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9th Circuit holds that scraping a public website does not violate the CFAA [pdf]

94k Bitcoin (1B USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet

Unencrypted patient medical information is being broadcast across Vancouver

Announcing Ballerina 1.0 a langauge with structural type system

Project Naptha: Make Text in Browser Images Selectable

The Buffalo Public Library in 1983 (1883)

California Lawmakers Vote to Undo N.C.A.A. Amateurism

The Example of Private Slovik (1987)

Show HN: Cyberpunk web design made easy, really easy

Show HN: Enter your URL and view CVEs affecting your stack over last 6 months

Effect of High-Dose Vitamin D on Volumetric Bone Density and Bone Strength

Questions to ask a company during a job interview

Artificial leaf produces first drugs using sunlight

Ribbon (YC S17) is hiring data engineers. Help us simplify healthcare

50 U.S. states and territories announce broad antitrust investigation of Google

Don’t Subsidize Companies That Silence Workers

A Hologram Suggests How Space Could Pop into Existence

Monochromatic Fundus Photography

Lingua::Romana::Perligata — Perl in Latin

Kīlauea volcano eruption fosters algae bloom in North Pacific Ocean

A secret Dutch mole aided the CIA and Mossad’s 2007 Stuxnet cyber attack on Iran

Sosml: An Interpreter for Standard ML Written in TypeScript

Firefly III – Self-hosted financial manager

How to get into Y Combinator according to the founders that did get in

ProjectPSX – A C# coded emulator of the original Playstation

Google Feedback on TypeScript 3.5

The Government Won’t Let Me Watch Them Kill Bison, so I’m Suing (2015)

Using Spotify data to predict what songs will be hits

Some Strategies for Fast Lexical Analysis When Parsing Programming Languages

Video Shows a Guy Asleep at the Wheel of a Tesla on the Mass Pike

Hugo and IPFS: how this blog works (and scales to serve 5k% spikes instantly)

Google Employees Say Their Careers Were Stymied After Reporting Harassment

Show HN: Quickly generate REST API (for Postgres db)

Generics in C without void* or macros – enabled by psychec

Dead Sea scrolls study raises new questions over texts’ origins

Most Americans see catastrophic weather events worsening

Google bans family cafe for offensive content for posting photo of British dish

How Apple’s Apps Topped Rivals in the App Store It Controls

A look at the design of the VW ID.3, electric car for the masses

Collected List of New JavaScript Features (ES6 and ES7 and ES8 and ES9 and ES10)

Caniuse and MDN compatibility data collaboration

The CIA’s Quest for Mind Control: Torture, LSD and a ’Poisoner in Chief’

Keybase and Stellar Partner on XLM Airdrop Worth $118M

Google employees say they were retaliated against for reporting harassment

The Strange Case of Daniel Defoe’s Civet Scheme

VW unveils production version of ID.3 electric car

Dozens of Googlers reportedly retaliated against for reporting harassment

Amazon Employees Pledge to Walk Out as Part of Global Climate Strike

Show HN: A minimalist toolkit for building scalable REST microservices

Doctors say schools should not allow in children who are not vaccinated

Demo Authoring: Now and Then

Google faces a new antitrust probe by 50 attorneys general

A 3D open location encoding system has been released by

CppCon 2018: G. Nishanov “Nano-Coroutines to the Rescue

What Is Commandeer? (Hint: An AWS Desktop GUI) – 1 Minute Video

Everything you need to know about Y Combinator S19 startups

How I decide between many programming languages

The spy that had access to Putin’s desk, exfiltrated

Student faces two years behind bars for trying to hack into Trump’s tax records

Apple launches all-new Apple Music web app in public beta

Nobody’s sharing anything in an Uber: The insidious spin behind ‘ridesharing’

ProtonMail pushes back against claims it is partnering with Huawei

Beyond Lennon Walls: Ways to Support the Hong Kong Protests from Afar

California is about to rewrite the rules of the gig economy

Show HN: wehatecaptchas – we’ll keep the bots out without annoying your users