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Microsoft has removed the “use offline account” option when installing Windows

Pictures from the 1939 New York World’s Fair

Three recent papers uncover the extent of tracking on TVs

Online courses vs. colleges for software engineering

SBCL 20: Steel Bank Common Lisp’s 20th Anniversary Workshop

GE, NASA Partner to advance the future of electric flight

Life as a cancer patient: ‘it feels like dying from the drugs meant to save me’

High in the Cascades, a lone fire lookout still keeps watch

Arm and TSMC Showcase 7nm Chiplet, Eight A72 at 4GHz on CoWoS Interposer

AllenNLP Interpret: A Framework for Explaining Predictions of NLP Models

The Science of Functional Programming [pdf]

Unexpected cracking found on critical Boeing 737 Next Generation part

How Not to Build a Country: Canada’s Late Soviet Pessimism

Enoki: Structured vectorization and differentiation on modern processors

Student rating app penalizes fifth-graders who need bathroom breaks

We asked three companies to recycle plastic and only one did

Doubling the speed of std:uniform_int_distribution in the GNU C++ library

Physicists score double hit in LED research

Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator (2018)

Unexpected diversity in electric eels, strongest living bioelectricity generator

Show HN: I love being more effective in my life, so I made my own Habit app!

The CitiCar Is an Electric Cheese Wedge from the 70s [video]

Skin cancer: Half of people surviving advanced melanoma

500MP camera that can identify every face in a crowd of tens of thousands

Helix: Unsupervised Grammar Induction for Structured Activity Recognition

Watching You Watch: The Tracking Ecosystem of Over-the-Top TV Streaming Devices [pdf]

Orangutan with Human Rights Begins New Life in Florida

China’s super camera can pinpoint specific targets among of thousands of people

Recurrent Independent Mechanisms

Faster Progress Bars: Manipulating Perceived Duration with Augmentations (2010) [pdf]

Hacking Voi Scooters: How I Created $100k Worth of Free Rides

Coleslaw: Static Site Generator in Common Lisp

The Missing Link: Explaining ELF Static Linking, Semantically [pdf]

Synthetic networks with molecular recognition: Precision medicine applications

PHPAlgorithms – PHP algorithm and data structure library

Analyzing DNS-over-HTTPS and DNS-over-TLS Privacy and Security Claims

Worms with three sexes discovered in Mono Lake

Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming by Peter Norvig (1992)

Show HN: – a private package repository with security scanning

Show HN: Bot Land, a game where you fight others via code

Nanoplastics formed during the mechanical breakdown of polystyrene products!divAbstract

History of the browser user-agent string (2008)

Notes from Strange Loop 2019

Do we need to rethink what free software is?

Open Source Developers: Don’t Block Organizations You Don’t Like

China is harvesting thousands of human organs from its Uighur Muslim minority

’Alarming’ extinction threat to Europe’s trees

Are Facebook employees depressed? (H1B slavery visa and abuse)

Show HN: Explore Julia Sets

A minimal realtime voting app in Node.js, and vue.js

The FISA Oversight Hearing Confirmed That Things Need to Change

Communication with locked-in patients in question after misconduct finding

How Anti-Vaccine Sentiment Took Hold in the United States

Checkm8: Unpatchable bootrom exploit for 100s of millions of iOS devices

German Police Busts Cyber Bunker Hosting Darknet Sites

Another SF attack spotlights city’s mental illness and drug addiction crisis

Grumman X-29: The impossible fighter jet with inverted wings

Show HN: Stereo Depth Estimation for Self-Driving Cars

Near-universal (pre iPhone 11) iOS bootrom exploit

Richard Stallman steps down as as head of the GNU Project, effective immediately