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Supreme Court allows blind people to sue retailers if websites aren’t accessible

Realtime Tokyo 3D train map using open API

A multithreaded fork of Redis that is faster

Learning How to Prove: From the Coq Proof Assistant to Textbook Style

High-energy experiment is generally statistically unsound

What’s the most asinine technical requirement you’ve had to work into a design?

Successful machine learning models: lessons learned at

Meat and Three and Ten Dollars’ Worth of Regular

South Park Responds to Being Banned in China for “Band in China”

R is a joy if you treat it like Awk

AptDeco (YC W14) Hiring Director of Customer Experience, Senior Product Designer

Stupid Alexa Trick: Speaking French with a Horrible American Accent

Artificial blood developed for patients of any blood type, researchers say

Evidence-Based Medicine Data Lab, University of Oxford

Why the NBA Apologized to China over Daryl Morey’s Tweet About Hong Kong

Rockbox – Free music player firmware

Show HN: Managed UniFi Controller Hosting

X-ray technique can reverse-engineer an entire chip without damaging it

We’re Entering the Era of Big Podcasting

PG&E could shut off power across Bay Area on Wednesday and Thursday

What3Words submitting takedown requests against Tweets [pdf]

Notarizing Your Mac Software for macOS Catalina

Supreme Court allows retailers to be sued if websites are not accessible

Not long ago, the center of the Milky Way exploded

The search for Betsy, bovine escape artist

Show HN: Spotify for the Terminal Written in Rust

Is Guy Fieri in Your Node.js Packages? (2016)

Gio: Portable, Immediate Mode GUI in Go

Fractional Brownian Motion for Terrain Generation

Scribe: Transporting petabytes per hour via a distributed, buffered queueing

’South Park’ creators issue a mocking ’apology’ to China

Slog: Cheating the low-latency vs. strict serializability tradeoff

The privacy trade-offs of cheap Android smartphones

List of open source applications for macOS

For the first time on record, the 400 wealthiest Americans paid a lower tax rate

Show HN: Small Clojure Interpreter

Joe Rogan Experience #1361 – Cmdr. David Fravor on UFO Chase

Hong Kong’s Hard-Core Protesters Take Justice into Their Own Hands

On TikTok, There Is No Time

Ageing in human cells successfully reversed in the lab (2018)

Muon – A Light(er)weight GPU Based Electron Alternative Using Ultralight and Go

Undeclared Martial Law on the Streets of Hong Kong

Show HN: I made a website for developers and digital designers

〔Coding style〕Reasons to add the curly brackets behind if / for / while in C/C++

Waze Data Can Help Predict Car Crashes and Cut Response Time

RaML — Resource Aware ML

Hunstable Electric Turbine claims greater output than electric motors

The Washington Post’s Most Valuable Asset Is Now Its Software, Thanks to Bezos

Rare warming over Antarctica reveals power of stratospheric models

Iraq army fire on unarmed civilians protesting(video, graphic)

Show HN: I built a way to consult for businesses and earn in your free time

$200 Linux Laptop Pinebook Pro Is Available for Purchase

The great nutrient collapse – key crops are getting less nutritious due to CO2

Trump tariffs are set to cost U.S. households $2k in 2020

150 successful machine learning models: 6 lessons learned at

World’s top banks pour $1.9T into fossil fuel financing since 2015

Linus Torvalds isn’t worried about Microsoft taking over Linux

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2019

From Dec 1, 2019 Chinese govt will have full access to every server in China

Show HN: A Basic-Like Programming Language That Runs in the Browser

Tesla Model 3 = 24% of Small and Midsize Luxury Car Sales in USA

South Park has reportedly been banned in China after criticizing censorship

DHH (Rails) and Matt Mullenweg (Wordpress) talk about open source [notes]

Ubuntu installer now supports ZFS on the boot partition

Navi Goes Mainstream, Mobile: AMD’s Radeon RX 5500 Aims for Smooth 1080p Gaming,40566.html

Capitalism Made This Mess, and This Mess Will Ruin Capitalism

Why does my string consist of this Korean character repeated over and over?

China Banned South Park After the Show Made Fun of Chinese Censorship

Mapquest sold for undisclosed amount “not material enough to file paperwork”

California Laws Seek to Crack Down on Deepfakes in Politics and Porn

Linus Torvalds Shares His Thoughts on Microsoft’s New-Found Love for Linux

U.S. Agency Reviews Claims Tesla Should Have Recalled 2000 Cars

Taboola and Outbrain are merging to create a clickbait giant

English has been my pain for 15 years (2013)

NIH reveals its formula for tracking foreign influences

FSF and GNU (After Stallman’s Departure from FSF)

SCOTUS hands victory to blind man who sued Domino’s over site accessibility

Flappy Bird as a Mixed Integer Program (2019)

Million Short – Search for something sans the top million sites

How to install /e/ OS on Android devices and not rely on Google services

Show HN: RFC Manifesto for Compassionate Services

Insane Clown Makeup Can Help You Dodge Facial Recognition Systems

Atlanta Asks Google Whether It Targeted Black Homeless People

“In This Thread: We Pretend We’re on HN”

’Once they’re gone, they’re gone’: the fight to save the giant sequoia