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Forever 21, Which Helped Popularize Fast Fashion, to File for Bankruptcy

Show HN: Aristotl – an intuitive logical fallacy lookup tool

Show HN: Ieddit – A minimalist, Reddit-like site with anonymous posts/comments

Small world with high risks: a study of security threats in the npm ecosystem

US steps up efforts to limit China’s control of critical minerals

The Electoral College and the Knapsack Problem

Cascade reactions use nanoparticles to convert CO2 to complex molecules

The Chaos by Gerard Nolst Trenité

The Muse (YC W12) Is Hiring a Product Director for Growth

Spaghetti Sort (2018)

Spoofing emails: The trickery costing businesses billions

A computer built from NOR gates: inside the Apollo Guidance Computer

Pre-built solar homes could make renewable energy almost 50% cheaper

Creating the Go Programming Language [audio]

Elastdocker – Elk on Docker, with Preconfigured Security, Tools, and Monitoring

Humans can acquire TB from deer

Bounded Integer: Header-only C++ library replaces integers, adds explicit bounds

Show HN: Shy – A Shunting Yard Rules Engine in Rust

Sorry macOS users, but Apple has gone too far for some of us devs

New blood test could detect more than 20 types of cancer

International Energy Outlook 2019 – 2050 [pdf]

Bloomberg Misreports on Whatsapp Story

Grumman X-29: An impossible fighter jet with inverted wings

JSON for Modern C++

Learn X in Y Minutes

APL Demonstration (1975) [video]

Organized Toe Maps in Extreme Foot Users

Why The Public Radio is sixty dollars (2018)

Show HN: Monoscopic panoramas to 3D using AI

Comercial household water filter system up to 10000 more bacteria than tap water

US apps send thousands of private photos to Swiss police

29% of Americans are considered ’lower class’

5G Network Architecture – A High-Level Perspective [pdf]

FreeLB: Enhanced Adversarial Training for Language Understanding

A.I. researchers are making more than $1M, even at a nonprofit

Announcing React Native 0.61 with Fast Refresh

A French Tunnel Sculpture That Took 30 Years to Complete

Harold Lloyd’s Death-Defying Comedy

Daniel Bernstein, Reluctant Hero (1996)

Google faces scrutiny from Congress, DOJ over plans to encrypt DNS

Show HN: Beating the Turing Test

Number theorist fears many proofs widely considered to be true are wrong

Bit-Blasting ACL2 Theorems (2011)

Wanna Impress an Engineer at a Career Fair?

Moore’s Law Is Dying. A Brain-Inspired Analogue Chip Is a Glimpse of What’s Next

Stories of the Development of Large Scale Scientific Computing at LLNL (2011)

Tilt Five – augmented reality tabletop gaming

Elon Musk upbeat on Starship test flights

Thousands of ships use ’cheat devices’ to divert poisonous pollution into sea

Why Doesn’t Intel Put Say 1GB of L2 Cache in CPUs?

The Air Force Is Deploying Its First Drone-Killing Microwave Weapon

Oops: Space Shuttle payload bay doors and what to do if they won’t shut properly

Setup for Your Next Golang Project

Amazon and Apple quietly build networks that know the location of everything

What happened to Netscape? The original internet browser of the 90s

Developer’s Guide to PostgreSQL on Linux: Psql Shell

Have a Private Email Account

How to choose the right AWS tools for your startup

As Amazon floods the market with Alexa devices, the business model is murky

LightDock: The open-source macromolecular docking framework written in Python

Probabilistic scripts for automating common-sense tasks

Just how conceptually economical is the Many Worlds Interpretation?

The Internet Is Overrun with Images of Child Sexual Abuse

An introduction to 99 percentile for programmers, With example in Go

Stacks and Queues – What, how and where to use

What Games Are Like for Someone Who Doesn’t Play Games

Tesla violated labor law with Elon Musk tweet, judge rules

The Cell Secret Immune System - BBC Two (2012) [video]

Svelet Examples

NASA administrator tells Elon Musk’s SpaceX ’it’s time to deliver’

Global Climate Intelligence Group: ’There is no climate emergency’ [pdf]