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Open Source Hardware Hearing Aid Part 1

Artichoke Is a Ruby Made with Rust

Boeing changing Max software to use two computers

Exploring Mathematics with Matplotlib and Python

The OpenBSD Ada Library

Simple RPC framework in 300 lines of Go

CBOR – Concise Binary Object Representation

Google search takes 7 seconds on certain queries

Simple, pure, and total functional language that generalizes Datalog

OWASP Cheat Sheet Series

“Massive ‘ocean’ discovered towards Earth’s core” (2014)

Why Developers Hate Coding Skills Tests and What Hiring Managers Can Do

Show HN: BlobCity DB

The perfect language and why Go still isn’t it

Show HN: Purely Functional Scripting

From 30 to 230 Docker containers per host

Light Seems to Pull Electrons Backward

Apollo Guidance Computer Demonstration, at VCF West 2019 [video]

FBI: Delivery drivers involved in Amazon theft ring

Wisconsin Officials Urge People to Stop Vaping After Sudden Rise in Lung Disease

Sergey Brin’s Resume (1996)

You Know You’re in a Big Company When...

Iris Automation (YC S16) is hiring an account executive – AI software for drones

CS50 IDE – Online IDE for Students and Teachers

Amazon’s Anti-Union Training Video [video]

Breakdown Palace: R.D. Laing’s radical asylum

ZipCPU – A small, lightweight, RISC soft core in Verilog

Electric scooters aren’t as eco-friendly as they seem, study finds

Local Routing in a new Indefinitely Scalable Architecture [pdf]

N-Shot Learning: Learning More with Less Data

Show HN: Beatboxing for Kids – Teach Your Child to Beatbox Using Everyday Words

Show HN: Research Lab Website Template

Gerbil – A meta-dialect of Scheme

What We Can and Can’t Learn from Copenhagen

Container Networking with Vxlan, BGP and WireGuard

Dark Matter Developers: The Unseen 99% (2012)

Twitter users are escaping online hate by switching profiles to Germany

Apple will add 5G to 2020 iPhones to compete with Android, analyst says

Strengthen Free Software by Telling Congress to Reject the Stronger Patents Act

Rustgo: Calling Rust from Go with near-zero overhead (2017)

ICFP (International Conference on Functional Programming) 2019 Proceedings

A movie changed one man’s vision (2012)

What If We Haven’t Met Aliens yet Because They’ve Messed Up Their Planets Too?

’’Al Jazeera’’ Reports on Latvia’s Rapid Deforestation. IKEA?

HN is blocked in China now?

Norwegian F-35 Sending Sensitive Data Back to Lockheed Martin (2018)

Facebook gets closer to letting you type with your mind

Seabirds that eat just a little plastic have major health problems

Carl Sagan’s 1994 “Lost” Lecture: The Age of Exploration

Authors of critical open source software you use everyday need help

Cancer patients are being denied drugs, even with prescriptions and insurance

Streets ahead – Europe is edging towards making post-car cities a reality

List of 235 apps incompatible with macOS Catalina 10.15 Raw

Julia Language: Multiple Dispatch vs. Function Overloading [video excerpt]

This US heartland has been flooded for five months. Does anyone care?

WWLLN – The World Wide Lightning Location Network

Selenium WebDriver wrapper framework for clean and maintainable tests

Post-Startup Life: Reflecting on My First 18 Months Living in Denver

Almost half of Europe’s soil is dryer than normal

FairTube Campaign

How Facebook failed to break into hardware: The untold story of Building 8

Russian police detain hundreds at Moscow protest for free elections

Atlassian stopped XML vulnerabilities from landing in production

IBM, MIT and Elliptic release world’s largest labeled dataset of Bitcoin tx

Walmart filed patent for “Digital Currency via Blockchain”

Peter Thiel: “An Era of Stagnation and Universal Institutional Failure.”

People who eat dark chocolate less likely to be depressed

Hong Kong protesters shooting lasers to thwart Chinese facial recognition tech

When going outside is prison: The world of American hikikomori

The US Army Is Going All in on a High Powered Laser Weapon

What it was like to be a scientist in Jeffrey Epstein’s circle

Geometric Algebra for Computer Graphics

China’s tours of Xinjiang echo the ’Potemkin villages’ of authoritarian regimes

Scientists unveil the first-ever image of quantum entanglement

Minimizing Defection Might Be the Solution to the Tragedy of the Commons