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Let’s Encrypt to transition to ISRG root

Adventures in reverse engineering Broadcom NIC firmware

Pyodide: Bringing the scientific Python stack to the browser

Life of Brian at 40: an assertion of individual freedom that still resonates

Roshi: A large-scale CRDT set implementation for timestamped events

Employee Wellness Programs Yield Little Benefit, Study Shows

Zendar is hiring hardware architect in Berkeley

Land of Lisp

A Gentle Introduction to Text Summarization in Machine Learning

Panic’s Next Editor

Jack Dorsey says it’s time to rethink the fundamental dynamics of Twitter

Indian scientists launch preprint repository to boost research quality

How Relational Databases Work?

CuPy – NumPy-compatible matrix library accelerated by CUDA

Godot Engine – Announcing the Godot 2019 Showreel

EU gives ’high-level’ protection to whistleblowers

Source code for Zork, Hitchhiker’s Guide, and other Infocom games

Viruses Have a Secret, Altruistic Social Life

R: Lessons Learned, Directions for the Future [pdf]

Rectangle After Rectangle (2018)

Wavelet Trees – An Introduction

Convert Xcode Projects to Cmake CMakeLists.txt

Classic Usborne Computer Science Books/Comics as PDFs

Show HN: Tensor product analogy – functional currying

Ryzen R1000 SoC offers dual Zen and triple Vega cores with a 12-25W TDP

Physicists spot the signatures of nuclear fusion in a table-top device

Show HN: Talks from successful founders, curated every day

Why software projects take longer than you think – a statistical model

How long do neutrons live? Physicists close in on decades-old puzzle

Amateur Radio in Space Pioneer Astronaut Owen Garriott, W5LFL, SK

In China, tattoos border on illegal – and they’re his life’s work

Deep Learning in Clojure from Scratch to GPU: Learning a Regression

Pyodide: Bringing the scientific Python stack to the browser

Show HN: ExpanDrive for Linux

Stonehenge: DNA Reveals Origin of Builders

Delete Never: Digital Hoarders Who Collect Medieval Manuscripts, and TBs of Text

Evernote also started recommending Chrome or Safari

Facebook documents show plans to sell access to user data discussed for years

Tony Buzan, Inventor of the “Mind Map”, Has Died

Tech Industry-Funded Think Tanks Work to Overturn California Privacy Law

After near-disaster, Oroville Dam spillway about to face its first big test

Source code for classic Infocom games now on GitHub

“I worked at Boeing for about 1.5 years in the 2008-9 time period”

You’re fooling yourself about sleep, study says

The Time Tim Cook Stood His Ground Against the FBI

Twitter users trolled Jack Dorsey on a projection screen during his Ted Talk

Brit Watchkeeper drone crashed because blocked sensor made algorithms crash

Twitter Is Optimized for Douchebaggery

Jack Dorsey defends Twitter’s anti-abuse AI during heated TED exchange

Boston Dynamics’ “Spot” bots pulling a truck [video]

US Government Admits It Doesn’t Know If Assange Cracked Password for Manning

Apple: Rotate tracking IDs on iPhone each month

Russia’s parliament votes to unplug internet from world

Thai Government Takes over Seastead Near the Thai Coast

Videos from Full Stack Deep Learning Program [March 2019]

Netflix: only 35 of IMDB top 250 available to stream (2018)

Open sourced tools for binary analysis and rewriting

Virginia Judge Finds That Local Police Use of ALPR Violates the State’s Data Act

Pepsi Plans to Project a Giant Ad in the Night Sky Using Cubesats

Increasingly Competitive College Admissions: Much More Than You Wanted to Know

Estonia is a place for independent minds

Colossus: The French Firefighting Robot That Helped Save Notre-Dame

Mathematicians Discover the Perfect Way to Multiply

Facebook: Big Brother is Watching You

As Ebola outbreak rages, vaccine is 97.5% effective, protecting over 90K people

A Discussion on Solving Partial Differential Equations Using Neural Networks

Show HN: A Forever Free Alternative to Pingdom/Uptimerobot/Statuscake

Show HN: MLJAR – build machine learning models without coding

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Leveraged User Data to Help Friends and Punish Rivals

Chatbots aren’t as difficult to make as You Think

Show HN: Book Summaries written by a human, delivered to your Inbox

Apple Revises MacBook Air Display Brightness to 400 Nits After 10.14.4 Release

The Skill Tree Principle: An Innovative Way to Grow Your Skills Efficiently

What to Expect from Sony’s Next-Gen PlayStation

Briefly Comparing the Last Ten Economic Expansions

How being Freelancer is not same as being an Entrepreneur?

Made my first convolutional neural network with Keras while playing WPICTF

Google’s AI experts try to automate themselves

Uber’s Coming Out Party: Personal Mobility Pioneer or Car Service on Steroids?

Show HN: Comprehensive resource guide for mobile machine learning

Chatbots aren’t as difficult to make as you think

Phantom OS, a Russian OS where “everything is an object”

Show HN: Sell Your Side Projects

Strange WikiLeaks Report That Russia Destroyed Secret US Base on Moon