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Show HN: Wave-based non-line-of-sight computational imaging in Julia

Time anxiety: is it too late?

Fracking in U.S. and Canada Linked to Worldwide Atmospheric Methane Spike

Entropic: A federated package registry for anything

China’s CCTV network took just 7 minutes to capture BBC reporter (2017)

Western officials say Chinese agents contact foreign citizens using LinkedIn

Show HN: Repository of open source space-related software and hardware

Please Add RSS Support to Your Site

Study identifies main culprit behind lithium metal battery failure

Chemists discover water microdroplets spontaneously produce hydrogen peroxide

What are children dying from and what can we do about it?

Halt the use of facial-recognition technology until it is regulated

How do we cut down on emissions from steel, cement, and plastic?

Anthony Levandowski Charged with Theft of Trade Secrets

Harvard Student Says He Was Barred From U.S. Over Friends’ Social Media Posts

Show HN: Dat-keyserver: a distributed PGP keyserver based on the Dat protocol

Presidio: Customizable data protection and PII data anonymization service

How the brain ’approximates’ without counting

Scale AI is hiring engineers to accelerate the development of AI

GoAccess – Visual Web Log Analyzer

Alternate Day Fasting Improves Physiological and Molecular Markers of Aging [pdf]

150 Meter SpaceX Starhopper Test [video]

Fabric – A simple triplestore written in Go

WTF Happened in 1971?

EU governments choose independence from US cloud providers with Nextcloud

Tracing the path of the Crusades as it traveled through European history

Let’s build houses for people, not cars

Incoming Harvard Freshman Deported After Visa Revoked

A+, the Programming Language of Morgan Stanley

Show HN: Shaai – An open source, highly customisable blogging framework

Lessons we learned when debugging a scaling problem

Secret Memos Show the Government Has Been Lying About Backpage All Along

Small towns in much of the country are dependent on punitive fines and fees

Pre-rendering static websites with the 23 year-old wget command

The thoughts running through our heads are more varied than we might suppose

15 Years of Data Shows IoT Security Is Regressing

Show HN: Duple – Private cloud at home

US border officials are denying entry to travelers over others’ social media

Scientists harness bacteria to create ’living’ liquid crystals

Four-in-one pill prevents third of heart problems: study

Google Calendar Event Injection with MailSniper (2017)

Unison – A statically-typed purely functional language

You’re paying too much for business software

Uber made nearly $500M from a ’safe rides fee’ – money went to company

Free and open source alternative to Uber/Lyft

Epstein’s Links to Scientists Are More Extensive Than Previously Thought

Imperva Security Update

Facebook quietly ditched ’It’s free and always will be’ slogan from its homepage

Distilling Bert Models with SpaCy

SpaceX’s Starhopper successfully completes its 150m hover test

Show HN: Code Line Daily

Extensible Extension Mechanisms

Common Systems Programming Optimizations and Tricks

The ‘circle of trust’ behind the world’s first gene-edited babies

Popular JavaScript library starts showing ads in its terminal

Petition to free Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht gets 200k signatures

Incoming Harvard Freshman Deported After Visa Revoked

Using Google Translation API with Dotnet Core – Blog of Pi

Easy to Use Drag&Drop HTML Email Editor

Non-Blocking Lazy Schema Changes in Multi-Version Database Management Systems [pdf]

The scale of illegal bird killing in the Middle East revealed for the first time

Using Medicare and Medicaid data for uninsured to price shop medical care

Uber And Lyft Take A Lot More From Drivers Than They Say

The Haiku Operating System

Preserving Flash with WebAssembly the right way: without re-implementing it

Show HN: Tool for WebSocket benchmarks with Millions of concurrent connections

How to lose customers: Remove a feature you thought they weren’t using

Secret Memos Show the Government Has Been Lying About Backpage

The most expensive software project failure ever: $3.7B (2008)

Fairphone 3 is now available

The UK unicorn that’s about to become the Intel of AI

Show HN: A Tiny RTX Ray Tracer

What happens when you launch a fresh install of Firefox?

Palantir forced out of job fair after outcry over ICE contracts

Show HN: In any network, identify experts, monitor satisfaction and influence