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Mathematician Wins $3M Prize for ’Magic Wand Theorem’

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Three Tribes of Programming (2017)

LabStack: Multi-language programming playground

FermiNet: State of the art approx of molecular orbitals

Police Shut Down a 3k-Person Game of Hide-and-Seek at IKEA

Easy private certificate management for VMs on AWS, GCP, and Azure

An Apple Developer for 10 Years

Public Suffix List Problems

India to Attempt Moon Landing at the Lunar South Pole Today

42 is found to be the sum of three cubes

’Co-living’: the end of urban loneliness or cynical corporate dormitories?

OneSignal is hiring an SRE to scale the future of our bare-metal infrastructure

The Spaceline: a space elevator alternative achievable with current technology

At 97, lithium-ion battery pioneer says his work is not done

Xkcd Creator Randall Munroe on the Joys of Overthinking Everything

Show HN: GitDuck – Learn from other developers by watching how they work

Unsolicited nudes detected and deleted by AI

Cases of Vaping-Related Lung Illness Surge, Health Officials Say

Huawei Announces Kirin 990 and Kirin 990 5G: Dual SoC Approach, Integrated 5G

Facebook to face fresh anti-trust investigation

Marc Andreessen shares the 4 realities facing every entrepreneur today

Don’t Trust Facebook with Your Love Life

Robert Mugabe, Strongman Who Cried, ‘Zimbabwe Is Mine,’ Dies at 95

Smart People Should Read Fewer Books and Listen to More Podcasts

ThinkProgress, a Top Progressive News Site, Has Shut Down

Show HN: Taken Photos – Free Stock Photos Annotated by AI

Former founder of Wunderlist wants to acquire it back from Microsoft

Google misleads restaurant customers with a big blue “Order Online” button

Show HN: Open source web clipper for all notes (notion,bear,onenote,yuque....)

Show HN: A minimalist polyglot toolkit for building fast, scalable microservices

Wikimedia’s sites are “suffering from a large and broad DDoS attack”

We scientists must rise up to prevent the climate crisis. Words aren’t enough

DDSketch: A fast and fully-mergeable quantile sketch with relative-error

India’s moon landing attempt ends in communication loss

Microsoft Hosts First Windows Subsystem for Linux Conference

Apple Just Shipped Web Components to Production and You Probably Missed It

An Extremely Detailed Look at the Porsche Taycan’s Engineering

Show HN: Building Postman Collection Viewer with Vuejs Open Source

600k GPS trackers left exposed online with a default password of ’123456’

Indian Moon Landing NamasteMoon

What Would You Do If You Had 10 Years Left?

Chili pepper compound may slow down lung cancer

Whales move over $1B worth of Bitcoin to a single wallet

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Apple Just Shipped Web Components to Production and You Probably Missed It

Driving an Ambulance in the Age of Narcan

Master Image Tracking with ARKit 3 – Part 1

So Why Did This Underwater Data Station Suddenly Just Disappear?