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Microplastics found in 93% of bottled water tested in global study

The Fugate family of Kentucky has had blue skin for centuries

Rudder, an open source Segment alternative

Dog-walking startup Wag raised $300M, then things got messy

SNES Cartridges and Enhancement Chips

Cash/Consent: The war on sex work

Aardvark – Real-time graphics and visualization in F#

What do executives do, anyway?

Crafting Interpreters: Closures

US doctors are hoping to start offering women vaginal fluid transplants

California’s ‘Surprise’ Billing Law Is Protecting Patients and Angering Doctors

Acknowledging public sex changed how walkers interacted with Paris

The White-Collar Job Apocalypse That Didn’t Happen

YouTuber charged fans $199 for ML course that copied other people’s GitHub code

Running an eBPF program may require lifting the kernel lockdown

Nearly 60% of Europe’s native trees risk extinction

The One Man MMO Project

ElectroSense – Collaborative Spectrum Monitoring

Ultrasound can “see” when tumor cells turn genes on and off

Architectural Implications of Function-as-a-Service Computing [pdf]

From Pocket Computers to Palmtops: An Early History of Mobile Telecomputing

Impossible to fix vulnerability (giving root) to all iPhones from 4s to X

Application Layering – A Pattern for Extensible Elixir Application Design

Ambition (YC W14) Hiring Engineers in Tennessee – Breaking open Facebook’s machine of political persuasion

Germany shuts down illegal data center in former NATO bunker

Build Your Own Programming Language with Scala

Lincoln Laboratory’s new AI supercomputer is the most powerful

Estimating Flight Characteristics of Anomalous UAVs

Transformers 2.0: Deep interoperability between TensorFlow 2.0 and PyTorch

Using DynamoDB to Track Changes to DynamoDB

List of Patterns in Computer Languages

Drones vs. Lightning (2017) [video]

Docker tells employees it’s trying to raise cash amid ‘significant challenges’

New research suggests that we’re making ourselves sick over politics

Telegram quietly snuck its blockchain past regulators

Future Posthumous Autobiography

Des Moines Register grapples with how to handle reporter’s past tweets

Building a distributed Maltrail sensor network using D4

Cross the world four times

Show HN: FlightConnections

NASA Wants to Send Nuclear Rockets to the Moon and Mars

Checkm8 – Bootrom exploit for many iOS devices

iPhone exploit could allow permanent jailbreak for millions of devices

AMD’s Upcoming Ryzen 9 3900 Listed with 12 Zen 2 Cores at 65W,40485.html

Bullet charts – Avoid extraneous details in corporate presentations

VGA Output in 7 [Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA] Slices. Really. – Victor Yurkovsky

Strengthening Congressional Independence from Corporate Lobbyists

We’re Getting Ripped Off on Health Insurance

Majority of Americans Don’t Trust Mass Media, Why Does Google?

If You Liked This, You’re Sure to Love That (2008)

An Octupus Changing Colors While Dreaming

Premium teabags leak micro and nano plastics into your cuppa

Spain security firm probed ’for spying on Assange for CIA’

Running a scraping platform at Google Cloud for as little as US$ 0.05/month

Bootrom exploit for all A5 to A11 iPhones and other Apple devices

Using math to blend musical notes seamlessly: portamento by algorithm

Extending the Workers platform with our own serverless building blocks

The Great Filter of web development and how to break through it?

Richard Stallman to Continue as Head of the GNU Project

Show HN: Mailrecipe – API to send mass email without spamming your users

Show HN: JavaScript spreadsheet web component (HTML/DOM) – New version

Workers Sites: deploy your website directly to our network

Want to get hundreds of backlinks for free? Get to the Hacker News front page

Study Proves the FCC’s Core Justification for Killing Net Neutrality Was False

Facebook is testing hiding like counts to see if that makes people feel better

How to Learn Python in 2019 a Guide for Self-Learners

Are Facebook Employees Depressed?

The rights to Ms. Pac-Man are caught up in a messy legal battle

Faking the Filesystem: Building Workers Sites

Fish experience pain with ’striking similarity’ to mammals

Jacques Chirac, Who Led France Envisioning European Unity, Is Dead at 86

Hello from 2050. We Avoided Worst of Climate Change – But Everything’s Different

Micron hit by oversupply, US-China trade issues as DRAM sales sliced in half

DConf 2019: D for a Safer Linux Kernel – Alexandru Militaru

Show HN: Emoji to Image

How Big of a Deal Is an Extra Half Degree of Global Warming?

ISAs: Open Instruction Set Architectures Gaining Traction

How the Koch Brothers Got Us Here – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists