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Knuth on Huang’s Sensitivity Proof: “I’ve got the proof down to one page” [pdf]

Google and Mozilla are failing to support browser extension developers

John Carmack on Parallel Implementations (2018)

Apple Suspends Siri Response Grading in Response to Privacy Concerns

How the Fed Funds Rate Impacts the Wealthfront Cash Account

Ray tracing with uLisp

How to Write a Lisp Interpreter In Python (2010)

A Readable Specification of TLS 1.3

An Ancient Egypt-to-Black Sea Route? Adventurers to Test Theory

Goldman Sachs is spending $100M to shave milliseconds off stock trades

Show HN: A Mood Tracker on the Web

Solving differential equations on a 6502 with Woz’s floating point code

Big O Notation – Using not-boring math to measure code’s efficiency

Every Noise at Once

California farmers are planting solar panels as water supplies dry up

Folmura: Randomly generated visual with randomly generated formula

Experiment, Simplify, Ship

Ugly Gerry – Font created from congressional districts

Time, Randomness, and a $100k Prize to Forever Change Blockchain

High levels of oestrogens in the womb linked to autism

Psyche: A domain specific language designed for creating WebAssembly modules

The Salton Sea is dying, threatening communities with clouds of toxic dust(2018)

Heat Wave Results in Highest U.S. Electricity Demand Since 2017

A chemical clue to how life started on Earth

Moloch – Open-Source Large Scale Indexed Packet Capture and Search System

Alaska’s scientists despair over plan to shrink state universities

Known packings of equal circles in a circle

Detroit’s Indigent Defense System Fails Poor Defendants

Universal Laws of the World

N.Y.P.D. Adds Children as Young as 11 to Facial Recognition Database

Show HN: Lagukan, a highly personalized music service

Funding Public Goods: Six Solutions (1994)

Norweigan oil fund

Show HN: Triton, a scaleable media center

California Police Are Sharing Facial Recognition Databases to ID Suspects

The Arctic is ablaze: Peat fires are the latest symptom of climate change

Devilution – A web port of the original Diablo game

Tokyo’s audiophile venues (2016)

Actalis: Insufficient Serial Number Entropy

When a Mob Attacked Protesters in Hong Kong, the Police Walked Away

FBI Says QAnon, Internet Conspiracy Theorists Are National Security Threats

Show HN: Apprise – A lightweight all-in-one notification solution (update)

July was world’s hottest month on record, WMO says

Programming Algorithms: A Crash Course in Lisp

How to stop Apple from listening to your Siri recordings

Just 10% of fossil fuel subsidy cash ’could pay for green transition’

The Enduring Mystery of ‘Jawn,’ Philadelphia’s All-Purpose Noun (2016)

San Francisco ditches fees for affordable housing and ADUs to speed up housing

Hong Kong’s Protestors Are Hindering (and Hijacking) Surveillance Tools

We Built Collaborative Editing for Our Newsroom’s CMS. Here’s How

Show HN: Generate a fake app to replace any addictive app

IT’S Time to Get Rid of the Lottery

A Brief Introduction to Semantic Dictionary Encoding

Domino’s asks SCOTUS to shut down a lawsuit requiring its website be accessible

Anyone who looks at this code instantly becomes insane

The Ice Lake Benchmark Preview: Inside Intel’s 10nm

The Technical Side of the Capital One AWS Security Breach

Edward Snowden book coming out Sept. 17

Intel’s first 10nm Ice Lake CPUs revealed: here’s your decoder ring

Antibiotic-resistant genes found in London’s canals and ponds

The war for the soul of open source (video, OSCON keynote)

In 1973, an MIT computer predicted when civilization will end (2018 about 1973)

Efficient solution to the N Queens problem (Ruby, crystal, java, c)

Show HN: Arc – a declarative data transformation framework

82% of People Say They Connect to Any Free WiFi That’s Available in Public

Show HN: Visual Drag and Drop Designer for AWS Lambda

Are You Rich? This Income-Rank Quiz Might Change How You See Yourself

Pentagon puts $10B cloud contract on hold after Trump swipe at Amazon

Cisco fined $8.6M for selling vulnerable surveillance technology

Show HN: EmailRep, free API to query email reputation and report bad senders

Jeff Bezos sells $1.8bn of Amazon stock

The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals (2017)

The ‘balance of nature’ is an enduring concept. But it’s wrong