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How to repair the parts that explode in Lenovo yoga laptops

An Interactive Introduction to Fourier Transforms

Metronomes in JavaScript

Show HN: Browse Reddit in 3D

Drought Has Revealed Spain’s Long-Submerged ’Stonehenge’

Why Ada Is the Language You Want to Be Programming Your Systems With

Leadership Transition Announced for MIT Media Lab

The Economic Consequences of the Peace by John Maynard Keynes, 1919

California Senate Passes AB5, Turning Contractors into Employees

Evolving “nofollow” – new ways to identify the nature of links

On Extractive and Abstractive Summarization with Transformer Language Models

Show HN: The Whole Code Catalog

Stripe Corporate Card

Great Noir Lives and Dies On Dialogue

Kuma – Open-source control plane for your Service Mesh

AllPatient is hiring product engineers to bring world-class healthcare to all

Bypass 2FA with DTMF Tones as a Service

Formality, a (proof)gramming language featuring optimal reductions

Objects that can change colors like a chameleon

SMT-COP: Defeating Side-Channel Attacks on Execution Units in SMT Processors

From Python to Silicon – Design Hardware with Python Wildcard DNS for Everyone

Show HN: Search Engine on the Top of Twitter to Find Jobs

The Truth About Electric Eels Has Long Been Overlooked

Can genetics explain why some people thrive on less sleep?

Calcium could replace lithium in batteries that store solar and wind power

Will Germany’s car industry survive? – DW Documentary [video]

Uniting Flutter on web and mobile, and introducing Flutter 1.9

Face recognition, bad people and bad data

Lecture Notes: Optimization for Machine Learning

Margrethe Vestager stays on as EU competition head in blow for tech giants

Want to Do Business in Silicon Valley? Better Act Nice

Xinjiang University President Tashpolat Tiyip Sentenced to Death in Secret Trial

’Can I Use’ for Email

Runaway Story or Meltdown in Motion? The Unraveling of the WeWork IPO

NetCAT: Practical Cache Attacks from the Network

Intel server-grade CPUs impacted by new NetCAT attack

California Labor Bill, Near Passage, Is Blow to Uber and Lyft

Pretrained AI Models: Performativity, Mobility, and Change

Apple TV+ wil launch in November for $4.99/month

Gimp Forked over “Offensive Name”

Experimenting with same-provider DNS-over-HTTPS upgrade

Apple introduces the new $699 iPhone 11–and it’s all about the cameras

Epstein Was a Known Sex Offender. Bezos, Musk and Brin Dined with Him Anyway

Cashier arrested for using photographic memory to steal 1300 credit cards’ info

China’s middle-class growing increasingly anxious as prices rise and yuan drops

How Safari and iMessage Have Made iPhones Less Secure

Intel chipset exploited to sniff SSH passwords as they’re typed over the network

Are black holes made of dark energy?

Thousands of Linux servers infected with new Lilocked (Lilu) ransomware

How I made a custom MIDI controller

Man spends £30k fighting £100 speeding fine

OpenVPN vs. WireGuard – A Short Comparison

Growth hacks: coffee with an experienced engineer you don’t know

NSA Official: We Need to Prepare for the Future of War

Automatic Emergency Braking: A Case Study Using Dataset

The Most Common Security Mistakes React Devs Make

Light Takes the Multi-Camera Trend to the Extreme with a Nine-Lens Camera Phone

From Internal Tool to $85K/Month SaaS Product

Confused by Git? Here’s a Git crash course to fix that

Apple Special Event – September 10, 2019 (YouTube Livestream)

Apple reveals iPhone 11 with a dual-camera system and new color options

Show HN: A dynamic version of 300 CSS Properties to learn and practice

/r/SubSimulatorGPT2 – posts and comments are generated by GPT-2

Sunsetting Python 2 is a bit of an issue for banks like JPMorgan

Married man’s death during sex on business trip ruled a ‘workplace accident’

Show HN: UX and AI experiment detects your posture and blurs screen if it’s poor

Apple introduces new version of the most popular iPad starting at $329

What can a software developer do about climate change?