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What Does a Coder Do If They Can’t Type?

How Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun punished the computers of the day [video]

The Dipole Drive: A New Concept in Space Propulsion

Black Hat Talk About ‘Time AI’ Causes Uproar, Is Deleted by Conference

MoviePass reportedly changed passwords to prevent users from seeing films

Five new Real-Time detections of fast radio bursts with UTMOST

Show HN: Historical order book reconstruction API for crypto markets

Telegram introduces feature to prevent users from texting too often in a group

China successfully launches largest reusable rocket

A mathematician’s way of converting miles to kilometers

Show HN: Quark-IDE and a JavaScript runtime to build cross-platform desktop apps

Energy Storage Investments Boom as Battery Costs Halve in the Next Decade

DEF CON and Stack Overflow: What Our Traffic Says About Cybersecurity

Looking for an Account Executive for Iris – Computer Vision for Drones

Our Brains Tell Stories So We Can Live (2013)

The Flawed History of Graphical User Interfaces – Featured Stories – Medium

A recruiter used the GitHub API to pull my email address out of Git commits

Debunking the Stanford Prison Experiment [pdf]

It’s All Greek to You and Me, So What Is It to the Greeks?

Legit-Looking iPhone Lightning Cables Will Hijack Your Computer

A Book in My Parole Office Taught Me How to Rob Banks Better

Jeffrey Epstein: Financier ’found dead in cell’ in New York

A Natural History of the Sign

Patterns on goods designed to trigger Automated License Plate Readers

Creator of Zenject library sued for forking project after leaving company

After 12 years in ‘vegetative state’: reveals ‘I was aware of everything’

A16Z: Growth, Sales, and a New Era of B2B

Prisoners Endure a Nightmare ’Gulag’ in Lower Manhattan (2018)

Can Uber ever be profitable? Yes. Here’s how

Microcracks undermined San Francisco’s new bus terminal

Alan Kay on “the single most amazing thing that computers have made possible?”

Getting to 100% renewables requires cheap energy storage. But how cheap?

Soon only the rich will be able to escape the heat. In Iraq, it’s already so

The mythical Dune board game, once lost to licensing hell, is coming back

It’s OK to pull your data back from the cloud

Mechanically Deriving Tree Iterators with Continuation Defunctionalization

OpenAPI Generator (REST API Code Generator) v4.1.0 Released

Open Source Minecraft Clone Built with ThreeJS, ReactJS, GraphQL, and Node.js

Russian nuclear agency confirms spike in radiation due to failed rocket test

Distributed tracing in the service mesh: four myths

Bartosz Milewski Category Theory for Programmers Unofficial PDF and LaTeX Source

Show HN: An intuitive API client for SEC filings

Tech companies ignore pleas on rail safety

Heaven’s Vault is a game about translating an ancient alien language (2018)

Using machine learning to accelerate ecological research – DeepMind

Quillette redacts Story over DSA due to lack in fact checking