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The Art of Warez [video]

Pentagon testing mass surveillance balloons across the US

Bad Times in Tech? Not If You’re a Startup Serving Other Startups

Potosí: the mountain of silver that was the first global city

Would you accept cheaper rent in exchange for a monthly Amazon purchasing quota?

Roaring glacial melt under the bridge to Kangerlussiauq, Greenland

Standard Ebooks: Free public-domain ebooks, carefully produced

Building a Programming Language Pt. 3 – Interpreting

“Awakenings” in Advanced Dementia Patients Hint at Untapped Brain Reserves

Amazon allegedly scammed out of $370K by 22-year-old’s return shipments of dirt

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X is such a hit it almost outsold Intel’s entire CPU range

Network Effects That Don’t Look Like Network Effects

BiVector: Community for Geometric Algebra for CGI, Vision and Engineering

MTailor (YC S14) Is Hiring a Machine-Learning and Back-End Engineer

“I would like to maintain the floppy driver”

Curiosity and the Cat: Quantum Theory and the Coen Brothers (2015)

China’s options for retaliating against tariffs are limited by its own economy

A brief tour of differential privacy [pdf]

Google Starts Selling Its Titan Security Key in Canada, Japan, the UK and France

The Evolutionary Roots of Human Decision Making

Secretly Public Domain: Most books published in the US before 1964

Greenland’s ice sheet melting has caused sea levels to rise 0.5mm in a month

The Web We Want

Cartoons in Tektronix Schematics

Breaking Down the Chrome Web Store: An Exploratory Analysis of Extensions

How hospital lobby derailed legislation against surprise hospital bills in CA

KiloGrams: Large N-Grams for Malware Classification

From 30 to 230 docker container per host

Backup Your Entire GitHub and This Is How to Do It

‘Just four dudes’: Inside EasyList, a community-run ad-blocking list

Japanese Play-by-Postcard RPGs: Net Games (2017)

The Making of an Expert (2007)

Making the Moon Camera

The Mizar proof system (2017)

US withdraws from nuclear treaty with Russia, prepares to test new missile

Pentagon testing mass surveillance balloons across the US

The “Terrascope”: On the Possibility of Using the Earth as an Atmospheric Lens

Mining Bitcoin on an Apple II

The Literary Arena: Remembering the poetry of Augustan Rome

The Path to Hell: React’s Context API

A virtual reality website from the time before Oculus

For $26,000, you can buy a home on Amazon complete with a kitchen and bath

Implementing a Keras layer with the new 2.0 API

FCC bans spoofed text messages and international robocalls

The Polar Star, the only U.S. ship capable of bludgeoning through heavy ice

Tesla’s Megapack battery is big enough to help grids handle peak demand

Saudi Arabia Allows Women to Travel Without a Male Guardian’s Permission

The Joy of Books Is Lost When We Treat Reading as Self-Improvement

Show HN: A double pendulum JavaScript physics simulation

The race is on to develop new strategies for storing nuclear waste

Hong Kong protests: ’I’m in Australia but I feel censored by Chinese students’

Deduction Theorem: The Problematic Nature of Common Practice in Game Theory

Other cars are basically apps for Tesla systems via retrofit

Prolog Control in Six Slides

Tech Companies Say It’s Too Hard to Hire High-Skilled Immigrants in the U.S.

Plsdr. Python-based software-defined radio (SDR)

“Network” isn’t PCI Complaint. I don’t even have a server. Do I have to comply?

Vintage Computer Festival West This Weekend

Facebook open-sources image and video algorithms it uses to fight abuse

Show HN: Sight-Check – an app that checks your eyesight

A hiker in Canada was approached by a cougar. She blasted Metallica to scare it

Turn It Off and on Again Every 149 Hours: A Concerning Remedy for a Plane’s Bug

Apple Suspends Siri Program After Privacy Backlash

New Mirai botnet lurks in the Tor network to stay under the radar

NASA solar spacecraft snaps first image from inside sun’s corona

IBM Fired 100k Employees to Make Way for Millennials: Report

Graphs shouldn’t be networks of pointers: how I made node2vec 700x faster

HttpRepl: A command-line tool for interacting with RESTful HTTP services

Quantum supremacy is coming. It won’t change the world

Xkcd #2184: Unpopular Opinions

Scientists might have found another Earth

Ancient drop of water rewrites Earth’s history

FAA knew another Boeing 737 Max malfunction was likely after Lion Air crash

Peter Thiel: The Star Trek Computer Is Not Enough

Show HN: TreeBase, a new database for strongly typed community knowledge bases

Show HN: Building a cross platform native UI using JSON

Mysterious radiation leak traced to Russian facility