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Lab-made primordial soup yields RNA bases

Apple approves previously rejected app

Signal: Incoming call can be connected without user interaction

A new Linux memory controller promises to save lots of RAM

Vulnerabilities exploited in VPN products used worldwide

XMPP: A Communication Protocol for the Internet of Things

Fall Foliage Map and Nationwide Peak Leaf Forecast

The State of Augmented Reality

Why Are Mountains So High? Mysterious Anomaly Exposes Limits of Theory

Cars All but Banned on One of Manhattan’s Busiest Streets

Rules of the Tribe: Hardcore Punks and Hair Metal in the 1980s (2013)

Highlight negative results to improve science

Rethinking Robert’s Rules of Order

Fast HSV to RGB Conversion

Implementing a Network-Based Model of Epilepsy with Numpy and Numba

A brief history of government efforts to stop people from wearing masks

In the Pancreas, Common Fungi May Drive Cancer

Fundamentals of Python Programming [pdf]

Unsteady income in young adulthood linked to thinking problems in middle age

Isopod: Expressive DSL Framework for Kubernetes Config

Ludum Dare 45 gamejam starting soon

Hundreds of Propaganda Accounts Targeting Iran and Qatar Removed from Facebook

One of the oldest known human settlements is about to be flooded by a dam

Vue.js v3 released (pre alpha)

Where to find the hours to make it happen

Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science

Measuring the impact of 95k landing pages

Ex-Google, current Coda Architect shares personal remote stories

Super Nintendo Game Bugs

We are on the cusp of a disruption in food and agricultural production

Using Hashicorp Vault on Kubernetes

Canada’s fossil fuel subsidies amount to $1,650 per Canadian

Get a LoadBalancer for your private Kubernetes cluster

TexTrolls: Identifying Russian Trolls on Twitter from a Textual Perspective

Automation-friendly software systems and how to build them

Why printk() is so complicated, and how to fix it

Show HN: A talk about BASH scripts

Lucretian Prehistory: An Epicurean view of the pros and cons of civilization

Look out for the second 2019 GPS week number rollover

Inmate secretly films for years in Florida prison showing its danger, squalor

Oracle demands $12K from network biz that doesn’t use its software

React Native developers who switched to Flutter, was it a good decision?

EU says social platforms can be ordered to take down unlawful content worldwide

Show HN: JavaScript broughlike tutorial

Why do brands like Coca-Cola need to spend billions on advertising? (2014)

Social Media Could Make It Impossible to Grow Up

Jerry (YC S17) Is Hiring Senior Software Developer (Toronto, Canada)

Improving V8 Regular Expressions

Cable Company Fees Add $450 to Typical Annual Bill

DigitalOCean Block Storage Issues Across All Regions Postmortem

How to never be surprised by your AWS bill again

EU court rules Holocaust denial not protected speech under civil rights law

Facebook’s Libra project officially loses inaugural partner PayPal

Entrepreneurs who sleep more are better at spotting good ideas

A Broken System Helped Kill Net Neutrality. It Afflicts the Whole Government

False witness: why is the US still using hypnosis to convict criminals?

U.S. Customs Officer Harasses Defense One Journalist at Dulles Airport

New York Declares Using the Term ’Illegal Alien’ Can Result in a $250k Fine

Show HN: Clean and simple declarative dotfile management

Iranian Hackers Targeted Presidential Campaign, Microsoft Says

Microsoft says Iranian hacking group targeted a 2020 US presidential candidate

Laser-Pointing System Transmits Data from Tiny Satellites

Moscow’s Blockchain Election Decrypted

Man sues Apple claiming iPhone turned him gay

Astronomers discovered a star that went supernova not just once, but twice

Broke the bank: disastrous IT migration corrupted 1.3B customer records

Judges reluctantly accepted claim that broadband isn’t “telecommunications.”

Zendesk 2016 Security Incident (2019 Update)

Intel proposes new SAPM memory type to protect against Spectre-like attacks

Google Search testing new UI update

Elon Musk’s Starship may be more moral catastrophe

’Manhattan of the desert’: civil war puts Yemen’s ancient skyscrapers at risk

The reasons nobody wants to be a detective any more – and what it means

StackOverflow’s apology on the removal of a moderator(post not votable)

In this house, we fire union organisers

Cars Are Death Machines. Self-Driving Tech Won’t Change That

Amazon Care