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Leaked Zuckerberg audio: ’You go to the mat and you fight’

Solving the Wrong Problem (2011)

The 2002 mandate for internal communication systems at Amazon

Unsung Beauty of Analog Devices Datasheets

Global Illumination in WebGL

We Are All Confident Idiots (2014)

Conventional Commits: A specification for structured commit messages

Dnscrypt-proxy 2 – A flexible DNS proxy with support for encrypted DNS protocols

TypeScript 3.7 beta with null propagation and null coalescing

Sonos smart speaker controller API and CLI written in Rust

Jet fuel from thin air: Aviation’s hope or hype?

Andrew Yang proposes that your digital data be considered personal property

Early-career setback and future career impact

Secrecy, overclassification, and the the CIA’s hidden history

Working all night is not ’a badge of pride’

I used to fear being a nobody, then I left social media

1966 children about the future [video]

Breakthrough in Synthetic Vaccine Technology Requires No Refrigeration

Wolfram Rule 30 Prizes

Bill Clinton and American Financiers Armed China

Visualizing Kubernetes History

Africa Is Building an A.I. Industry That Doesn’t Look Like Silicon Valley

Federal Judge Upholds Harvard’s Race-Conscious Admissions Process

Silicon Valley donors back Elizabeth Warren despite pledge to break up Big Tech

Show HN: Deep Work Stats – How much time do you have for deep work?

SwiftUI now supported in Swift Playgrounds app

WeTransfer Migrated to Stripe

Show HN: Jackfruit – Add an always-on video hangout to your Slack channel

The IT revolution and southern Europe’s two lost decades

NSA on the Future of National Cybersecurity

Boris Johnson uses search terms in interviews to hide negative articles?

Zuckerberg threatens “major lawsuit” if Warren tries to break up Facebook

Nearly half of white Harvard students are athletes/children of alumni/donors

Babies in the womb have lizard-like hand muscles

Europe’s top court says active consent is needed for tracking cookies

The University of Washington Should Not Censor Faculty Social Media

Sublime Text Build 3211

The awfulness – and awesomeness – of being short

Alibaba Cloud locked all Canadians out of their accounts

People don’t want to commute; they just don’t want to miss out

Empire Files: NSA Whistleblower: Government Collecting Everything You Do

How Is Python 2 Supported in Red Hat Enterprise Linux After 2020?

Cell and Molecular Biology Animated Textbooks

315B-tonne iceberg breaks off Antarctica

The Dangers of “Cancel Culture” are Distant and Abstract

Show HN: React Timekeeper v2 – Time Picker Based on the Style of Google Keep

Skydio: $1k Skydio 2 drone launch takes aim at DJI

Show HN: Machine Learning into Production Workshop: MLFlow, Airflow Tutorials

A Systematic Research Synthesis on Cyberbullying Interventions in the US

An Interview with Milton Glaser (2003)

Jeffrey Epstein’s grift was to hook scientists up with the superrich

EMI helped finance the development of computed tomography (CT)

‘At What Point Does Malfeasance Become Fraud?’: NYU Biz-School Prof on WeWork

Optimizing images for the web – an in-depth guide

A Minimal Job Aggregator to Find Your Dream Job in UAE

Tesla Outsells All Gas and Diesel Passenger Car Sales Combined in Norway

The Effect of Founder Experience on Labor Market Outcomes: A Field Experiment [pdf]

Open Source Implementation of the Wolfram Language in Go

China’s Youth Are Caught in the Cult of Nationalism

Netlify starts charging for build minutes

Programming Languages Trends Report – October 2019

Dallas jury convicts ex-police officer who fatally shot neighbor

Read the full transcript of Mark Zuckerberg’s leaked internal Facebook meetings

Bloomberg Promotes Michael Riley, Co-Reporter of Last Year’s the Big Hack Story

A Conversation with Elon Musk about Starship

Physicist suggests ’quantum foam’ may explain away cosmic energy

Rural hospital closings reach crisis stage. Millions without nearby health care

The HTMLRewriter API Beta in Cloudflare Workers

Samsung cut the entire Austin CPU team

Show HN: A Multi Purpose Debug Visualizer for VS Code

AI used for first time in job interviews in UK to find best applicants

Observability – A 3-Year Retrospective

Show HN: PgTyped – Typesafe SQL – TypeScript types generator for raw SQL queries

Show HN: I made an API for your Raspberry PI (see, it rhymes)

51% of young voters believe humanity could be wiped out within 15 years

Elon Musk casual conversation about how he gets stuff done [video]

Protester shot in chest by live police round during Hong Kong protests

Case Study: Fixing a Broken Website Acquisition

Harvard Does Not Discriminate Against Asian-Americans in Admissions, Judge Rules

Hong Kong Police Shoot a Protester, 18, with a Live Bullet for the First Time

Whoops Google Says Mysterious Wave of Unbootable Macs Is Their Bad

Federal Judge Rules Harvard Does Not Discriminate Against Asian-Americans