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Drink Poison and Smile: How I Arrived at My Position of Pro-Democracy

Children of a Thailand tribe who see with clarity beneath the waves (2016)

Linux kernel drivers in Rust might become an option in the future

Show HN: Lunch Money, a personal budgeting tool with multi-currency support

Ribbon (YC S17) is hiring data engineers. Help us simplify healthcare

SSB Rooms: a new server type for Scuttlebutt

Show HN: TeXnique – A LaTeX Typesetting Game

Engineers develop bone-like metal foam that can be ’healed’ at room temperature

FileKit: An open source end-to-end encrypted cloud storage service in JavaScript

API Gateway Identity Crisis – are they replaced by service mesh?

Show HN: Real world (Jupyter notebook embed) way to assess data scientists

Cryptographic key used to sign one of Facebook’s Android apps compromised

Wikipedia Is Now a Brave Verified Publisher

Uber proposes policy that would pay drivers a minimum wage of $21 per hour

Show HN: Consider Groups – Like Slack Channels for Email

Show HN: Connective – Large-scale reactive programming in Javascript/Typescript

Don’t get locked up into avoiding lock-in

Show HN: Data-viz project for ray-tracing the Moon model

Engineers build advanced microprocessor out of carbon nanotubes

3.8M-year-old skull of an early ape-like human ancestor discovered in Ethiopia

Augmented Reality with OpenCV and OpenGL: The Tricky Projection Matrix

Lego to pilot audio and Braille instructions powered by speech synthesis

Organoids Are Not Brains. How Are They Making Brain Waves?

A clear-eyed view of open software funding, impediments, and possibilities

Putting an end to Retadup: A malicious worm that infected hundreds of thousands

Introduction to Event-Driven Architectures with RabbitMQ

DDSketch: A fast, fully-mergeable quantile sketch with relative-error guarantees

Portugal Tax Authority: Bitcoin Trading and Payments Are Tax-Free

During the Renaissance, the beard was the defining feature of a man

Show HN: Zepel, a Jira alternative for product teams

Architect 6.0: Ruby, Python, CDNs, and CloudFormation

Restaurants in India Getting Zinged by Delivery App Zomato

QR Code Degenerators: Unmasking a Crypto Scam

“That is either genius, or a seriously diseased mind.” – Linus Torvalds

Panera is losing nearly 100% of workers yearly amidst fast-food turnover crisis

Module Mirror and Checksum Database Launched

Beyond reason: the mathematical equation for unconditional love

Don’t get locked up into avoiding lock-in

‘Gay gene’ search reveals not one but many – and no way to predict sexuality

A California Type Foundry Is Keeping Vintage Printing Alive

Of Course Citizens Should Be Allowed to Kick Robots

The New Nomads of VanLife Reflect an Enduring Divide

A deep dive into Linux namespaces, part 4

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates – Official Trailer – Netflix

Marking the end of pixel trackers in Basecamp emails

Growing up in post-communist Romania – thoughts on learning English

Physicists now have even better models for blood spatter from gunshot wounds

Google Says Malicious Websites Have Been Quietly Hacking iPhones for Years

Stephen Wolfram’s 60th Birthday AMA IRL

Even Amazon’s own products are getting hijacked by imposter sellers

Thinking critically about health claims

Google is helping to power a US immigration cloud project, new documents show

Let’s stop shaking people down for their email addresses

How to Prevent Your DDD App from Blowing Up by Implementing CQS/CQRS

Squirrel migrations recorded in North America (2006)

A V8 Performance Cliff in React

Show HN: Render abstract syntax trees using React

OpenAI has released the largest version yet of its fake-news-spewing AI

Resonate – A community-owned music network

Praeco – FOSS Alerting GUI for Elasticsearch

Apple Special Event – September 10

A complete docker tutorial for beginners with handy cheatsheet

Show HN: Quickly setup and develop Go WebAssembly front end apps

Illinois County to Use Algorithm to Automatically Expunge Marijuana Convictions

When Elon Met Jack: Musings on AI, Mars and the End of Civilization

Reasons Not to Use Google (2015)

Warren Buffett hasnt stockpiled this much cash since before the financial crisis

Drawbacks of Functional Programming – Plus Reasons to Use It

Vapor from dried toad secretion related to satisfaction with life

Popular JavaScript library starts showing ads in its terminal

’Don’t vape. Don’t use Juul’: Juul CEO issues stark warning to non-smokers

93% of Paint Splatters Are Valid Perl Programs

Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates – Official Trailer – Netflix

JMAP Specification