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The growing science of memory manipulation raises social and ethical questions

FreeBSD 12.0 on the Lenovo Thinkpad T480

Tree traversal without recursion: the tree as a state machine (2007)

Nüshu, a 19th-Century Chinese Script Only Women Could Write (2017)

Face Recognition Using Pytorch

NLP’s Clever Hans Moment Has Arrived

Open Forensic Science in R

Timeline for Logic, λ-Calculus, and Programming Language Theory (2012) [pdf]

Paul Graham on Startups, Innovation, and Creativity (2009) [audio]

Show HN: Simple tool to make a habit of exercising

Evidence for superconductivity above 260 K at megabar pressures (2018)

Mux is hiring a PM to build monitoring for the largest streaming events ever

Google patents application: Batch normalization layers

Waze Hijacked LA Neighborhoods. Can Traffic Apps Be Stopped?

Reference Capabilities for Safe Parallel Array Programming

A Television of Her Own: On Emily Nussbaum

Hong Kong protesters messing with the characters, part 2

Homebrew removes MongoDB from core formulas

Stardust in the Antarctic snow: Iron-60 discovery

We, the peoples of the Amazon, are full of fear. Soon you will be too

An introduction to deterministic builds with C/C++

Now Streaming on YouTube: Confessions from a Presidential Hit Squad in Gambia

Create FreeBSD Current OpenStack Image on OVH Public Cloud

Debian 10 Buster: First impressions on a 2017 laptop with an M.2 NVMe SSD

Tired of Stack Overflow

Stevey’s Google Platforms Rant (2011)

Enoki: Structured vectorization and differentiation on modern processors

’Small’ cut to cholesterol can reduce heart attack and stroke risk by 80pc

A topological–geometrical theory for data analysis and machine learning

Just Delete Me – A directory of direct links to delete your account

Binary Adder Tube for High-Speed Computers (1955) [pdf]

I tried Prolon’s starvation diet so you wouldn’t have to

IKEA is sharing people’s best IKEA hacks, and they’re brilliant

Libgphoto2 Controls Digital Cameras

Reinforcement Learning 10: Classic Games Case Study [video]

Dual AMD EPYC 7742 Crushes Quad Intel Xeon 8180M’s in Geekbench 4,40288.html

Firefox Nightly on Mac OS decreases power usage by 3x

Effects of short-term fasting on cancer treatment

Activists release code to generate free public transportation tickets in U.K

Mat Dan: ’I became an accidental celebrity 6,000 miles from home’

Seeking the Magic Mushroom (1957)

Show HN: Scrawl-canvas JavaScript rewrite progress report with interactive demos

Doom 2016 recreated using Doom II (1993) engine

Should You Accept a Lower-Level Job After a Career Break?

Teletext Holidays left 200k customer call recordings exposed

Postwoman – An online, open-source API request builder

Using Vue.js Components Inside Markdown

The Native File System API: Simplifying Access to Local Files

Show HN: Web based automated machine learning platform free to download

Multi-tenancy network architecture design for Microservices on GCP

What Not to Do When You’re Trying to Motivate Your Team

Gone fly fishing: Video of angler dangling from drone under investigation

Marketing Is Sex, Not Manufacturing

Show HN: A Smarter Pocket x Evernote

Manmohan Singh on the economy: “India cannot afford to continue down this path.”

Reading List – Designing a Practical Distributed System

On Brent Simmons’s Funny Ideas About What Beta Means

Darpa Looking for Underground Facilities

Ageism in Job Interviewing: How to Face It Down

Show HN: I’m building a system that automates onboarding

All electric bicycles are now allowed in all national parks

Amazon Next-Day Delivery System Has Brought Chaos and Carnage to America Streets

K-anonymization: converting data by using k-means clustering in a GDPR era

Show HN: We made a browser editor for Vue design

In PostgreSQL, as in life, don’t wait too long to commit (2015)

Ford is bringing all-electric F150 pickup to market ‘before 2022’

For a lower climate footprint, vegetarian diet beats local

Show HN: iOS Metal Camera with GPU Shaders

Show HN: Archbee – Company Wiki and Knowledge Base

Explaining PCIe Slots (2018) [video]

30 Years On, the ‘Worst Car Ever Built’ Has a Fervent Fan Club

Show HN: I built an AI app to extract tables from images over API

Show HN: Rest-in-chaos, add unreliability to any HTTP service

Why the Emoji Was Inevitable (2017)

Netherlands played crucial role in infecting Iran with the Stuxnet virus

Police hijack a botnet and remotely kill 850k malware infections

Amateurs Identify U.S. Spy Satellite Behind President Trump’s Tweet

ESA LEO satellite forced to manouver avoid collision /w SpaceX constellation Sat

I’m sick of Chrome eating all my RAM – it’s time for me to ditch it for Firefox

Being Born Rich Still Leads to Success More Than Working Hard in School (2017)