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Bontrager’s WaveCel material more effective at preventing concussions than MIPS

IBM has released the Power Architecture instruction set to the Linux Foundation

A man who destroyed his multimillion dollar company in 10 seconds (2018)

Google just deleted my nearly 10-year-old free and open-source Android app

Recap of the `funding` experiment

Pastel: A command-line tool to generate, analyze, convert and manipulate colors

What we get wrong about meetings – and how to make them worth attending

Feds ordered Google location dragnet to solve Wisconsin bank robbery

Show HN: I Built a “Google Alerts” for Hacker News

Joe Rogan Experience – John Carmack [video]

Streak – CRM for Gmail (YC S11) Is Hiring in Vancouver

Hong Kong ISP Association’s Statement on Selective Blocking of Internet Services

How Judy arrays work and why they are so fast (2002)

SmartyKit Apple I replica

Coursera acquires Rhyme Softworks, an online platform for hands-on projects

The Death of Alexander the Great: One of History’s Great Unsolved Mysteries

Jesse Combs (of Mythbusters) Killed in Land-Speed Record Crash

ReadMe (YC W15) Raises 9M Series A from Accel and Y Combinator

Make science PhDs more than just a training path for academia

Former Google employee says MeToo behavior ’institutionalized’ at search giant

How we reduced deployment times by 95%

Possible detection of a black hole with a mass that was thought to be impossible

Underground line to heat up north London homes

Show HN: SideNotes 1.0 for macOS – Clean notes on the side of your monitor

WTF – A personal information dashboard for your terminal

The “OSI Model”: There’s no such thing. What they taught you is a lie

Google is facing another EU antitrust probe over its jobs search tool

Adding NetlifyCMS to Your VuePress Website

Modern microprocessor build from carbon nanotube transistors

Show HN: I created Postwoman, an online, open-source API request builder

Sacklers Would Give Up Ownership of Purdue Pharma Under Settlement Proposal

India is easing sourcing norms for single-brand retailers like Apple

Python rounds float values by converting them to string and then back

Show HN: DebOps – Ansible framework for managing Debian-based environments

Show HN: Husky for Slack – Increase cross team knowledge

On the opening of the Power ISA, and the chilling effects of proprietary ISAs

Kubernetes Academy, a free product-agnostic education platform

Uber And Lyft take more from drivers than they say: survey

Google Chrome for Android Is Dropping Support for Android 4.1-4.3 Jelly Bean

Google is tracking you. Even when you’re in Airplane Mode w/o SIM card [video]

Show HN: NextStep – Product to help SaaS companies improve conversion rates

Show HN: I built a site to compare fees and rates for sending money abroad

Employees Who Say vs. Employees Who Show

Firefox 70 released for Firefox Quantum: Developer Edition

Amazon fires are destructive, but they aren’t depleting Earth’s oxygen supply

Netflix-like pirate sites offered more video than the real Netflix, feds say

A Potential Privacy Model for the Web

Dear Tech Workers, U.S. Service Members Need Your Help

Fairphone 3 Launch [video]

Intermittent Fasting (Alternate Day Fasting) in Healthy, Non-Obese Adults

John Carmack Interviewed by Rogan (video)

Study Suggests Link Between Air Pollution and Psychiatric Disorders

Darpa needs private tunnels in a hurry

Microsoft Publishes ExFAT Spec, hopes for Linux adoption

A V8 Performance Cliff in React

U.S. Cyberattack Hurt Iran’s Ability to Target Oil Tankers, Officials Say

How I got 7000 beta customers in less than 2 weeks with a $0 marketing budget

The ultra-rich are illegally buying cheetahs as pets, leading to extinction

Avrame – A Kit Home you can afford

Show HN: Created open source projects on Github? Great! Time to service them

Jack Ma and Elon Musk’s AI Debate in Shanghai

Those hidden resort fees you hate paying? Travel websites fight back

Tesla launches its own insurance program, claims up to 30% cheaper

Ring has given 400+ police departments access to doorbell cameras

North Carolina Sues 8 More Vape Companies for Allegedly Marketing to Kids

Show HN: Book Recommendations Curated from Tweets

Whole Foods CEO on plant-based meat: Good for the environment, but not for yo

BMW unveils “blackest black” car sprayed with Vantablack

Rich Families Are Legally Separating from Their Kids to Pay Less for College

Judge blasts “intentionally false” testimony by supposed Bitcoin creator

When Light and Light Collide

Apple apologizes for listening to Siri recordings, promises changes

Backblaze Opens European Data Center in Amsterdam

Stop Calling It “Military-Grade Encryption”

What happens when you launch Firefox for the first time?

’Mythbusters’ star dies while attempting land-speed record

The Strange Pain Hidden in Their Fantasy: Tolkien and CS Lewis

The Moon ray tracing based on NASA high-resolution measurements

OpenAI Said Its Code Was Risky. Two Grads Re-Created It Anyway

US border are increasingly denying entry to travelers over others’ social media