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Ikonate – fully customisable and accessible vector icons

Instagram hides Like counts in leaked design prototype

Super Mario Bros. has been released for the Commodore 64

Streak (Google Partner of the Year) Is Hiring in Vancouver

World’s tallest tropical tree discovered and climbed in Malaysian Borneo

Elusive molecule, first in Universe, detected in space

A physics master’s degree opens doors to myriad careers

Optimizing M3: Halving Our Metrics Ingestion Latency by Forking the Go Compiler

‘Our Lying Eyes’: Inaccurate eyewitness identifications and wrongful convictions

AES-GCM-SIV: Nonce Misuse-Resistant Authenticated Encryption

Mercury – Banking built for startups

Former student destroys 59 university computers using USB Killer device

Sorbet: A fast, powerful type checker designed for Ruby

IBM halting sales of Watson AI tool for drug discovery

Working memory revived in older adults by synchronizing rhythmic brain circuits

Show HN: hncynic – Generate Hacker News Comments from Titles

God’s Number Is 20 (2010)

Idaho legislators approve law requiring transparency for risk assessment tools

At Colorado, a Breach in Football’s Wall

Mueller Report says encryupted messaging apps stalled some lines of inquiry

Automatic Machine Learning Tutorial [NeurIPS 2018]

“Origins of the Apple Human Interface” Lecture

Samsung’s folding phone breaks for reviewers

Show HN: 8base – Generate working React app with GraphQL back end in minutes

Learning Parser Combinators with Rust

U.S. Nuclear Power Plants Weren’t Built for Climate Change

Not a humblebrag- why I hide the fact that I went to elite schools (2014)

The philosophies of software languages, from Go to Elixir

The Wire Image of a Network Protocol

Robot Wedding Photographer Can Recognize Guests

Millions more Instagram passwords stored in plaintext

How to Track Your Kids (and Other People’s Kids) with the TicTocTrack Watch

Sears sues former CEO Eddie Lampert for theft of billions from bankrupt retailer

Amazon China will no longer sell Chinese goods

Setting up a C++ project environment with nix

I Quit a $500K job at Amazon to work for myself

Mechanical Engineer’s Design Process

Microsoft Helped Build China’s Surveillance [video]

Facebook now says its password leak affected ‘millions’ of Instagram users

New Mexico panel blindsides Facebook with $39M utility bill

End-to-End Differentiable Learning of Protein Structure

When ML and Data Science are the death of a good company: A cautionary tale

Student used ‘USB Killer’ to destroy $58000 worth of computers

Airports would be 300% less soul-crushing if they had libraries

Former student uses USB Killer device to fry $58,000 worth of college’s PCS

Bitcoin couple face death penalty for ’seastead’ in international waters

Someone Listed a T-Rex on eBay, and Paleontologists Are Furious

Facebook stored millions of Instagram passwords in plain text

Flight Attendant in Coma After Contracting Measles Flight from NYC to Tel Aviv

Collapsing Towers of Interpreters (2018) [pdf]

’Decades of denial’: report finds New Zealand’s environment in serious trouble

Virtual Apollo Guidance Computer

How to Get Any Job You Want – A Guide to Employability Skills

Leaflet – social media platform built with Node.js and MongoDB

How much can forests fight climate change?

The Numerical Renormalization Group (2016)

The Weather Channel knocked off air by ’malicious software attack’

Social media is spreading ’toxic positivity’

It’s 2019. Academic papers should be free

Early mammals are thought to have lived mainly nocturnal lives

Facebook Confirms Millions of Instagram Passwords Were Stored in Plain Text

Liquid blood and urine have been found inside a prehistoric 42,000-year-old foal

Age verification won’t block porn. But it will spell the end of ethical porn

People are pooping more than ever on the streets of San Francisco

Is Prison Necessary? Ruth Wilson Gilmore Might Change Your Mind

Arsenic in Some Bottled Water Brands at Unsafe Levels, Consumer Reports Says

Moore’s Law Now Requires Advanced Packaging

HD emulation mod makes “Mode 7” SNES games look like new

It takes a net worth of millions to be comfortable in Silicon Valley

’It drives writers mad’: why are authors still sniffy about sci-fi?

Microsoft didn’t want to sell its facial recognition tech to California police

Elon Musk Owned 30% of Tesla at IPO and He Was Not a Founder

Facebook Bans Far-Right Groups and Prominent Hate Figures

Facebook asks users for email passwords, then “accidentally” uploads contacts