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On-Device, Real-Time Hand Tracking with MediaPipe

Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account briefly taken over by hackers

YouTube Said to Be Fined Up to $200M for Children’s Privacy Violations

Facial recognition: School ID checks lead to GDPR fine

Protocols, Not Platforms: A Technological Approach to Free Speech

Humans Dominated Earth Earlier Than Previously Thought

Sugar: Open-source software learning platform for children

Show HN: ShapeForm – Schema Driven Forms for React

The Baseline Interpreter: A Faster JavaScript Interpreter in Firefox 70

BMW unveils “blackest black” BMW VBX6 car sprayed with Vantablack

Engineers build advanced microprocessor out of carbon nanotubes

Robotic thread is designed to slip through the brain’s blood vessels

Join YC’s Work at a Startup to find your next engineering job

Chasing the Whale: Examining the ethics of free-to-play games

BPF port-based firewall for systemd services

Facebook scans system libraries on Android and uploads them to their server

Did Donald Trump tweet classified military imagery?

Go Module Mirror and Checksum Database Launched

The physical Apple Card is a case of form over function

Dqlite – High-Availability SQLite

Founders of Successful Tech Companies Are Mostly Middle-Aged

Scurrying Roaches Help Researchers Steady Staggering Robots

Spybot Anti-Beacon: Disable Tracking/Telemetry in Windows

Redditor works out which generation of satellite took surveillance image of Iran

Version 27 of Java evolutionary computation library ECJ released

From pecan pralines to ‘dots’ as currency: how the prison economy works

Lisp as a Vehicle for Rapid Prototyping (1997)

Much fridge food ‘goes there to die’

Babies display “Werewolf syndrome” after getting anti-baldness drug by mistake

Fandom under fire: how fanzines helped sci-fi survive the Blitz and beyond

Reasons Not to Buy from Amazon, According to Richard Stallman

Show HN: An app to help overwhelmed PMs never miss an important request

Practical Enclave Malware with Intel SGX

Facebook scans system libs from Android app and uploads them

A predicted superconductor might work at a record-breaking 200° Celsius

Boeing 737 Unpaved Strip Kit

The Plan to Use Fitbit Data to Stop Mass Shootings Is Terrifying

What Happens When Americans Don’t Pay a Hospital Bill

Non-root containers, Kubernetes CVE-2019-11245 and why you should care

No CLI ads: Ad blocker for command line interface ads

Show HN: Titanoboa – distributed workflows for JVM (written in Clojure)

Ring Gave Police Stats About Users Who Said No to Law Enforcement Requests

Linux Pressure Stall Information (Psi) Notifications by Example

USDA guidance will downplay effects of red meat, sodium, ultraprocessed foods

Google says hackers have put ’monitoring implants’ in iPhones for years

The Paxos Algorithm, or How to Win a Turing Award

Tarnished: Google Responds to Serious Chrome Vulnerability,40281.html

Measles: Four European nations lose eradication status

Show HN: Basic Randomized Decision Forest (C++) that reaches 96.5% on MNIST

Show HN: k3sup 0.2.4 (ketchup) – get KUBECONFIG in

Twitter’s 2FA implementation is atrocious and dangerous

Show HN: A minimal logging transport for Pino.js

GDPR Gone Wrong by the Daily Express +222 Cookies

Marking the end of pixel trackers in Basecamp emails

The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dictatorship of the Small Minority (2015)

Another study on the genetics of same-sex sexual behavior, with a lot of caveats

Amazon’s doorbell camera Ring working with police and controlling what they say

Acuta Technologies: Tech Support Scammers Who Pretend to Be Visa

Show HN: Make asynchronous your prompts in Fish

Elon Musk and Jack Ma Debate

Microwatt: A Tiny Open Power ISA Softcore Written in VHDL 2008

Show HN: Browse ridiculous myths about the EU

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey: Plant-Based Meat Products Aren’t Healthy

In India’s Slums, ‘Painkillers Are Part Of The Daily Routine’

US intelligence: Russia was recovering missile from the sea when it exploded

Jack Dorsey has account hacked

Inequality driving ’deaths of despair’