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Swap, swap, swap, and bad places to work

Big Pharma is using faux generics to keep drug prices high, critics say

Personal Website for Programmers

NY State alleges ExxonMobil knew risks of climate change and defrauded investors

What’s the difference between statistics and machine learning?

History of Clarus the Dogcow

Build Highly Available MySQL Applications Using Amazon Aurora Multi-Master

Food is free if you know where to look

’It’s crazy’: Chase forgiving all debt owed by its Canada credit card customers

Living Off the Land in Linux

GitHub Actions now supports CI/CD, free for public repositories

How to Get into Farming with No Money (1980)

How the new open-source typeface used by GitHub and Mozilla came to be

Svalbard is as close as you can get to a place with open borders

Uber Posts $5.2B Loss and Slowest Ever Growth Rate

Tesla motors make classic Ferraris go faster

You’ve heard of “yes men”. Now learn about “no men” (2011)

Uno Platform – Cross Platform .NET UI

The “Myths List” is a communication antipattern

Good sleep, good learning, good life

Show HN: JSON Pizza – Beautify your JSON quickly

Show HN: I made a privacy-focused online journal

Why Does the U.S. Army Own So Many Fossils?

Subinterpreter Support for Python (2018)

FCC Broadcast TV Transition

Old English Wikipedia (or at least I think it is)

CCleaner Installer Overrides Default Browser with Chromium Clone

One job, many roles: The different skills needed to be a successful CTO

Advice to my younger self: become allergic to the churn

Microsoft Contractors Are Listening to Some Skype Calls

FBI wants to monitor Facebook and Instagram for domestic threats in real time

Building a State of the Art Bacterial Classifier with and Paperspace

First modern coreboot server platform

Show HN: Retool Templates – Custom internal tools with drag-and-drop components

Western Academia Helps Build China’s Automated Racism

Quantum Computing Through Quaternions (2008) [pdf]

Show HN: ortFolio, a minimal website template for image-based portfolios

Personality Tests – Using Pop Science to Build the Perfect Workforce

A Photographer Caught the Moment a Meteor Exploded onto Jupiter on Video

Smarking (YC W15) is hiring a Back end Engineer ($10K referral bonus)

MoviePass Changed Users’ Passwords on Purpose So They Couldn’t Use the Service

What Linux Journal’s Resurrection Taught Me about the FOSS Community

Loops in Python – Comparison and Performance

Show HN: HashPlane Attack Map

The Past, Present and Future of Competitive Magic The Gathering

July Matched, and Maybe Broke, Record for the Hottest Month Since Analysis Began

Show HN: Use Julia Functions as PyTorch Operators

Rust + WebAssembly - Working with API Requests in Smithy v0.0.6

ArXiv Is Down

Wind-down of stem-cell institute leaves a void

Blender 2.8: New features and improvements [video]

Visual Studio Code July 2019 Update

IPCC Special Report – Climate Change and Land

Revealed: How Monsanto’s ’Intelligence Center’ Targeted Journalists & Activists

The Argument Against Quantum Computers by Gil Kalai [pdf]

A protein in your brain behaves like a virus, infecting your cells with memories

In Ecuador, Political Actors Must Step Away From Ola Bini’s Case

The U.S. Army Plans to Field the Most Powerful Laser Weapon Yet

Google Employees Should Be “Pissed Off” Their Leadership Is Misleading Congress

’Brief radiation spike’ after rocket engine blast in northern Russia

Google search isn’t showing new content due to indexing issues

To rein in global warming, healthy forests and sustainable diets are key, U.N

Toronto tech is growing but relying on outside talent

Apple to provide iPhones with ssh, root shell & debugger to security researchers

Neural Implant Sends Camera Feed into Blind People’s Brains

Show HN: Flat Color Generator

How Can AMD EPYC “Rome” 7002 Series Be Even Better? Open-Source BIOS / Coreboot

Fast, Cheap, Global Serverless React Apps on AWS

Show HN: Grateful Place, a community for growing resilience, peace, and joy

ExxonMobil sued for defrauding investors by misrepresenting climate change

Excluding Huawei from UK’s 5G will harm security, MPs warn

Some new cars at risk of theft by exploiting weaknesses in keyless entry systems

Google Pays Its DeepMind Tech Professionals a Huge Salary

Denver City Council Ends Private Prison Firms’ Contracts

New IPCC Report Shows How Our Abuse of Land Drives Climate Change

Microsoft admits contractors can listen to Skype calls via translation function

As Scotland’s ‘Trainspotting’ Generation Ages, the Dead Pile Up

Kontena Lens 1.0 – The Ultimate Dashboard for Kubernetes

US government warns of Iranian threats to commercial shipping

AMD EPYC 7502 and EPYC 7742 Linux Performance Benchmarks

Astronomers discover vast ancient galaxies

CBP’s Social Media Surveillance Poses Risks to Free Speech and Privacy Rights

Grubhub made websites for many restaurants, sometimes without owners’ knowledge

U.S. Soccer hires lobbyists to argue women’s national team isn’t underpaid

GitHub Actions now supports CI/CD, free for public repositories