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The Linux kernel’s inability to gracefully handle low memory pressure

Europe is edging towards making post-car cities a reality

Roblox hits 100M monthly active users, bigger than Minecraft

Death Note: L, Anonymity and Eluding Entropy (2017)

Unshaky – Tries to address double key press issue on Apple’s butterfly keyboard

Scale (YC S16) Raises $100M from Accel and Founders Fund at $1B Valuation

Social share buttons that don’t allow the social sites to track your users

How to get your first ten customers (2013)

Administration Using the Full Power of the Surveillance State on Whistleblowers

Frolicsome Engines: The Long Prehistory of Artificial Intelligence (2016)

The Fed is getting into the Real-Time payments business

SpaceX Smallsat Rideshare Program

Climate change made European heatwave up to 3°C hotter

How Biotech Startup Funding Will Change in the Next 10 Years

Nutrient deficiencies in rice grown under higher carbon dioxide

How I finally won my name from domain resellers after nine years of waiting

Picking the FB50 smart lock

Spin found in clinical trial abstracts in top psychology and psychiatry journals

Let’s Build a Video Card

How Hot Was July? Hotter Than Ever, Global Data Shows

Tim Berners-Lee’s new decentralisation project: Social Linked data(Solid)

Zeus (YC S11) Is Hiring a VP of Engineering

Safecracking for the computer scientist (2004) [pdf]

Non-line-of-sight imaging using phasor-field virtual wave optics

From Sketch to Equation

Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature

Libraries are fighting to preserve your right to borrow e-books

There is no evil like reCAPTCHA

Major Update of Vector Class Library

Google’s Call Screen is a new way to thwart telemarketers (2018)

Switching from Common Lisp to Julia (2017)

The Crashed Israeli Lunar Lander Spilled Thousands of Tardigrades on the Moon

His mission: Meet 10k people, one at a time, for an hour at a time

Google Employee Alleges Discrimination Against Pregnant Women in Viral Memo

Mental Models Box – A collection of models useful in everyday life

Docker Hub Is Down

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo finally cut ties with prominent plastic lobbying group

Show HN: Everything asked – organized recaps of ’ask me anything’ interviews

Senators demand Google make contractors full-time employees after 6 months

I’m Not Returning to Google After Maternity Leave, and Here Is Why [pdf]

DM48 Digital Chromatic Harmonica

Ryan Dahl. Deno, a New Way to JavaScript

Show HN: H1-B problems? Check your eligibility to move to Canada

Stephanie Kwolek, the woman who gave us bulletproof vests and yoga pants

Is Amazon taking revenge on the Seattle socialist who took on the retail giant?

How do you solve a problem like 8chan? – POLITICO

Show HN: Rget verify GitHub releases against a public recorded cryptographic log

Vineyard of Silicon Valley VC hit with $4m in penalties after bulldozing wetland

Encrypted Training with PyTorch and PySyft on MNIST

It took a century to create the weekend–and only a decade to undo it

Big Tech Controls Many Major Open-Source Projects. Is That a Problem?

Show HN: I wrote an introduction to Random Forest using Tesla stock prices

Ibera is gutting Travis CI just a few weeks after acquiring it

Curated List of Free Online Programming and Computer Science Courses

Dow plunges more than 950 points after China devalues its currency

Msnbc systemically reports wrong poll numbers in their graphs

A conversation with Popehat about a billboard, free speech, and the Constitution

The strange and surprisingly intense world of Wii Sports speedrunners

Xkcd #2185: Disappearing Sunday Update

How Australia’s Gun Control Experiment Worked (2018) [video]

How to get 30k Hacker News visitors to your website

Shared e-scooters aren’t always as green as other transport options

Hacker News is partially blocked in China now

Malware Targets U.S. Utilities, Phishing Impersonating Engineer Licensing Boards