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Microsimulation of Traffic Flow

LeBron James school that was considered an experiment is showing promise

Wasmer: A Python library for executing WebAssembly binaries

Venture capital firms are investing in astrology apps

From Theory to Systems: A Grounded Approach to Programming Language Education

Amazon ‘flooded by fake five-star reviews’ – report

The Case for Formal Methods

How Apple, Google, and other tech companies conspired against their own workers

Engineering Uncertainty Estimation in Neural Networks

From Babylon to Pascal with Perl 6

A look at IBM S/360 core memory: In the 1960s, 128 kilobytes weighed 610 pounds

CareRev (YC S16) Is Hiring the First Customer Success Manager in Chicago

Show HN: Sortraits, Portraits of Sorting Algorithms

Death by PowerPoint: The slide that killed seven people

Wave Computing Launches TritonAI 64 Platform for High-Speed Inferencing

Alternative Musical Keyboards

Former Mozilla exec: Google has sabotaged Firefox for years

Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote film finally hits the big screen after 25 years

Easily Review Comments in Atom – The GitHub Blog

Five Lies Our Culture Tells – The cultural roots of our political problems

Darpa wants to make a better, more secure, version of WhatsApp

Optimizing production of a cardboard toy using SAT-solver

Alpha: Solver for Lazy-Grounding Answer-Set Programming [pdf]

The Confirmation Bias: Why People See What They Want to See

Citi Bike Pulls New Electric Bikes Off Streets, Citing Safety Concerns

A Specialized B-Tree for Concurrent Datalog Evaluation

Netherlands ACM launches investigation into abuse by Apple in its App Store

Carole Cadwalladr blasts tech titans at TED: Your technology is “a crime scene”

Elon Musk Says Tesla Vehicles Will Drive Themselves in Two Years (2015)

YouTube Flagged Notre Dame Fire as Misinformation, Attached Article About 9/11

What It’s Like to View a SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch

Travel through wormholes is possible, but slow

Big Companies Thought Insurance Covered a Cyberattack

X-Plane 11: World Editor 2.0 Released

A “Brave” New World: Internet Archive on Brave’s Micropayments

Baked MacBook Air: A cautionary recipe

Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam Wishes Comedy Hadn’t Changed

The HTML “ping” attribute is disabled in Firefox

Cello: Higher Level Programming in C

When Postgres blocks: tips for dealing with locks (2018)

Top journals retract DNA-repair studies after misconduct probe

Under-18s face ’like’ and ’streaks’ bans on social media

Fukushima: Removal of nuclear fuel rods from damaged reactor building begins

How long do neutrons live? Physicists close in on decades-old puzzle

Exploring the hidden potential of JavaScript arrays

Dog Breed Identifier: from Keras program to Android app

Show HN: JavaScript plugin to build 360-degree images

Adblock Plus filter lists may execute arbitrary code in web pages

Immune cells may play a role in causing cavities

Show HN: Messing with Telnet

Notre-Dame cathedral: Firefighters tackle blaze in Paris

Rlwrap: A Readline Wrapper

The discrete-time physics hiding inside our continuous-time world

The nutrition study the supplement industry doesn’t want you to see

Configurable Memristor-Based Finite Impulse Response Filter

Katie Bouman Accidentally Became the Face of the Black Hole Project

SpaceX loses the center core of its Falcon Heavy rocket due to choppy seas

The Difference Between SQL’s JOIN .. ON Clause and the Where Clause

Reinforcement Learning with Attention That Works: A Self-Supervised Approach

Twitter blocks EFF tweet that criticized bogus takedown of a previous tweet

Python tips and tricks, March 2018

Design Systems Dot Com

Israeli Scientists ’Print’ World’s First 3D Heart with Human Tissue

Awesome-personal-blogs: A delightful list of personal tech blogs

OpenAI bot crushes Dota 2 champions, and now anyone can play against it

Show HN: Lexiconomy – Decentralized and Economized Dictionary

Show HN: How to Get Started with Continuous Integration

Double Asteroid Redirection Test Mission Set to Launch on SpaceX Falcon 9

Cursive Seemed to Go the Way of Quills and Parchment. Now It’s Coming Back

Newly unsealed affidavit in U.S. case re: Julian Assange

Slow down your code with goroutines

YouTube breaking news fact-checking suggests Notre Dame fire link to 9/11

You Cannot Change Anyone, Especially Those You Love “ but You Can Plant a Seed”

First Big Survey of Births Finds Millions of Missing Women

SpaceX’s Center Core Booster for Falcon Heavy Rocket Is Lost at Sea

Microsoft Losing Against iPod, iPhone, iOS, iMessage, Slack, Dropbox

Experiment with delaying low priority requests to H2 servers – chromium

Robots could wipe out 1.3M Wall Street jobs in the next 10 years

RIP, science fiction and fantasy Grand Master Gene Wolfe, 1931-2019

Linus Torvalds commited in my code

American Airlines extends Boeing 737 MAX cancellations through August 19

Marxist Insurgents in Afrin: Small Arms of Ti̇kko Fighters

Windows patch warning: Windows 10 boot problems, as Windows 7 AV clash widens

Microsoft’s AI research with Chinese military university fuels concerns

Starz Doesn’t Like News About Leaked TV-Shows, Takes Down TorrentFreak Tweet

Switzerland’s e-voting system is a microcosm of what’s wrong with e-voting

Amazon faces new headache as Nashville deal enrages locals left and right

U.S. Dept of Defense testing secure cloud to help small contractors protect data

Israeli scientists print world’s first 3D heart with human tissue

Pure, a functional programming language based on term rewriting

“Ethics” and Ethics

WikiLeaks and the Lost Promise of the Internet

Why Finland is Training its entire population in AI

How to Find Your True Self – The Art of Self-Observation

Graphene-based foam stays soft and squishy even at super cold temperatures

TSMC reportedly to enter 7nm EUV production in 2Q19 Privacy Policy

Elon Musk says Tesla is “vastly ahead” on self-driving

Show HN: Grassmann-Clifford-Hestenes Geometric Algebra in Julia