-friendly

US Workers Are Paying High Taxes. But Without Any of the Benefits

Show HN: Web App Generators for React, Angular, Vue, SQL, MongoDB or Firestore

Why we’re switching to calendar versioning

Moving to a provenance-aware memory object model for C: proposal for C2x

We Were All Free of Facebook’s Iron Grip on the Internet for a Few Hours

AWW App – Online Whiteboard for Realtime Visual Collaboration

Quantum Algorithm Zoo

Software is eating the world: Why you need to question your current career

“Chromitize” a .NET Core Web App into a .NET Core Windows Desktop App

Webiny – CMS powered by GraphQL and React

Pete Buttigieg debuts a radical new approach to campaign branding

How many ways can circles overlap? – Numberphile

Pepsi Plans to Project a Giant Ad in the Night Sky Using Cubesats

OECD Says 14% of Jobs Will Disappear in Next 10 Years

The infamous “AI gaydar” study was repeated – couln’t be reproduced

Starz Doesn’t Like News About Leaked TV-Shows, Takes Down TorrentFreak Tweet

Conversation with the Creators of Python, Java, TypeScript, and Perl

Everyone’s Income Taxes Should Be Public

Vito Aras Stole Harvard Gutenberg Bible, Transformed into Porn Star Dr. Infinity

A glove to treat symptoms of stroke – Stanford, Georgia Tech researchers

The Unabomber has become an unlikely prophet to a new generation of acolytes

Chomsky on the arrest of Julian Assange [video]

Recycling robot can sort paper and plastic by touch

Show HN: Ablayer - Local proxy tool for hacking on external systems

MIT says we’re overlooking a near-term solution to diesel trucking emissions

Show HN: Should you buy or rent? – a Probabilistic Model

Show HN: Git addon to quickly checkout a branch

Show HN: Songket, Postman Like Tool for Phoenix Websocket

An actress lived for decades in this NYC apartment for $28 a month (2018)