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Scott’s Supreme Quantum Supremacy FAQ

Simple words that save lives: lessons from “expert talkers”

Why Open Source Misses the Point of Free Software (2007)

Podcast sponsorship revenue continues to fuel NPR’s financial growth

A guide to set up your own round-robin DNS-over-HTTPS proxy for privacy

Is the era of the $100 graphing calculator coming to an end?

Gridgarden: A cool game to learn CSS Grid

600k Images Removed from ImageNet After Art Project Exposes Racist Bias

Show HN: Stack – Save and explore books and book lists

Show HN: A website speed test tool to compare uBlock Origin with plain Chrome

Suicide Data Reveal New Intervention Spots, Such as Motels and Animal Shelters

From Underwear to Cars, India’s Economy Is Fraying

Ten Years of Turning Documents into Data: A Q&A with DocumentCloud

Australia uses new technology to catch drivers on phones

UpCodes is hiring remote fullstack engineers to help make cheaper buildings

Arduino MKR Vidor 4000 – Arduino, Cyclone 10 FPGA, MiniPCI Express, MicroHDMI

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’s Last Tango

Show HN: Instant, Self-Destructing Websites

Startups are using insect larvae to produce protein-rich animal feed

Building a Modern CI/CD Pipeline in the Serverless Era with GitOps

Snap Detailed Facebook’s Aggressive Tactics in ‘Project Voldemort’ Dossier

Presenting Doqume: AI-Powered Research Engine for Knowledge Workers

Topology of disordered 3D graphenes: Rosalind Franklin’s pre-DNA problem

A view to the possible habitability of ancient Venus over three billion years [pdf]

To appreciate 23rd-century English, look back 200 years

A Decade Later, the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Has Left an Abyssal Wasteland

Is Stack Overflow allowing ads to use fingerprinting to track users?

Widespread fraud in the generic drug industry

Fossil fuel subsidies reach US$87B in EU countries – and they’re growing

More Hidden App Malware Found on Google Play with over 2.1M Downloads

Chainless Bike is One Gear Closer to Revolutionizing the Cycling World

Who cares about functional programming?

Why Are Cities Filled with Metal Men on Horseback?

Show HN: Infinity – Flexible Work Management Software

Charts show how little progress has been made in limiting greenhouse emissions

Farm animals in India and China are becoming more resistant to antibiotics

OLPC’s $100 laptop was going to change the world (2018)

Travel without a phone

Microsoft Announces Partnership with Chevron to Accelerate Oil Extraction

Why can’t browsers just be used for browsing (Chromium upgrade in OBS)

Facebook’s Latest Purchase Gets Inside Users’ Heads – Literally

August Was Pokemon Go’s Biggest Revenue Month in 3 Years

Scientists Can’t Agree on Whether GMO Mosquito Experiment Went Horribly Wrong

Indonesia to Fault 737 MAX Design, U.S. Oversight in Lion Air Crash Report

Chef suspend their contract with ICE

The mysterious origins of an uncrackable Atari 2600 video game

Disney almost bought Twitter but backed off – “the nastiness is extraordinary”

Reconstructing Birth in Australopithecus Sediba

Waze Hijacked L.A. in the Name of Convenience

Facebook’s Libra fuelled push for central bank-run digital currencies

Moving Forward Boldly with Kin [Kik Shutting Down]

Student Sentenced to 3 Years in Jail for 3D Printing Gun

Why We’ll Never Run Out of Oil

Dimensionality reduction in large data sets using Siamese Networks

RaptorCS Power9 Blackbird PC: An expensive mistake

IKEA will produce more energy than it consumes by 2020

Tesla May Soon Have a Battery That Can Last a Million Miles

Disney’s Bob Iger walked away from a Twitter purchase because of “nastiness”

The world needs an alternative to Selenium – so we built one

Untitled Goose Game adapted Debussy for its dynamic soundtrack

Thinking in React Hooks – fundamental mindset change

Schneier on Security: France Outlines Its Approach to Cyberwar

The secret sharer: evaluating and testing unintended memorization in Neural Nets

On the Leaked Google/NASA Quantum Supremacy Paper

Pro-Trump “I Love America” Facebook Page, Is Run by Ukrainians

If world leaders choose to fail us, my generation will never forgive them

We need to rethink sustainability, especially at universities

How Edward Snowden Would Use a Smartphone

Show HN: An API to find and extract text from images

Facebook Employee Suicide Cover-Up

NY Fed to pump $75 bn into money markets daily through Oct 10