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MLIR Primer: A Compiler Infrastructure for the End of Moore’s Law

US city rejects $5.3M ransom demand and restores encrypted files from backup

Apple has copied some of the most popular apps in the App Store

Apple Music Web Client

PowerToys: Windows system utilities to maximize productivity

In a small trial, drugs seemed to rejuvenate the body’s ‘epigenetic clock’

EASA Insists on Testing Boeing 737 Max Itself Before Lifting Ban

I wrote a self-hosting C compiler in 40 days (2015)

Psychological Characteristics of Romance Scam Victims

I Got More Data, My Model Is More Refined, but My Estimator Is Getting Worse [pdf]

A Philosopher Reviews Judea Pearl’s “The Book of Why”

Stegasuras: Neural Linguistic Steganography (YC S14) is hiring full-stack engineers in Kitchener, Canada

Software U2F Authenticator for macOS

What happens to Asian-American overachievers when the test-taking ends? (2011)

The Synchronization of Periodic Routing Messages (1994) [pdf]

How social networks can be used to bias votes

SoundScape: An Interactive Music Visualizer and Beat Builder for the Web

Understanding Recursion as an Absolute Beginner

Show HN: MyPodium – An audio-only social network

Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes (2013)

Enabling developers and organizations to use differential privacy

Slack’s Shares Plunge After It Predicts a Larger Loss

The Work Diary of Parisa Tabriz, Google’s ‘Security Princess’

Primitive Technology: Adobe wall (dry stacked) [video]

Windows File Manager re-released

Jeffrey Epstein’s Donations Create a Schism at M.I.T.’s Media Lab

Apple Music Launches on the Web

Mystery surrounds lost German sea data station

Google Feedback on TypeScript 3.5

Restrict use of riot-control chemicals

Cloudflare-sync – Tool for using Cloudflare as a dynamic DNS provider

A hierarchy of software engineering discourse

The growing need for human robot-minders could juice the remote workforce

Creating a Magical Videobooth for a Wedding

A critique of the claim that passive investing is a bubble

Secushare: A decentralized, secure social network built on GNUnet

Saturn – Software Deobfuscation Framework Based on LLVM

Show HN: Rezi – Resumes for Large Companies

A Study of Riders’ Noise Exposure on Bay Area Rapid Transit Trains

Exotic physics phenomenon is observed for first time

Should you buy your stock options when you quit?

Monetary Policy Is the Root Cause of the Millennials’ Struggle

Statisticians want to abandon science’s standard measure of ‘significance’

Browser-Independent Bookmark Manager

Ketogenic Mediterranean Diet alters gut bacteria and reduces Alzheimer’s risk

Tmux-xpanes: tmux-based terminal divider

The Human Cost of Amazon’s Fast, Free Shipping

Dr. Donald Lindberg, who opened medical research to the world, has died

Norton Commander (Wikipedia)

Pspg: Table-Aware Pager for PostgreSQL

Google is a bald-faced IoT liar and its Nest pants are on fire

"Our cunning AI can defeat Google’s anti-bot tech", say uni boffins

Trump Tweeted a Sensitive Photo. Internet Sleuths Decoded It

A Breakthrough for A.I. Technology: Passing an 8th-Grade Science Test

SQL JOINs, Without the Venn Diagrams

Intel to Launch Core I9-9900KS Next Month: 5 GHz on All Cores

AMD Ryzen 3000 Can’t Tell Time Properly So Its Benchmarks Are Skewed,6312.html

How is the internet still obsessed with Myers-Briggs?

UK Government’s Advice on Agile Delivery

Show HN: The Ontology for the Call of Cthulhu Character Sheets

SpaceX didn’t move sat out of impending smash because it ’didn’t see ESA’s msgs’

GitHub goes off the Rails as Microsoft closes in

Getting Started with Grafana Loki on Google Kubernetes Engine – Under 5 Minutes

Vegetarians have 20% higher risk of suffering a stroke than meat eaters

Show HN: Autobahn – automatic HN top stories in your terminal

How to acquire any language NOT learn it